Hair is one of the several physical aspects that define the appearance of a person. We all love to style our hair as it can completely change the way we look. 

We research, we ask our friends for recommendations regarding hair products that will keep our hair healthy and beautiful. Most ladies go for regular hair spa treatments as well.

However, there are also a few ladies who barely feel like taking care of the hair. It is totally alright to feel lazy when it comes to hair care because, honestly, we all feel lazy at some point. 

In between all this, the reality is you may be making some hair mistakes and damaging your hair unknowingly. The hair or even the skin needs the right amount of care for good results. 

Hair Damage
Hair Damage

If you have been worrying about your hair health as well, you have come to the right place. Here in this article, you will get to know what things are damaging your hair, how to stop damaging your hair, types of hair damage, and all about hair breakage.

Types of Hair Damage

This is a question that most women nowadays ask themselves firstly. Many of you may have been thinking about what went wrong with your hair. Well, there are a number of reasons in this regard. 

But before we dive into that topic, let us point out the types of hair damage that women commonly face. 

We have categorized hair damage into two types:

  • On the basis of hair issues
  • On the basis of hair damage caused by physical factors

On the basis of the hair issue, there are three basic types of hair damage:

  • Split ends and hair breakage
  • Thinning of hair
  • Dull and dry hair

On the basis of physical factors, the types of hair damage are:

  • Hair damage due to excessive heat application
  • Hair damage due to excessive combing
  • Hair damage due to excessive use of shampoo and other products
  • Hair damage due to hard water
  • Quality of the hair appliances
  • Washing your hair with hot water

What Causes Hair Damage

Finding out the root cause of your hair issue will surely help you find an answer to the question of how to stop damaging your hair. 

Excessive heat application

Hair grooming appliances are almost considered as must-haves nowadays if you want to look fabulous at any time without rushing to the hair salon. 

However, although using these makes us look good, in the long run, overusing appliances such as straighter, hairdryer, curler is one of the hair mistakes that has been damaging your hair. 

Hair Damage
Hair Damage

Applying too much heat to the hair strips away the natural moisture from your hair, making them dry and dull. Along with this, you may also see split ends on your hair.  

Excessive combing

Combing the hair is necessary as it serves the purpose of a scalp massage up to a certain point. But you have to be careful about how much time you spend combing and when and how you comb your hair. 

One of the common hair mistakes that you may be doing without a clue that is damaging your hair substantially – combing hair while it is wet. 

Believe it or not, wet hair is always fragile, no matter how thick hair strands you have. Combing your hair while wet increases the chances of hair breakage and weakens the hair roots. As a result, over time, you will experience hair thinning due to hair fall. 

One other important point noteworthy is never keeping your wet hair wrapped in a towel for long. This only creates unnecessary hair knots that are annoying AF. 

Although it is better you avoid combing wet hair, in case it is of a dire emergency, follow these steps without failure.

Another common hair mistake that many of you may be doing that is damaging your hair – combing your hair too much. 

The truth is one should comb their minimally. Combing too much makes your hair roots vulnerable, making you prone to hair loss and hair breakage. Along with this, it can also make your hair dry and frizzy. If you have an oily scalp, combing it too much can increase the oil secretion, making your hair greasy.

Excessive use of shampoo and other products

It is good to keep your hair and scalp clean. But washing your hair too frequently with shampoo is not recommended. This reduces the natural moisture, leaving your hair dry. 

However, it is also understandable if you have oily hair, there is nothing you can do but wash your hair. In this case, how to stop damaging your hair?? Go for sulphate free shampoo and try home remedies that can keep your hair clean. 

Hair colors

We all love to experiment with our hair with colors. No matter how costly hair color you use, it eventually has a negative impact, making your hair dull. Some also experience hair loss in such situations.

Hard water

The quality of water that you use to wash your hair also has a lot of impact on your hair health. If you use hard water for a considerable period of time, it will make your hair dry and lifeless before you know it.

Quality of the hair appliances

Always keep in mind, the higher the price, the higher is the quality. But, many of us find this concept a bit difficult to follow. No matter how bad we want to buy the top brand, we always decide to buy the products at a lower price.

Apart from this, another common mistake that can be damaging your hair is ignoring the product review. Buying a product with a poor review or unknown brand is a big NO!

Touching your hair too much

We ladies love to play with our hair, flipping it. But when you touch your hair too much, especially the roots, it hampers the oil secretion and natural moisture. 

How to stop damaging your hair

After finding out the cause behind your damaged hair, try to avoid the mistake you have been committing as much as possible. Apart from these causes, 

  1. Tying your hair too tightly weakens your hair, making you prone to hair loss. Your hair also needs air to breathe, so tie your hair with love and never suffocate your hair.
  2. Choose mild shampoo always. Go for the shampoos with natural ingredients and with no parabens and sulfates.
  3. Go for a hair trimming after 3 to 4 months. This boosts your hair growth.
  4. Never keep your hair tied up too long.
  5. Massage your scalp once a week with or without any essential oil.
  6. Avoid touching your hair frequently.

Shampoos for Healthy and Beautiful Hair

We have listed the best two shampoos currently in the market that are loved by us all. 

WOW Apple Cider Vinegar No Parabens & Sulphate Shampoo

Wow skin science is one of the few companies that sells hair products with 100 percent plant-based, sulfate, and paraben-free components. Another great thing about this shampoo is that it has apple cider vinegar extracts as well that further promote hair health. So, don’t think too much and get this amazing ASAP if you wish to have luscious hair. 

Herbal Essences Argan Oil of Morocco SHAMPOO- For Hair Repair and No Frizz- No Paraben, No Colorants

Another product that you can go to. Forget all about the fear of frizzy hair with this Herbal essence shampoo. It is free from parabens and colorants. And it is packed with essential oils and vitamins from natural extracts. 

Note: If you are using sulfate-free shampoo for the first time, give your hair some time to adjust to the new change in hair products. Your hair has been used to the SLS or Sodium Laureth Sulfate for a long time now. Hence, it may take a few months to see the best results. 

Bottom Line

So, these are a few common mistakes that many of you make, hence damaging your hair. Go easy on your hair and also don’t forget to consume a rich diet full of vitamins and minerals that will keep your hair healthy. 

Moreover, one more common mistake worth mentioning is many wash their hair with hot water especially during winters. Hot water during winters feels right, but it actually harms your hair silently, making it dry and easily breakable. So, use lukewarm water or cold water if possible, to wash your hair.

Take care🏵

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