The way your hair looks can influence the overall appearance of your face. For example, a neat, top-knot bun gives an air of finesse and elegance to your face. On the other hand, tying your hair in two ponytails will make for a young and adorable look.

Depending on the occasion and your outfits, different haircuts and hairstyles will give off different vibes. Thus, the way you choose to cut your hair probably has a lot to say about what kind of feeling you want to embrace.

One such category of hairstyles which has become popular in the last few years is that of haircuts with fringes or bangs. 

Hairstyles with Bangs

In this, locks of hair fall over the front hairline, covering the forehead. Bangs can be of various lengths depending on the comfort of the person. As they fall over your forehead softly, they gently frame the edges of your face, giving you a cute look.

It can be fun to change your usual haircut and get one with bangs so that you can see a different side of yourself. There are also different styles of bangs available for different types of hair.

However, as pretty as they look, bangs can be hard to maintain, and growing them out can often be an awkward, tedious process. So, if you do end up getting bangs, you may find that the reality is much different than your imagination, which can be disappointing. 

However, don’t give up just yet because all is not lost. There are many ways in which you can support your bangs as they grow and make them into the shape you have been looking for. Today, we are going to help you with just that by telling you 7 tips for growing out bangs. 

7 Tips for Growing out Bangs

Indeed, it is not easy to grow out bangs, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun at the same time. When you go through these tips, you may realize that learning how to grow out bangs might be a tricky but rewarding journey, after all.

Without any further delay, let’s get into the secrets about how to grow out bangs:

1. Trim Them Regularly

The most important part of growing out bangs is to take care of them through and through. This means that you need to have regularly scheduled trimming sessions to make sure that those fringes stay in that proper shape and don’t get in the way of your eyes.

Awesome Bangs Look
Awesome Bangs Look

When you trim your hair, it promotes the growth of healthy hair, which means that it will grow longer more quickly due to its quality. 

Thus, if you want to grow out bangs on the longer side, hair trimming might just be your best friend, as ironic as that sounds. 

2. Use Dry Shampoo

Even if your hair can stay without a wash for a few days or so, your bangs tend to get dirty and greasy quickly. This is because they are in direct contact with your skin and absorb any oils or grit which may be on the surface. Hence, you may find that your bangs end up lying flat even if you had only washed your hair a few days ago.

Tips for bangs
Tips for bangs 

In such a case, dry shampoo is the companion you need, because it lets you clean out your bangs without the risk of over-washing the rest of your hair. Just a few spritzes of the dry shampoo through your bangs will add a little more volume to them and make them come alive, once again.

3. Blow Dry Properly

A good round of blow-drying can make your hair look just about perfect. Blow-drying your fringe correctly will give it that little lift and bounce, making it fall over your face just right. Always remember to blow-dry from the roots of your bangs.

Best bangs look
Best bangs look

This means that you have to hold the blowdryer above your head with the nozzle aimed below. Then brush bangs hair to one side, then brush them to the other side, before brushing them straight down. Doing this will enhance the shape.

If you want to add that little extra bounce, finish this by gently your hair around a barrel brush and blow-drying. This will make them rest happily on your forehead, brimming with life. 

Always make sure to blow-dry in a limit because excessive heat application is one of the hair-care mistakes that can cause a lot of harm. So, go easy on the blow-dryer and make sure that you are not using it too much.

You can also choose to apply a little product at the end of your drying session to hold the style, but remember to not be too heavy with it.

4. Don’t go Overboard with the Product

It might be tempting to use a lot of product on your bangs to make sure that they stay in place, but this will only end up causing more damage in the long run.

Best style tips for bangs
Best style tips for bangs

If you go overboard with the product, it will lead to a build-up of oil in your bangs, which will then make them greasy and that is the opposite of what you want. So, remember to use the product economically and focus on other ways to make sure that your bangs stay in shape, such as proper washing, combing, and trimming.

5. Pin Them Back

The secret to learning how to grow out bangs also means learning how to style them properly. Just because you have that fringe doesn’t mean you have to keep it on your forehead all the time.

There are certain variations you can do to change the way it looks, especially when it is still in that awkward-growth phase. 

You can simply part your hair at an angle, brushing it to either side depending on your comfort, and then secure it using multicolor clips or bobby pins. You can use the product to hold this style in place if you need it. This will not only give a sleek and neat look but will also help in keeping the hair off your forehead on the days when you just don’t want to deal with it. 

Growing out bangs is not just about showing them off all the time, but also about learning what to do during the times when you would rather get them out of the way.

6. Try Braiding Them

This is another way in which you can keep those bangs tamed along your hairline. You can choose to braid them in whichever style is comfortable for you, either simply making braids against your hairline or pulling them back in a braided roots hairstyle. You can also use products or pins to secure your hair properly in this style.

You can add accessories such as flowers or clips to this braid to enhance the softness of the looks, making you feel like someone magical.

For the days when you are too tired to do a braid, you can simply choose to keep the bangs in place with a headband, too.

7. Be Patient with Them

Growing out bangs is a process that takes time and patience from you. You may have admired the seemingly perfect bangs you often see in magazines and got them expecting the same results.

Top bangs look
Top bangs look

But nothing is ever perfect, especially at the beginning. So, you need to give your bangs to adjust and settle into their shape. You need to put in work to maintain them and be gentle to them, especially on the bad-hair days. 

So, the final secret in learning how to grow out bangs is simple and can be summed up in four words: learn to love them!

Owning those Bangs in their Full Glory

Ultimately, you have full right to take pride in those bangs, because you have worked so hard in taking care of them. Sure, there are days when it is hard and you just want to grab a pair of scissors and chop all that hair off.

Yet, you choose to go for the comb instead, albeit with a tired sigh, and get to gently making those bangs a little less messy. 

Top looks for bangs
Top looks for bangs

That is what love is, even if it might not seem like it. This is what makes your bangs special—not the good days when they look just perfect, but the bad days in which you give them endless patience and care.

It is these days that make growing out bangs seem the most difficult and yet, in the end, the most rewarding—especially when you watch them bloom, just like the rest of you.

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