Are you looking for that at-home jump rope workouts , which is also easy and fun to do? We have the answer for you! It’s Jump Rope Workouts!! You only need a jump rope and well, an empty space. The rope is available literally at dirt cheap prices, you can go and grab one. Jump rope workout or Skipping as one might call it, is one of the best aerobic and cardiovascular exercises out there. It can be done in under 20 minutes and helps to burn calories while toning your body at the same time. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner, we have the whole package! Keep reading to redeem the knowledge!

Let’s break a jump rope workout for beginners, down to basic steps:

  1. Start with the basic jump; focus solely on perfecting the precisely spaced jumps in a set time frame.
  2. Now that the jump has been perfected, try using a rope.
  3. Don’t try to jump directly with two feet in the air, try with the one leg jump and bending the other one.
  4. Coordinate the jump with the swing of the rope. It might seem difficult at first, but it gets easy and perfectly coordinated with time.
  5. Now just keep practicing the one leg skipping until you get comfortable with the rope.
  6. Once you gain the confidence and experience, you can jump to the modified workouts!

Jump Rope Workouts

Here’s a list of jump rope workouts you can try today, once you have mastered the basics:

1. Regular bounce

This is the OG jump rope workout! All you gotta do is jump in place with perfect coordination with your rope. You can do this for 5-10 minutes, with 15-second breaks every minute. This helps improve your core strength, motor skills and agility. This comes under the best jump rope workout for women’s health since it’s the perfect blend of core muscle build-up and weight loss!

2. Run in place

Now this one can be paired perfectly with the regular bounce since it is an easier version of it and hence can help ease the pain. This one is as easy as it sounds, run in place while jumping using a rope. With one leg on the ground and the other in the air, this increases mobility and helps with an easier landing. You can entirely skip this if you’re too enthusiastic or can substitute it with those prolonged breaks you might end up taking between HIIT jump rope workouts!

3. Feet front to back

Taking it up a notch, this one is a modification! Basically, you are just alternating one foot in front of the other, standing on the balls of your feet. Always keep your hands parallel to one another for achieving the smooth skipping experience. You can turn into a jump rope ninja if you try and do this fast enough! Just don’t forget to take breaks, even ninjas need to stop and breathe.

4. Feet in and out

Now you must have tried jumping jacks at least once right? This is exactly the same, except with a rope in your hand. Just keep jumping, bringing your feet in and out. This one can be done for 45 seconds at a time. You can also keep count and try to set personal goals.

Jump Rope Workouts
Jump Rope Workouts

5. Regular bounces plus double under

This can be a tricky one but is a fun little challenge to do. You start with three regular bounces followed by a double under. Basically, skip three times and then in the fourth skip, jump after the rope hits the ground twice! Sounds fun, no? Try it!

6. Double under

Yes, we are being too optimistic for you! And yes, it’s because we believe in you! Let’s take it up another notch and do the double under exercise. You need to swing the rope in two full rotations before landing from your jump. This will train your whole body, from your arms to your legs. You can do it as many times as you’re able to, don’t force it. We are working out for fun and not to break our bones!

7. Criss-Cross

Here comes the cool looking one. This can make you look like a pro skipper! You need to start with the basic position with your arms back, shoulders relaxed and your arms 6-12 inches away from your shoulders. Now slowly bring in the opposite arms in a criss-cross position and extend them as far as you can. Extending your arms is necessary as it will help to get a full rotation with any hindrance before you skip. Go on jumping and keep opening and crossing your arms. It will take a lot of practice and patience, but will be worth it!

Rope Workouts
Jump Rope Workouts

8. Side swing

It’s exactly what it sounds like, swinging the rope at your side! All you need to do is while doing the regular bounce, you do this cooler variation where you basically bring the rope to your side using either one hand or both hands clasped together. If your rope is on the heavier side, this workout can classify as a fabulous upper body workout as well. Take a breather! You probably skipped it while skipping, haha! 

A gentle reminder, to let you know that these workouts need not be done every day. Doing these 3 times a week is sufficient for your physical well being. You can always opt for the easier ones over the harder ones since all of them have similar impacts on your body. 

We hope you enjoyed your jump rope workout with us and we hope to see you sooner! 

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