To be a mother is an undeniable blessing. Once your maternal instincts kick in, you feel as if you are ready to have a baby more than ever. Everyone you know will give you advice on raising a baby boy. And you might have as usual have heard some facts about babies throughout your life. However, there are always certain facts and advice no one will think of telling you. So, if you think you are ready with all the information on how to raise babies, you might be mistaken, my friend. Here, mommies with baby boys or mommies who may have baby boys should stick around to learn some tricks on raising your baby. 

Things No One Told You About Raising A Boy

Point to be noted that the following facts may or may not be applicable in the case of every baby boy. 

1. The Curious Case Of Leaking Diapers

You may experience an issue with the diaper that your baby boy will be wearing. The issue will be leakage from the diapers. To handle the leakage, make sure that you position your boy’s penis downwards. If it is pointed anywhere else, you will end up changing diapers more than the usual count.

2. Expect Some Erections 

Who knew that babies could also have erections, right? But they do and it is normal, nothing to worry about. According to some records, the erection in baby boys only means one thing!! FULL BLADDER!! So, in any case, when you undo his diaper to check and see an erection, put back the diaper on as your baby boy will pee in a few moments. However, the exact explanation for the erection is not known. 

3. The Shrinking Of His Boy Parts

Some baby boys are seen to be born with big genitals. But this doesn’t last for long and the parts shrink to baby size within a few days. The cause of the bigger size in the initial days is due to the retention of fluids when it was inside you.

4. Grabbing His Penis

If you are new to parenting a baby boy, you will be shocked to know that baby boys love to grab their genitals and play with them. So, if you see your little boy put his on his penis, it might be weird to witness that scenario but it is normal. They come to know at a very early stage of life that it feels good grabbing on to their pee-pee.

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5. Your Baby Boy May Have Some Boobies

Due to exposure to high levels of estrogen throughout the pregnancy, the breast tissues of your baby boy may appear swollen. But there’s no need to worry as the “man boobs” will minimize with time. 

6. Your Baby Boy May Love Girly Stuff As Well

It will be wrong to say that boys can like and are attracted to cars and mechanical toys while girls are attracted to dolls. So, a baby boy can prefer a doll and want to play with it. So, the newcomers in the world of parenting can chill and let your baby enjoy their toys.

7. Less Headache For Clothing Selection

This is a known fact but worth mentioning. Baby boys are easier to dress than baby girls due to the lack of variation and collection in the male clothing section. This is the universal truth. So, moms with baby boys can spend less time selecting their boys’ clothing. 

Let’s be honest, spending hours selecting the best of best dresses for baby girls sometimes can make us frustrated. But again some ladies love to shop for their Lil’ girls. So, it is much of a personal choice. 

Clothing Selection
Clothing Selection

8. Hair Maintenance

Raising a baby boy is so much easier in the case of hair maintenance. There is no demand for long hair or any specific haircut. If you are yourself shabby at maintaining your hair, then having a baby boy will be a boon in this aspect.

So, these were a few of the facts less shared with the new parents in general. Parenting is hard and there is no lying about it. It will be a challenge at the beginning before you know it, you will get the hang of it. Raising both a boy and a girl baby has its challenges and charms. Getting to be a parent is wonderful indeed. You get the opportunity to raise a small person with the right values. 

Take care♥

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