Is It Love Or Infatuation? 9 Signs Of Infatuation You Should Know!

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Are you falling in love? It is an overwhelming yet stupid feeling. You get lost in that person wholeheartedly. Sometimes love is also considered irrational and illogical but sometimes belief overpowers logic. Infatuation, which is also an overwhelming, intense as well as a stupid feeling. Infatuation is defined as a strong feeling or devotion to something or someone which is foolishly and obsessively strong that sometimes isn’t so healthy. 

The difference between love and infatuation is that infatuation doesn’t last long. Although it might be an obsession with the loved one, it is not so healthy and shouldn’t be misinterpreted with love. So want to know if he is actually in love or if he is infatuated with you. Does infatuation last long?

Read on to know all the signs of infatuation to know the major difference between love and infatuation! 

Signs he is infatuated with you! 

Infatuation is a strong and overwhelming feeling but how do you know if he is infatuated with you? There are some possible signs of infatuation to know if he is just infatuated and not in love. Here’s how to know the signs of infatuation or the actual difference between love and infatuation. 

The energy isn’t the same 

Infatuation usually happens when a relationship commences. When a relationship usually starts it has a spark which may make you believe you are in love. Yeah, you might be but if you feel the energy you had before isn’t just the same, it might just be infatuation, especially if it was a short term obsession with you, it may be a sign he is infatuated with you. It is one of the most common signs of infatuation. 

Lust is everything 

Sexual connection is as important as other emotions and feelings in a relationship. But, when the lust overpowers the emotions, this is a sign your partner is infatuated with you. Love and lust go hand in hand and not alone. Having just extreme lust for the partner without understanding their mood or situation is one of the common signs they are infatuated. Excessive and extravagant. If your relationship only stands because of lust, it might be infatuation. So be careful about that! 

signs of infatuation

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The interest is lost 

Interest is what keeps a relationship going. The things about you, they fell in love with are no more interesting to them. It’s reality but being bored with a partner is one of the signs of infatuation. It might be heartbreaking and shocking but losing interest means they are not in love but just infatuated. The things they liked about you are no more appealing to them. It is one of the infatuation signs you should be aware of. 

Excessive possessiveness 

It’s common in new relationships to want to be with each other all the time which is a sign your partner is infatuated. They demand you to spend more time with you and get insecure over little things which aren’t so important.  When they are in love, they give you enough time for yourself to feel good about your relationship. Partners do not need to be around 24/7 to be in love. They have an unhealthy obsession with you.


A relationship builds on by two people fulfilling each others’ needs. Your desires are as important as theirs. If your partner is only focused on their needs and desires and does not show the same interest in yours, then it is one of the infatuation signs. If you listen to their goals and desires with a focus and they rarely show any interest in your needs and desires then they might not be in love with you, it’s just infatuation. 

They expect perfection from you 

No one is perfect, it’s the truth and asking for perfection might not be so healthy. If your partner continues to taunt you on your flaws and wants you to be the way they want you to be, then it is a sign they are infatuated with you. Love is all about caring and admiring your partner the way they are and do not ask for any perfection from them. When your partner argues and gets insecure because of your flaws, they might not be in love with you. 

They are delusional 

Sometimes people think they are in love but in reality, it’s just some sort of obsession and sexual attractiveness which goes away after some time, this is actually what infatuation is, being delusional. When your partner expects and dreams of being with you even though you know your relationship won’t last any longer, they might be infatuated with you. Dreaming and making fairy castles in your head when you know your relationship isn’t going to last is only something delusional and non-existent. 

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A lot of stalking 

In the modern era, when you can connect with anyone anytime is an easy tool for an infatuated person to stalk their crush or partner. Although, it isn’t healthy at all. The short time obsession is just a waste of time.

The message you constantly, comment on all the pictures you have posted and keep a notice on all the things you are on social media. They stalk you all day long and you might even don’t know. This is one of the signs of infatuation. They’re just obsessed with you! 

Elevated emotions 

Being extremely emotional towards your partner or crush may not be so healthy for you as it involves a rollercoaster of so many emotions which may make your mental health terrible.

When you are infatuated with someone, you love when they are around but when they leave you the next moment, you miss them like a crazy person. This might make you feel you are in love but in reality, it might just be infatuation, especially if your relationship has just started. 

These were the signs of infatuation. Infatuation is something we all may have experienced in our lives. Infatuation usually starts when you have just started your relationship or when you have a massive crush on someone and lasts for a short time and goes away easily. So, don’t mistake infatuation with love.  

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