8 Amazing Upper Lip Hair Removal Methods

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upper lip hair removal
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Being a lady, we are required to maintain a check on many other things like upper lip hair removal , etc . Since you are here on this page you must have already got an idea about what other things we mean. Every day we see something or the other lacking or overdoing our face, be it the glow, brightness, pimples, hair, eyebrows, etc.etc! 

upper lip hair removal methods

Upper lip hair is one such essential that you can never neglect. Do you have the guts to move around with that upper lip hair of yours? No right? This is not something we want to dare because upper lip hair makes the face have a dirty and untidy look. We women are extremely conscious of the way we look!

We must say, upper lip hair is completely a boy thing. Let the male category have them, and in case you have some, then you should get an upper lip hair remover. 

It is true that some upper lip hair removal tricks are painful, but do not worry that pain is bearable. At least having these pain will save you from a pesky face. So ladies, here are umpteen upper lip hair removal methods. Make your mind and go for the one that appeals to you the most.

Let’s Talk About Amazing Upper Lip Hair Removal Methods

best ways to remove upper lip hair

Get your upper lips done with threading

This is a thread based upper lip hair remover and is the most commonly adopted method. For this, you don’t have to do anything. Just go to the parlor where you usually get your body care or else you can get a salon at home.

Threading is a bit painful. You will feel the pain for the first 2-3 times but then you will get okay with that. You can get your upper lips as well as eyebrows done with threading.

With this, you will have your hair removed for a longer period of time because the hair is plucked from the roots and not cut in between. So it takes time to reappear.

Also, this is the cheapest and best upper lip hair removal methods of all. You will hardly have to pay 40 bucks and then you can have a lip free from hair. 

Try waxing

Waxing is the method where semi-hot wax is applied over your hairy portion and allowed to dry for 20 seconds or so and finally pulled off, leaving a smooth and hair-free upper lip.

Doing this at home by yourself is not at all recommended. Get it done by a professional or else you will end up with scars on your face.

If you have a skin that is not so sensitive then you can give a try to sugar wax or natural bee’s wax. They will help you get rid o upper lip hair for approximately 4 weeks, depending on your hair growth.

If you have sensitive skin and want to have wax, then you should better go for cream wax. They do not remove follicles from the roots because of which you might notice hair regrowing within 2-3 days. 

Bleach ladies!

This is not the upper lip hair removal method to say goodbye to hair but a say hi to golden hair. Bleaching will help make your upper lip hair less prominent.

The dark green-black hair above your lips will turn golden as soon as you apply golden bleach to them. The color will work for a period of 2-3 weeks.

However, if you have a skin that is kind of sensitive then you should give preference to the other upper lip hair removers. Bleach involves a hell of harsh chemicals that might even burn your skin. So make sure you go for a patch test before getting all done. 

bleach to remove upper lip hair

Laser love

This is a method of hair removal for which you have to mandatorily consult your dermatologist. This entails a laser beam that targets the roots of your hair and damages them with lasers.

This hair removal is a semi-permanent method and requires you to continue for a number of times depending on your hair and skin type, to get a permanent result. This method doesn’t really hurt, but you might experience a brief discomfort. 

This is the most expensive of all the methods, but you will get long-lasting results. 

How to remove upper lip hair at home immediately?

If you want to remove your upper lip hair instantly at home, then here are some methods that you can go for. 

remove upper lip hair at home instantly

Epilate it

To get rid of upper lip hair at home, you need to buy an epilator. Experience shows that epilating feels like pinching your skin. You might feel uncomfortable at first, but like threading, with practice, you will feel bearable.

Also, this is an investment worth making because they will save the monthly money you pay to the parlor. And most important of all, handy, easy to carry, 24×7 with you on service.*no need to go out of home!!!*

Anyone with upper lip hair removal cream?

Another common ‘get at-home’ method is this upper lip hair removal cream. You must have one Veet cream at your stock. Don’t you? If you really don’t have any hair removal cream then get one for yourself.

This is a no-pain hair removal technique. You will not even feel any discomfort, although, you have to be a bit patient. To get this done, go through the ‘directions to use’ content given in the package. You will feel your hands smooth and moisturized.

Clipper cure

Clipper cure is a beauty tool that most of the girls carry in their kit. As the name suggests, this is not a device that will pluck your hair but will cut or trim your hair. This is not long-lasting but works fine for 2-3 days.  

clipper cure

Oh dear tweezer

You should heart tweezers because they are the last resort. When nothing is there, tweezers are there. This is no doubt a tedious process but what else can you do if you have no other option left.

In a quarantine situation with no other devices or hair cream to remove your hair, tweezing is the best way to remove upper lip hair naturally. The disadvantage here is some small, stubborn hair cannot be plucked with the tweezer, hence they remain and you can do nothing.

Now say goodbye to green fuzzy upper lips with the upper lip hair removal methods that impressed you the most!!!

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