Your eye makeup plays a big role in your overall look and if your eyes look small and puffy, your makeup tips for big round eyes wouldn’t look as good as it should. Some of us are blessed with big bold eyes while some of us aren’t. Instead of cribbing about our facial features, we can focus more on makeup tips for big round eyes.

 What’s there to worry about when we have something as magical as makeup to hide and fix areas that we want. Always remember that your face or your body is not flawed. You’re beautiful the way you are. Makeup can just help you give a more polished look so that you’re able to boost your confidence. 

In this article, we’ll be talking about basic eye makeup tips for beginners and makeup tips for achieving big eyes. 

Do you feel conscious about having smaller eyes? Do you wonder how you can make your eyes look sharper? You don’t need to worry, we’ve got you covered! 

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Makeup tips for big round eyes 


Before you start going ahead with anything else, you would have to have a good base to work upon. Your eyes need to be toned and evened out when you start your makeup. This is one of the most basic eye makeup tips for beginners. 

Start by moisturizing and priming your face, followed by applying a color corrector on your face. 

Choose a brand and shade that you like and would suit your skin tone. Color correcting is important because, without this step, your concealed eyelids and under eyes can look dull and out of place. To make it blend like magic in your skin tone, it’s necessary to use a color corrector. 

This step is followed by applying concealer. Blend your concealer well using a small brush or a beauty blender. The final step is to set the eye base by applying compact powder or loose powder on the places that have been concealed, to set the concealer, so that your wrinkles and fine lines don’t become prominent. 

Once the concealer is set, you’ll be ready to continue with your eye makeup. Makeup tips for big round eyes include smoothening out fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes. 

2. Do the eyebrows 

Makeup Tips For Big Round Eyes

Eyebrows are very essential since they frame the entire face. You obviously can’t go for frequent eyebrow trimming or threading sessions but you can surely shape them on your own using a tweezer and a pair of scissors. 

Having clean and shaped eyebrows is one of the best ways to make your eyes look bigger and brighter, instantly. 

To make them pop even more, fill in your brows with a good brow pencil. Make sure to use a dark brown shade if you have black eyebrows, instead of using black. This gives the brows a natural look. The final step would be to add concealer, lining your inner brows, to make them brighter and neater. 

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3. Tightlining 

This is a basic makeup tip for big eyes, suggested by most makeup professionals. Tightlining makes a big difference to the way your eye looks. It refers to a thin line of kohl or kajal on your upper waterline or the base of your lash line. 

This step makes your liner, mascara, and eyeshadow look more cohesive and put together. So the next time your eyes feel puffy even after concealing and shaping your eyebrows, make sure to tight line your eyes. 

4. White liner 

Even if you’re not a fan of white eyeliner, you’ve got to keep it handy if you want bigger-looking eyes. Line your lower waterline with white eyeliner and then do the lash line with black liner. This is a hack that not only helps your eyes look rounder but also less tired and puffy. 

Applying the white liner can be tricky at first and you have to be careful about the amount. Don’t make the line too thick and it shouldn’t touch your lash line. Keep it as thin as possible and use a pigmented liner for best results. 

5. Broader outer corners 

Makeup Tips For Big Round Eyes

Generally, if you make your outer corners pop while applying kajal or eyeliner, the eyes look bigger. Instead of having a broad inner corner or a thick center, it’s always advisable to have all the drama in the outward direction.

 If you’re doing a smokey eye or a winged liner, take it upwards in a diagonal motion, to make your face look lifted. This is a magical makeup tip for big round eyes and sculpted cheekbones. If you’re not looking for a very sharp look, blend or smudge the edges and harsh lines, to make it look more natural and fused. 

6. Curled lashes and mascara

Mascara is essential for many celebrities because even if they don’t have any other form of eye makeup on, they could manage by just applying some mascara. It lifts your eyes instantly and makes you look fresh and awake.

 For the mascara to look its best, you should curl your eyelashes first. If you do it right, you wouldn’t ever need fake eyelashes to fall back upon. Apply some oil or Vaseline to your lashes, curl them, and finally, apply your mascara in an upward motion, to get the perfect lashes. Your lashes are going to stand out for sure! 

7. Don’t forget to highlight!

If you want to finish it right, you cannot miss out on a highlighter. It’s so important, especially for a glam look. Makeup tips for big round eyes are incomplete without the right amount of highlighter under the brow bones, in the inner corners of the eyes, and the middle of the eyelids. 

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Highlighting these areas are going to illuminate your eyes and make them look wider. Not everyone has angelic eyes, but makeup can go a long way in giving you the eyes that you’ve always desired. 

If you follow the right steps, your eye makeup is going to be flawless. Life isn’t perfect but your eye makeup can be!