While heat can make your hair look absolutely picture perfect, it can also harm your hair the most. Regular use of heat can break the disulphide and protein bonds in your hair and cause your hair to become weak rough, discolored and fragile. If you feel your hair will look messed up until you use heat, maybe you should reconsider because here I will list the coolest heatless hairstyles that are sure to turn heads anywhere you go!

Heatless Hairstyles Tricks

Here are the 8 heatless hairstyle tricks that you must try:

1. Poker Straight Hair Naturally

Tired of your curls? Yes, you saw it right! You can have perfectly straight hair and that too without using any heating or styling tools! Here is how:

  • Wash your hair
  • Let it dry for some time and when it is semi-wet, part your hair into two parts
  • Take little strands of your hair and pin them on the opposite side, for example, if you have taken the strand from the left side, pin the end of it on the right side
  • Wrap your head with a Turban to avoid displacement of hairs
  • Enjoy your fabulously straight hair after it dries!!!

Braids are In-fashion always. You can wear them anywhere and they’ll suit your occasion and luckily, we have enough of them to suit our moods! The simplest yet elegant braid styles are:

2. Simple Braid

 Simple Braid
 Simple Braid

This is the simplest and most common of braids. Just 5 easy steps and you’re done!

  1. Comb and make sure your hair is tangle-free
  2. Part your hair into 3 parts
  3. Put the right part on the center part and the left part in-between them
  4. You will now have new left, right and center parts, repeat the same steps with them
  5. Continue and fasten it with an elastic band!

Tip- You can also loosen your braid and create an attractive messy look. 

3. French Braid

French Braid
French Braid

You might think the best braids are always the hardest ones. Following the following steps will make you think again! Take a section of hair as per your choice from the front of your head For the first one, make a simple braid From the second one, add an inch or two of your hair from the surrounding hairs, to the strands before putting them on the center part Continue till you wish and clip the ends with bobby pins or hair clips!

4. Rope Twisted Braid

Rope Twisted Braid
Rope Twisted Braid

This braid can be your fastest go-to look and even your high school fashion look. Name a casual outing and this hairstyle will make you fit in! Tie your hair into a simple ponytail. Make sure it is not loose. Part ponytail into two parts Intertwine them Fasten with an elastic band and you’re done!

5. Milkmaid Braids

Rope Twisted Braid
Rope Twisted Braid

Looks tough? This is the easiest royal up-do that you will ever get your hands on. Follow the steps to know-how! Comb your hair to free it from any frizz or tangles Part your hair into two equal parts Braid each part into simple 3 strand braids Loosen the front of your hair to release tiny strands of hair Loosen your braids and fix them with pins on the opposite sides over the crown of your head You’re ready!! Too easy, wasn’t it?

6. Heatless Curls

If you have straight hair you will long for curls once in a while. Using heat every time can damage your precious strands. The solution for heatless hairstyles is right here!

  • Semi wet your hair
  • Get an elastic headband
  • Take strands of your hair and wrap them around it
  • Put on a turban to avoid displacement of the hairs
  • Rock your curly hair when it dries!

For the front hairs, you can simply braid them and fix them with Bobby pins when they’re semi-wet. Release them when dry and the results will surprise you!

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7. Not-So-Simple Ponytail

Not-So-Simple Ponytail
Not-So-Simple Ponytail

But it is absolutely simple! Just tie your hair into a simple ponytail and use pretty accessories. They are sure to give your hair an interesting look. You can also take a strand or two and braid them for added elegance!

8. Braided Knot

Braided Knot
Braided Knot

This can be an interesting alternative of the regular knot. Just tie your hair into a braid and then put it into a knot and you are done! You can also make a simple knot and loosen it to create a messy look!


Up your hairstyle game with these awesome heatless hairstyles and be fashionable effortlessly. Go ahead ladies, time to stun ’em all! 

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