We all know how awesome plants are to reduce anxiety and depression, but house plants or Indoor Plants come in all shapes and sizes and many deserve a place in our humble homes.

It’s not just the decor improvement that your home instantly receives when you arrange more indoor plants in the home, but also a nice boost of Feng shui, better air quality, and simply a living thing to take care of in the house if you’re not ready for children or pets! Always check on your green friends, so that you can ensure your plants live a good, healthy life!

Caring Tips for Indoor Plants

Tips for Taking Care of your Indoor Plants:

Plants are no less precious than your child or your pet. But unlike the other, plants are little low maintenance but as a plant parent, you can’t really forget about them.

With little love and care, your indoor plants can be a matter of great pride and joy for you and a talking point among your house guests.

  1. Plants invariably attract pesky pests and it is highly important to keep your indoor plants and the surrounding area pest-free since they are the harbinger of diseases. So, always be on the lookout for these bugs and treat them immediately with medicines.
  2. Maintaining a house plant doesn’t mean showering it with water. One of the primary mistakes that you can do is overwatering your plants. Make sure the soil/ compost is dry before watering your plant.
  3. Manage the amount of light that your house plant receives. Exposure to harsh sunlight can be detrimental to their growth while too little light can also affect its growth and nourishment.
  4. Always prune and clean your pots and plant surfaces. A dirty plant will hamper the aesthetic of your house. Keep the surface clean of dirt and dead leaves. Prune it timely especially during monsoon or spring, as that will help in a growth spurt and also make your little green friends look well-groomed!
  5. Every plant is different, so make sure you treat all of them according to their individual requirements.
  6. Add fertilizers, composts, and also kitchen scraps as nourishment for your green buddies.

Follow these above tips and shower some love, remember, indoor plants need more tending than the ones growing in your garden.

Indoor Plants
Indoor Plants

Of course, many of us are a bit forgetful and don’t always water our plants on time, but a lot of the indoor plants on this list can actually handle a bit of neglect and just a small amount of light and water to stay alive.

It’s worth pointing out that your kitchen waste can often be used for plants in order to help them thrive, so don’t immediately throw food scraps in the garbage without considering your indoor plants first.

7 House Plants that will Beautify your Home

So, if you’re someone who wants an easy plant without feeling like it needs constant attention, then the following indoor plants will suit you perfectly.

1. Not ZZ Top, But the ZZ Plant

One of the easiest plant names to remember, the ZZ plant really purifies bad, stuffy air, is a nice size for city apartments, lasts a long time, and actually doesn’t require so much water or light.

In all honesty, you’d have to try incredibly hard even you wanted to kill this plant. A cool-looking and chill plant if there ever was one, just put the ZZ plant in direct sunlight and only water it when the soil feels dry.

2. Not as Scary as it Sounds: The Snake Plant

Not at all venomous, the snake plant is a small, unassuming plant that looks cool and doesn’t need so much light. Place it in the corner for a good decor idea, but be careful not to overwater it because you’ll kill it. Watch the tips of the plant because they are slightly sharp, but otherwise, it’s a friendly, easy plant.

3. Nothing Like a Hairstyle: The Ponytail Palm

Perfect for windowsills, the ponytail palm is a bit mad to look at but it never fails to start conversations. If the windowsill is not an option, you’ll need a bright corner of the room and regular water. These come in a variety of sizes, so simply find one you think you can handle easily enough and fits in your house.

4. Don’t Let it Fly Away: The Bird of Paradise

You can’t beat a plant name like the Bird of Paradise. This majestic, gorgeous plant is highly exotic but it can be quite a challenge. It will need more water than your average houseplant because of the size, as well as a lot of sunlight and even regular dustings to keep it clean.

Bear in mind that the leaves are poisonous when eaten, so put them away if there are animals or small children in your household.

5. The Iron Plant is Very Tough

Even if you forget to water it for several days, the iron plant is strong and doesn’t need much water or light to stay alive. It works best in the corner of a room because of the size but it looks incredibly eye-catching and unique. Always check the soil to see if it needs any more water, as you don’t want to overwater it.

6. Groovy Man! The Peace Lily

Easily among the best in the biz for air cleansing, the Peace Lily has a beautiful look and contains flowers that will bloom twice a year. Perfect for humid environments, they’ll need a good amount of sunlight and water twice a week.

7. Finally, the Desert Gem Cactus

Want an easy desk plant? The Desert Gem cactus does need light to grow but not a lot of water. Plus, it looks awesome and fits nicely in small spaces.

Desert Gem Cactus
Desert Gem Cactus

So, get these indoor plants and turn into a gardener, its also a good activity for your children to partake in. Waking up to the greenery or smelling that lovely fresh earth and foliage smell can be both invigorating and refreshing!

And, did we mention indoor plants provide amazing natural filter for your instagram pictures. So, its win-win in all ways!

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