Sex is an essential bodily function that is a major part of our lives. Gone are those days when people would refrain from having sex just because it was considered taboo. It is still a forbidden act for many individuals but there’s a notable amount of awareness as well, among the general population. Now, while making ourselves comfortable talking about sex, we also have to focus on the side effects of sex. 

One of the major factors why sex is not normalized is due to the various myths that surround it. But, it’s on us to bust these and throw light on the factors that are truly necessary and need to be discussed before one is planning to have sex. The body goes through a lot while having sex, more so, when it’s penetrative and we’ll be discussing the effects of sex on the body in this article. Let’s hop in! 

Side Effects Of Sex

Following are some of the main side effects of sex on body:

1. Pain or Discomfort

Side effects of sex include discomfort in the genitals, especially the vagina, given that it is penetrated. It isn’t something that should ideally happen but it is quite common, given the lack of proper lubrication and awareness. To prevent any sort of discomfort, it is important to be very gentle and have enough lube, especially, in the first few times. Foreplay is a vital factor as well.  If the problem persists, expert advice is necessary. Many conditions might cause pain such as endometriosis, vulvodynia, vaginismus, etc. These need effective treatment. 

Another important factor is concerning the breakage of the hymen. The hymen can be broken due to several factors other than sex, such as certain physical activities like swimming, cycling, horse riding, etc. It can break due to other factors as well that might cause the vaginal muscles to stretch. On the contrary, if the hymen ruptures due to vaginal penetration, it can cause slight discomfort and bleeding. 

2. UTIs or Urinary Tract Infections

UTIs are quite frequent side effects of sex. They are more common in women than in men because women have their urethral tubes close to the vagina, whereas men don’t. Their urethral tube is quite long and even if they’re infected, the symptoms aren’t as intense as in the case of females. Some of the symptoms are the sensation of burning while peeing, the increased urge to pee frequently, the presence of blood in urine, pain in the kidney, etc. The germs enter the vagina due to the contact of the genitals during sex. The best way to prevent infections is to use protection or to maintain hygiene while resorting to sexual activities. Urinating right after having sex is a worthwhile way of staying away from urinary tract-related infections and diseases. 

3. Muscle Soreness 

Muscle soreness after sex is common because a romp in the sack is equivalent to some serious cardio workout. And if your fitness game is lacking, well those intense orgasms can make you feel pretty sore afterwards. The muscles are continuously at work during the entire process and as a result, some parts of the body like the hips, arms, thighs, etc. become sore. Try out pain-relieving sprays and ointments or painkillers to lessen the pain if it becomes unbearable.  Amping your fitness level or some regular sex can quickly solve this issue.

4. Secretion of Bodily Fluids 

The involvement of fluids in sex isn’t a part of the side effects of sex, given that their production is mandatory, at least when it comes to male ejaculation. Female ejaculation is not necessary for sexual intercourse but ideally, it should happen. Vaginal lubrication is often confused with ejaculation. However, it is not the same as squirting or female orgasm. It is also known as prostate plasma. Other than these, sex might also involve urinal and fecal fluids or particles. 

Side Effects of Sex
Side Effects of Sex

5. Fatigue 

Sex is tiring and the side effects of sex prove the same. During sex, we feel various emotions, the body releases tones of hormones, the circulation of blood speeds up, and the heartbeats become faster, causing stress, though its the good one since it concludes in some amazing climaxing. Therefore, once it’s done, the body gives up and wants to rest. The hormone Vasopressin lowers stress and the prolactin hormone directs to the intractable period, in turn, resulting in fatigue. 

6. STIs

Sexually Transmitted Infections can be spread by engaging in unprotected coitus with an infected person. It can get transferred through skin-to-skin contact, while sexual penetration or otherwise, such as oral or anal sex. These side effects of sex can get quite severe. The only ways of avoiding such infections or ailments are by the usage of effective contraception, or by conducting tests before having sexual contact. 

7. Alteration of Vaginal Odor 

Vaginal fluids are acidic in nature and penile fluids are basic. During sex, the pH of the vagina alters due to fusion with the penile secretion (cum or precum). This results in a change in the odor of the vagina and conditions like yeast Infection.

8. Pregnancy

This is probably the most desirable ‘side-effect’ of sex on the body when it comes ta a planned pregnancy. However, an unplanned, unexpected pregnancy might come as a shocker for both the people associated with it. Condoms are not 100% trustworthy and contraceptive pills should always be the priority and not a backup plan. Moreover, an unplanned pregnancy can get extremely taxing, both physically and emotionally. Tiredness, nausea, bloating, sorting, etc. are initial signs of pregnancy. If you’re experiencing any of those after missing your periods, you should certainly get a pregnancy test done. 

Sexual arousal followed by masturbation or sex doesn’t just have to do with bodily changes and the side effects of sex should also inculcate in its domain, the emotional aspect to it. The mind and the heart undergo a wide range of transformations right before, during, and after sex. This would make more sense for those who do it not just for pleasure but also out of love. Sex should be pleasurable for both individuals and nobody should be facing any kind of distress related to both the mind and the body.  

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