There were days when dark skin was considered a non-preferable and hideous. Dark skin looks sexy, stunning, and remarkable when it comes to skin tones. However, every skin tone is beautiful and gorgeous. Dark skin is always ignored and looked down upon by the bigoted society and dusky women were made to feel inferior to their fairer counterparts! 

Most of the dark skin girls are made to feel that no lipstick shade would suit them and that thought is really stupid! If you like a shade you can wear it irrespective of the amount of melanin in your body. But if you are looking for something specific there are various lipstick shades for dark skin that can be flaunted with aplomb. They look elegant and startling on dark skin. 

Wearing lipstick shades that match your style and your skin tone makes you earn a lot of compliments and makes you feel beautiful and self-confident. 

Choosing lipstick shade for Indian skin may be a hectic task for you. But do not worry! We are here to help you out in finding the best lipstick shades for dark skin you might be looking for. 

What to Consider Before Buying a Lipstick Shade for your Dark Skin Tone? 

With so many enticing lipstick shade options available, it becomes pretty complicated to choose one. And be honest! You can never have enough lipstick shades. And, before you buy them, you need to consider a few things so that your chosen shade goes with your skin tone. 

There are a variety of lipstick shades for dark Indian skin you can choose but the first thing to consider is determining your undertones. Determining your undertone will help you choose lipstick shades, concealers, and foundations according to your skin tone. Darker skin women usually have cool or warm undertones which affect the way lipstick looks on their face. 

The other thing to do is picking the right colors and testing them. Without a swatch test, you may not be able to pick the right shade for your glamorous dark skin. Now let’s get to the main juncture, lipstick shades for Indian skin

Best Lipstick Shades for Dark Skin 

It doesn’t matter what color or skin tone you have, lipsticks make you feel confident and beautiful. Make sure to buy good pigment quality and moisturizing ones to make them look more elegant. A good quality lipstick will give you a long-lasting and comfortable look all day long. Here are some of the best lipstick shades for dark Indian skin: 

1. Bright Red 

Red lipsticks can go for absolutely any skin tone. They make you look confident and sexy. They look wonderful on darker skin tones.

Bright Red Lipstick
Bright Red Lipstick

Any red lipstick shade would shine on your dark skin tone whether it’s berry red, bright red, plum red, or any other shade will look gorgeous on your lips. Going for red lipstick shade can never go wrong. So, you must try out this shade. 

2. Gorgeous Brown 

This shade looks amazing and appealing on dark shade women. Brown color complements the darker skin. It can blend with any dark tone whether it is dusky or dark. Plus, you can apply this hot and glamorous lip shade with any dress. Whether it is a family event or an outing with friends, brown lipstick shade will always make you look different and extraordinary. 

3. Bold Purple 

Dark lipstick shades are always a go-to for a date night or even for festive occasions. It makes you look bold and fierce. It represents the outspoken lady you are. A smoky purple lipstick shade could be the absolute color you are looking for whether it’s dark, brown, lighter skin tone, or any other skin tone. Purple is a bold and happy color for every skin tone. 

4. Delicate Peach

Most dark skin colored women do not prefer lighter lip shades like peach or pink on their face but let us tell you, it’s the most beautiful and pretty color you’ll ever wear on your lips. It gives you a cute and delicate look on your skin. If you have warm undertones, light shades of peach are perfect and cute on the lips. Be sure to try this shade out. 

5. Audacious Orange 

Orange is an absolutely lovely and bold color for every skin tone, especially for brown Indian skin. Orange shade brightens up your face and neutralizes the dark skin complexion. It is highly pigmented and gives a perfect cute look to your face. These can be worn in the day and even at night, they look gorgeous no matter what the time is.

6. Lovely Magenta

The assorted shade of purple and pink, magenta is an impressive shade that goes hand in hand with brown, dark, and even lights brown skin tones. If you want a lipstick shade that goes louder on your skin and makes you look different, you can select this shade.  

7. Supreme Maroon 

If you are not a fan of red shades and want something darker shade for your lips, then maroon is a must-try. It is the most favorite party shade for celebs. The maroon shade goes with any dress. It can be worn for formal events or even for your everyday use. It looks classy and formal which makes you look distinct from others.  

Maroon lipstick for dusky skin
Maroon lipstick

8. Bossy Berry

The classic shade of red, berry looks astounding on your face and makes you look bossy. It brightens up your face and adorns your dark complexion. It is one of the must-have lipstick shades for dark skin you might be looking for. Add this beautiful and classic shade to your cosmetic shopping list today! 


Having a darker skin tone does not stop you from trying out any lip shade. Dark skin tone is desirable and looks absolutely stunning. To find the right lipstick shades for dark Indian skin is to determine your undertone and choose a shade that matches it. You can try these shades out to complete your makeup look.

There is no better way of choosing the best lipstick shade than testing it. You can swatch test the lip shades on your hand or the best way to do this is applying it on your actual lips as it gives you a more precise idea of how the lipstick shade is going to look on you. 

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