If you are a fan of French fashion and ways, you’re surely going to love French tip nail designs. Are you a nail art person as well? The icing on the cake! French beauty and fashion are all about keeping things classy and elegant. They don’t run after trends but instead, believe in creating their trends. The classic French tip nails scream French since they’re as classy and sophisticated as they can get. 

These usually refer to having the tips colored differently than the base color or the color of the rest of the nail. This color is meant to be a contrasting one. French nails have been a part of the fashion horizon for a while now and we don’t see any chance of its popularity diminishing. They suit all age groups and can be done in a hundred different ways, according to your preferences. So, if you’ve been planning on getting French tip nails and need some inspo, you’re at the right place! 

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French Tip Nail Designs For You 

Here are the 13 French tip nail designs for you to choose from the best one: 

1. Classic White Tips 

It would be only fair, to begin with, the classic French nails that have a fanbase of their own. Let your base remain transparent, with a suitable amount of gloss, and paint the tips white. Do you feel like a fancy French fashionista yet? 

2. Shimmery Green Tips and Nude Base 

Shimmery green tips and nude base
Shimmery Green Tips and Nude Base

If you’re not a conventional risk-taker, this design of French nails is for you. This isn’t too out there but looks out of the box as well. Paint your base with transparent or nude nail polish, that has a glossy finish. Follow it up by giving your nails glittery, metallic tips. Get ready to flaunt your stunning nails. 

3. Rose Gold Coffin Nails  

Talking about French nails without mentioning coffin nails wouldn’t be appropriate. Paint your base with peachy nude color and let the coffin tips be metallic rose gold. These French tip nails have the exact amount of bling you need. Don’t know what color to paint your nails next? This one, we’d suggest. 

4. Pink Matte with Chrome Tips  

If your personality is simple and modest and you want your nails to be a reflection of that, go with the pink matte polish on your base. Finish it off with a thin line of blush pink chrome paint on the tips. Just the perfect amount of sheen, isn’t it? 

5. Pink Base, White Tips 

Quite clearly, pinks are a great option for French tip nail designs. For a basic, simple look, try out the glossy pink paint for the base and white ones for the tips. Since both of these are light, they look delicate and appealing. Lighter, cooler tones are always better when you wouldn’t know much about what to opt for. 

Black base and black tips
Black base and black tips

6. Black Base and Black Tips  

Sounds, confusing, right? But it’s time for some fun experiments. If you want to make your nails look cool and punky, paint two nails of each hand, glossy black. Then, the fingers of both hands are painted black, followed by being coated over with silver. Finally, use a glossy gray shade on your ring fingers, giving the final touches with black tips. Add some trendy rings to your stunning fingers to add an extra edge. 

7. Pink Ombre Nails 

Pink Ombre Nails
Pink Ombre Nails

The way of keeping the tips white is different in some French tip nails, including this one. The base is a beautiful pink that goes on to transition into white near the ends. The best part about ombre polishes is, you don’t have to worry about any harsh lines. The transition is smooth and flawless.

8. Pink and Agenta 

How much pink is too much pink? According to us, never enough. Play with the different shades of pink and give brand new looks to your nails. Paint your base with a lighter tone of pink and do the tips with magenta or Fuschia pink, to add the perfect pop of color. 

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9. Gold Glitter Nails  

Gold Glitter Nails
Gold Glitter Nails

French tip nails are not just about thin tips. The ends can be highlighted in several other ways as well, one being this. The entire nail is painted nude or almost transparent, followed by the addition of gold glitter from the tips to the middle of the nails in a tapering fashion. Are you going to a party? Opting for bling would be your best decision. 

10. Pretty Pink and Shiny Silver  

If you don’t want to go out there with the bling, we have other options as well. Try out slightly longer nail extensions of your will and paint them blush pink or peachy pink, leaving out the ring fingers. Create the tip lines with white or cream polish and finish by adding the silvery paint to the ring fingers. Such French nail tip designs are extremely aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. 

11. Glossy Gold and Pleasant Pink  

Looks like we’re obsessed with pink but we don’t have a choice. The color pink is closely associated with class and elegance. The base needs to be a very light shade of pink and the tips are glossy gold, to create a striking contrast. Are you ready to channelize your inner diva? This type of French tip nails works the best for glam events and parties, as well as your special days like your wedding. 

12. Rainbow French Tip Nails  

Rainbow French Tip Nails
Rainbow French Tip Nails

Choose five of your favorite rainbow colors to deck up the tips of your nails. The base needs to be minimal, painted with colors such as light peach, pink or nude. Make the tips neat and clean, to make them look cohesive.  

13. Gray and Gold Manicure 

One of the most creative and unconventional French tip nail designs, this a great match for extra special occasions, like your first date or an anniversary dinner. Muted matte paints like gray work great with glossy ones. To achieve these nails, paint your base gray and the tips gold, and voila, you’re done. It’s that simple! 


If you truly want to have fun with the patterns and colors of your nails, the possibilities are endless. Try out glitters, embellishments, nail art strips and more, to experiment and create designs that match your personality. We hope we were able to give the kind of inspiration you were looking for. What are you waiting for? Get started and make your nails look beautiful and glamorous! 

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