8 Reasons You Should Start Doing Yoga Right Now

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So you’ve probably heard how good yoga is for you, but you don’t know the specifics. Actually, it can not just help to rejuvenate you physically, but it can really help you develop great habits with regard to other aspects of your life.  Especially if you’re struggling to get your life together and can sometimes give in to unhealthy habits. 

Women have a lot of things to worry about in life which can be potential sources of stress: relationships, marriage and kids, jobs, and so on, and it can be difficult to juggle all of it without some support. So why should you start doing yoga right now?


Yoga is supposed to help you create new patterns in your life by developing unhealthy patterns into something more workable. By practicing yoga regularly, you can really open yourself up to better ways of being. It can help you be the best version of yourself. It’s an intentional behaviour that you’ll eventually enjoy doing, and it has a very transformative power. Over time, you’ll see that its many positive effects have actually helped you become a better person.


On the surface, there are postures you think you won’t be able to do when you start doing yoga, because your body isn’t flexible enough or your core isn’t strong enough. But over time you’ll find yourself doing those exercises and more with ease. This will really build your confidence, along with doing pranayams and other meditation exercises, which will help you keep calm and be more in tune with yourself. Over time, yoga can really help you get rid of any issues you might be having with regard to self-confidence. It’s the ticket to a more confident you. 


You connect with yourself

Yoga is about helping you connect with yourself more. Not only do you become more aware of your body and its movements, you also become aware of your breathing and the way your mind works through the meditation exercises. Through learning yourself better, you can move towards improvement. Yoga can be a very self-aware exercise, which is good if you feel like you really don’t have much time for yourself these days.

Yoga improves physical health

Mental health is integral to yogic philosophy, but physical health and balance is also important. Your skin will become more supple as circulation increases. You’ll have more energy and muscle strength, and you might lose weight. Your body will be a lot more flexible and less prone to injury, and it’ll be good for your heart health.

No fear

Several converts to yoga say that it has really helped them to feel less afraid of doing certain things in life, or of living in fear. Challenges don’t seem like such a big deal when you’re so relaxed and centred. You feel like you can give a lot of things a go and what happens will happen. Failure isn’t such a big deal either, it’s just a learning process.

A positive attitude

If you’re not an optimist by nature, yoga can actually help to get you there. Developing healthy habits physically and mentally will eventually help your mind towards a good, nurturing headspace where you don’t have room for negative thoughts. You’ll feel really good about yourself and positive about the present and future. 


Dealing with difficulty

If you’re going through a very hard time or a traumatic event, yoga can really help to make you feel more relaxed and comforted and less stressed out. While spending time with people is valuable, detached time with yourself will allow you to embrace your own spirituality and you’ll feel refreshed after a session. You’ll feel much better equipped to deal with whatever is happening in your life.

Accepting yourself

Over time, as you practice yoga, you will learn more about yourself and what you can change and what you can’t. You’ll also figure out that it’s integral to accept and love yourself in order to keep healthy, and also because it’s the right thing to do. You will develop positive habits through yoga, but you will also realize that it’s good to be open to yourself and that you should value yourself for who you are.

Yoga is a treasure-house of learning and character-building. So get out that mat and start right now! 

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