Falling in love might be the best feeling for most of us and we all have this feeling in our heart for someone or something once in our life. Whether it is your career, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your parents, or your friends, love can happen in different ways.

Sometimes we misinterpret late night talking, chatting, or stalking as falling in love. But, what are the actual signs you are falling in love with that special one? Because love is a drug, some might want to avoid this drug and there are many symptoms of love too.

There are mixed feelings when you are falling in love, there are times of happiness, craziness, and sometimes nervousness. 

Let’s get onto some signs of love that may determine if you have fallen in love or not. 

Signs you are Falling in Love 

There are some not so accurate but probable signs you have fallen or you are falling in love with them and your feelings are real for them. 

1. They Occupy your Mind 

This one is kind of dangerous yet an important sign of love. When you are in love, you have them on your mind all day long. From the time you wake up till the time you sleep, you always think of them.

signs you're in love
Signs you are falling in love 

Yeah, it’s a bit crazy but love is crazy and scary sometimes. You think of them in every part of your day. Working, eating, talking, or even in your dreams, you have them on your mind. 

You are physically, mentally, and emotionally impacted by their visage and personality all the time. The thought of them makes you smile and the amount of oxytocin just rises. 

2. You Want to Share Every Moment with Them 

When you love someone, they matter to you and they are your priority when it comes to telling big news or sharing something. They are important in every moment of your life and you want them with you on your happy and sad days and telling them every single thing that happened during the day. 

You feel happy and complete when you share your things, chats, and memories with that special one. This is one of the signs you are falling in love with them.  

3. Time Flies too Easily

This one is too obvious. The time you spend with them passes by like seconds and you don’t want this moment to pass by too rapidly. One hour with your favorite person passes like seconds and it sucks!

You become happy when you see them and want that moment to freeze and never expire. This sounds too much but yes, once you start falling in love with them, you will get this feeling. 

You fear the thought of leaving them when they need to go and want them to stay a little longer. This is one of the most common signs you are falling in love. 

4. You get Jealous Easily

Yes, Being jealous may be one of the signs you are being toxic but it is also one of the most common signs you are falling in love. Sometimes, the thought of your partner leaving you makes you feel miserable.

This is not healthy but love makes you a little crazy about them. You feel jealous just at the thought of imagining them with someone else. 

You can’t stand someone flirting with them and you want them to be yours forever. This is a common symptom of a love disease you might be having! 

5. You Talk About your Future with Them

You are not in love with them if you don’t see a future with them. You want to see and experience future events with them. You plan your future with them and feel those butterflies in your stomach as you imagine your future with them. From the small to big things in the future, you want them around you. 

Whether it’s a small outing or a big trip to somewhere beautiful you want to plan with them. You want your relationship to last forever!  

6. When you Say “I Miss you” you Mean It! 

It’s not just a cute thing to say when you have spent a long time with them and been only a day apart without them. It’s a natural feeling when you crave to see their face, their smile, feel their touch, and those memories that can make you cry.

It’s a genuine ache you feel in your heart that tells you are falling in love with that special one. It feels like they are a part of your life that you never want to segregate. It’s one of the signs you are falling in love. 

7. You Love Every Weird Thing They do

From dancing like crazy to making weird faces, you never feel they are unattractive but you find them cute doing those weird things around you.

signs you're in love
Signs you are falling in love 

The fact that they make you laugh at those weird things makes you feel happy and you are used to those strange habits of them. No matter what awkward things they do, you’ll always feel love and warmth when they are around. 

8. You Fear Losing Them 

Love is the best feeling yet it can bring a lot of anxiety and nervousness too. When you genuinely feel the warmth and love for that particular person, you often worry about losing them. Do you worry if they feel the same for you or what if they don’t like you anymore?

These things may wander in your mind if you are falling in love or have fallen in love. There is a connection between love and those stress hormones. If you feel the same, you might have fallen for that person. 

These were some of the signs of love that show you genuinely have feelings for that special someone. But remember, the person you are investing your love, care, and time in is doing the same for you!

If not, it is an unhealthy relationship! It is not healthy for your mental health to keep falling for them if they do not give the same respect and admiration to you. One-sided love can hurt you a lot. Make sure your partner supports, understands, and respects you! 

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