If you are planning for a haircut, a blunt cut would be a great choice. It has been a style statement and head-turner for many years now. There’s no single look when you want to get a haircut, you can experiment and try them out in different ways. 

So if you are considering getting a blunt cut then you should know about all these options. 

If you still are not sure what a blunt haircut is then it is a simple straight cut that has no extra layers or steps. It looks super chic and elegant all the time as if you have just got your hair professionally done at a salon. 

A blunt cut has also been a popular choice of so many celebrities like Olivia Kulpo, Selena Gomez, and Lana Condor. We are always in awe looking at them in this hairstyle, so why just stare when you can get a blunt cut and look like a celebrity yourself. 

Here are all the different blunt cut hairstyles that you can try out

Blunt cut hairstyles:

1. A chin-length bob cut:

You must have seen this blunt cut a lot as it is so popular and the first choice when people want to change things up. If you are someone who likes to experiment with their style then a chin-length blunt bob cut is for you.

This hairstyle complements a round face shape the most giving a new dimension to the jawline and adding to your natural features. 

2. Shoulder length lob: 


Pic courtesy:Refinery 29

This is the best blunt cut if you are a bit scared to commit to shorter hair. If you want to get a blunt cut but not ready to go all out. With this hair you can keep the hair in the front longer than the hair at the back, so you almost have short hair but also not really. This looks very stylish and easy to style. 

3. Bangs and a short bob:

Courtesy: Pinterest

Feeling crazy? Then you should go for this haircut which will make you look like you are a celebrity. This is not so popular as compared to other haircuts as people do not want to get both of them together but if you think you can pull it off then you should try this haircut. 

4. Classy shoulder-length blunt:

Courtesy: The Right Hairstyles

You must have adorned Olivia Culpo and her perfect shoulder-length blunt cut. This one is the most elegant out of all and looks great with sleek straight hair. You have a business meeting to attend and a party later?

Then worry not because with this haircut you can pull off any event. You don’t have to always keep your hair straight in this haircut but experiment with curls and waves, they all look super. 

5. Long hair blunt cut:

Courtesy: hair advisor

Don’t think that a blunt cut means you have to say goodbye to your long hair. It looks equally elegant and chic on long hair. Zendaya is proof that you can look stunning with a blunt cut on waist-long hair.

It gives you the freedom to style them however you want without adding the drama of layers or any of that jazz. This not just looks but also helps your hair to grow equally. 

6. Curly hair short blunt:

A blunt cut looks extra cute when you have curly hair. You can choose the length for the blunt cut, you can either have it shoulder length or go even smaller with it.

You should keep in mind that whatever length you will choose they will go extra short once the curls set in. If you are feeling a bit extra then you can even go ahead and get bangs to make it look even more fun. 

7. Blunt on short hair:

If you thought you can’t go shorter in a blunt cut then you were mistaken. You can go as short as a boy cut. To our girls who want to rock a boy cut then you can try out a blunt with some fringes.

This way you are sure to make their heads turn thinking you’re a supermodel. Add a fringe cut for extra drama. 

8. A blunt cut with thin fringes:

This one is another classic blunt cut that you can try out. For this haircut, you can get a straight blunt cut and add a different look from your face with some thin fringe cut that you can either hide or keep like that. This way you will have different looks that you can switch between whenever you like. 

9. Colored highlights on a blunt cut:

Courtesy: Pinterest

Another way you can style your blunt cut is by adding highlights to your hair. If you want your hair and your personality to be loud and stand out then you should go for this look. There are so many colors for you to choose from. This way you will become unforgettable for people. 

Styling a Blunt cut: 

You should not think that you have limited choices for styling your hair after getting a blunt cut. There are a lot of ways you can change them and style them. 

  • Half-updo

This one is a fun way to style your hair in a cool and sporty way. You can have your hair in any length and this hairstyle looks great on everything. For this hairstyle, section your hair from the ears.

Take the upper part and put it in a bun and let the hair in the down section open. Take a few hairs out from the sides to make it a little messy. 

  • Low ponytail

If you have a formal event and want something elegant then you can never go wrong with a low ponytail. Part your hair from the middle and gather all your hair at the back and tie them with an elastic.

Take a tiny section of hair from under your ponytail and wrap it around to give an even more sophisticated look. 

There are so many more that ways you can style your hair in a blunt cut. So if you want a blunt cut then go ahead and it ASAP.