There’s nothing wrong with being a woman with a high sex drive or liking things that aren’t straight and vanilla. A lot of people experiment in bed these days and it’s nothing out of the ordinary. But you might not know that you’re looking for something a bit more exciting; there’s not always enough information out there for women on these subjects. 

Signs You Like to Play Around in Bed

Here’s some indication that you might secretly be a ‘freak’ in the sheets!

1. You like fantasies

Many women like fantasies, just like men do. Often role play can be quite freeing and add a jolt of excitement to your relationship. You can pretend to be whoever you want, in any power dynamic you like, and it can always be different. You might secretly want to be dominated or be the dominating one, or play out a particular scenario you’ve fantasized about. As long as you speak to your partner about these things, you can keep it safe and fun.

2. You like to get a little rough

Biting, slapping, and talking a little aggressively are all pretty normal and arousing to many people. If you like it, incorporate it into your regular sex, but make sure your partner is on the same page. BDSM is quite well-known these days and many people enjoy it. Some people even like a little pain because it enhances pleasure for them; you might just be one of them. Make sure you have safe words and other exit routes on the table once you get started, so you can have the option of slowing down or stopping if things get very intense.

3. You like to use force

Sex can be tender, rough, or anything in between, it all depends on what you like or what your mood is. Some people like to go hard and fast and there’s nothing wrong with that. A lot of women prefer it. You have to be vocal about what you like and be aware of your limits. 

4. You like to tease and talk dirty

Teasing can be an extremely erotic part of sex and it’s something many couples experiment with. Withholding pleasure can be in itself quite arousing. Talking to your partner in a degrading or even dominant way can be extremely exciting for both of you. Calling him names or speaking of withholding an orgasm can also be very intense. If you’ve been thinking about it, clear it with your partner and go ahead.

5. You like Sexting

Some people think about sexting but aren’t bold enough to do it. If you’re bold enough to tease your partner over the phone with thoughts about what you’re going to do, you should give it a go. It gives people a thrill to read intimate things, specifically if they’re in a public place. It’s a good way to keep the relationship alive and kicking and bring some fun to your sex life.

6. You like tying your partner up

This is quite a well-known aspect of BDSM, as it involves bondage and domination. It can be a very different experience to hold all the power in the relationship for a bit. You can tie your partner up or even opt to be tied up, which can be a chance to put yourself entirely in your partner’s hands. As long as you are both clear about your limits and safety and are both relatively comfortable, it could be quite a fun exercise and very mutually satisfying.

Play Around in Bed
Play Around in Bed

7. Command your partner to do things for you

Women don’t always have the social purchase to order men around, so it can be quite exciting to demand pleasure once in a while, especially if you like to take up a dominating role in bed. You can command your partner to perform some act on you or wear something for your approval, or do this or that.

Using your bedroom as a place of trying things out and playing around can be quite healthy for a relationship. It might even mean you’ll be able to negotiate other aspects of your relationship quite well. Sexual satisfaction is very important for women, so make sure your partner is giving you what you want and that you’re both enjoying it. Be clear about what you like and don’t like. Who knows, you might even have similar preferences.