Practical purchases or products on Amazon, like buying the most efficient lock for your home or the travel-sized steamer may not be as exciting or serotonin releasing the way shopping for a pair of pumps or Michael Kors can be, but practical purchases are the ones that we need the most to make our lives easier, isn’t it so?

Amazon is like the treasure hunt in the school fete. It comprises of products that can be significant and no fun and also products that are only fun, without any practical significance.

Genius Products on Amazon Every Woman Should Have

Amazon is like a treasure trove of genius products for women that not only make life easier but also help us access important products that we might never find elsewhere. So, we have curated for you a hoard of genius products that can altogether change your life.

1. Uniline alert 3-in-1 Rechargeable 130db Personal SOS Alarm with Ultra-Bright LED Light and Keychain 

genius products
genius products

This 3-in-1 alarm is a must-have product to keep with you for optimum safety. It draws your attention to intruders, assaults, medical emergencies, bullying, rescue, child safety, and more.

Moreover, it is extremely easy to operate; just pull the pin or press the SOS button twice and it activates a piercingly loud alarm of 130 dB. It is equally easy to switch off the alarm once the purpose is served. 

This alarm draws the attention of passersby and helps prevent unfortunate incidents. The device comes with a bright LED light for night-time illumination and another ultra-bright double LED light. 

The lightweight premium plastic stylish body makes it look like a chic keychain that would never arise any suspicion around it. Cool but effective, isn’t it? 

Why wait, you can buy it now!

2. MUNIO Designer Self Defense Keychain with Ebook (Spring Breeze)

Pray that you never have to use it, but investing in this product is something every woman should do considering the world that we live in. This keychain that unfolds into a self-defense device comes with a manual e-book demonstrating the workings of the product. 

Recommended by police, military, martial arts professionals, it is convenient to use and can readily protect you if circumstances call for it. Furthermore, the keychain is safe around children and ensures no risk of personal injury. And above all, it serves as a discreet, stylish everyday accessory that nobody in their wildest dreams can think of it as a weapon. 

Oh, and it’s legal and travels friendly (and can be taken even on an airplane.)

Get it today, without further delay.

3. AmazonBasics Emergency Seat Belt Cutter and Window Hammer

This is something every man or woman who drives must keep in their car. It can, in a way, save your life if any such situation arises. You should even inform your children (if you have any, of course) about the existence of this escape tool.

The window hammer cum seat belt cutter comes with a hard tungsten double-headed hammer to break the glass of the windows effortlessly and the sharp blade cuts through the seat belt without any additional pressure. The plastic body that ensures a secure grip is an additional pro on why you should go for this one. 

It’s available, right here.

4. Kurtzy Vacuum Storage Reusable Ziplock Space Saver Bags

Whether you are traveling or packing up your winter clothes at the onset of spring, some clothes take up all the space in your bags or wardrobe. To save you space and reduce your luggage load, investing in these not-so-expensive vacuum storage ziplock space saver bags is worth it. 

These vacuum-sealed storage bags are highly malleable and take up the shape of anything and every little thing that might exist.

If you are trying to store extra gravy or a big pan of chicken stock in your refrigerator without making use of any utensil, you can easily use these storage bags to keep your refrigerator clutter-free. Oh, and it also comes with a vacuum hand pump, so that you don’t have to buy one separately. 

Buy it now.

5. AmazonBasics Anti-Theft Water Resistant Backpack for Laptops up to 17-Inches

Have you feared your essentials being stolen while taking an overcrowded train or a packed metro? Well then, this affordable anti-theft backpack will save you the panic and anxiety every time you see a crowded public transport or take a solo trip that you have been saving for over the years. 

This water-resistant backpack is capable of fitting in laptops up to 17 inches and has as many as 14 pockets and compartments that can be protected with the help of the combination lock that comes with the backpack.

This modern pack sports a sporty look and delivers both in style and functionality with a built-in USB port and charging cable, making it essential for every single one of us in this digital age.

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6. Fenix Flashlights by LightMen Aluminium Tactical Pen with Strike Bezel

The Fenix Flashlight is one of the most exquisite tactical devices that we have come across. It serves the dual purpose of writing as well as self-defense through attacking.

Furthermore, the pen body, made of 6061-t6 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and finished in CNC finish machining makes it super light. The feather-weight body makes it hard to take it as self-defense equipment, but at the same time, the ensures excellent toughness.

Get this now.

7. VG Fit Labs RNR Running Waist Belt

The VG Fit Labs running waist belt might look like a joke when you first see it, but the design is finely researched for maximum comfort in a very minimal design. Before you laugh at the thin strip of the waistband, you should know that this waist belt comes with a tubular pocket, with plenty of room to hold your phone, keys, wallet, and maybe, even a cookie, while you step out for a walk or a run. 

What’s more impressive than its minimal design is the soft fabric that will never cause uncomfortable chafing and an easy flip can close the belt and lock everything inside. 

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8. Smars® Spy Detector LDRF-DT1 Camera Hidden GSM Audio Bug Finder GPS Signal Lens RF Tracker Sensors Anti Spy Detector

Nowadays, as women, we often think twice before entering into a trial room at a retail store or a public restroom for a little emergency. However, with this anti-spy detector from Smart, you can easily ensure whether to go into a public restroom or a trial room without the fear of hidden cameras trying to pry on your privacy.

With the help of detectable RF frequency, this chargeable device can track the smallest of the detecting devices easily.

Get it today.

What are you waiting for, get hold of these life-changing genius products on Amazon before they run out of stock? 

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