We all love to have beautiful and moisturized hands with perfect nails nicely painted. The shape of your nails has a huge impact on how your hands look. And there are countless shapes of nails more than you can imagine. There are four basic shapes of nails – square, oval, round, and almond-shaped. Other than these shapes, stiletto, ballerina, squoval, lipstick shapes are also now popular among nail lovers. You can do this either at home or at a nail salon. 

Types of Nails for Prettier Hands

Read this article completely to find out how to get these different nail shapes. But firstly you will need to get a good quality file if you are going to do it yourself.

1. Square Nails

This is the simplest one of all the nail shapes. You will need to have long nails to give a better shape. Firstly, you have to cut your nails according to your liking, then file the head of your nails in back and forth direction until it is straight, making it perpendicular to your nail. File the sides of your nail until smooth and even and reduce any sharp edges.

2. Round Nails

If you prefer short nails then, this shape of the nail is for you. You have to cut your nails following the shape of your cuticles creating an arc. Then, using the file smoothen out the edges making them rounder.

3. Oval Nails

These shapes of the nail are almost similar to round nails. The only difference is that to have an oval nail shape, you need a bit longer nails. The head of the nails is filed to make it rounder but the sides are kept straight. Oval nails are said to be one of the iconic nail shapes worldwide.

4. Almond-Shaped Nails

These shapes of the nail are closer to the shape of oval nails. So, to get this shape, cut your nails following the technique of oval nails. You have to now file the sides of your nails in the upward direction making them tapered. This will make your nails look like an almond, hence the name of the shape. So, ladies who are comfy with longer nails can go for this shape.

5. Stiletto-Shaped Nails

If you want to make your hands look sexy and deadly AF, you should try the stiletto shape for your nails. It is again similar to almond-shaped nails, but only the sides are made more tapered giving the top of your nails a pointed look. However, getting the stiletto shape perfectly at home is a bit of a task, so getting it done at the nail salon is recommended.

6. Ballerina-Shaped Nails

It can be said this is the longer version of the square shape nails and a hybrid of the square and the almond shape nail. The sides are tapered just like in that for an almost shape nail and the top part of your nail is filed perpendicularly to your finger. This shape resembles a ballerina’s shoe, hence the name.

7. Squoval Nails

This is a combination of square and oval-shaped nails. You have to simply shape your nails into the square one and then filed the edges at a 45-degree angle making it oval. Ladies who love to maintain long nails, this one is for you. 

8. Lipstick Nails

Want to make your nails look dramatic and unusual, try the lipstick nail shape. The Lipstick nail shape is an improvised square-shaped nail. To shape your nail this way, all you have to do is firstly shape it as the square one, then file only one side of the nail making it tapered like in the almond-shaped nails, and file the top of the nail making it slant in one way. This way your nail should look like lipstick.

Lipstick Nails
Lipstick Nails

So, you can try out these shapes for your nails which I have handpicked for you either on your natural nails or nail extensions. The thing is, it is safer to go to the nail salon and get the shape of your dreams because letting the pros do it for you will give better results. But then again, if you are good with your nails and you are confident enough then you can try at home as usual. It is equally important that while choosing the nail shape, you should consider the shape of your fingers as well.

Take care♥♥♥

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