Dark Underarms & Armpits: 7 Home Remedies To Deal With

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Dark Underarms
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Different women approach their underarm treatment differently. Some just ignore their body hair, which is  totally fine, while others shave religiously or get regular waxing appointments. You probably also approach hyperpigmentation (or dark underarms) differently. It’s actually quite a natural condition, and can happen due to a variety of reasons, like dead cells, using certain products, shaving, lack of proper ventilation, too much sweat, etc. 

Dark underarms don’t really have to bother you, but if they do and you’ve been looking to wear a new sleeveless dress or a top and you’re worried or self-conscious, there are actually several home remedies that can help you.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is great for acne and facial imperfections, and it can be great for underarms as well. The aloesin found in aloe vera gel can help to slow down an enzyme that aids skin pigmentation. So it can lighten your armpits and can also feel very soothing. Extract the gel from the aloe vera leaves and apply it onto your armpits. Leave it there for about fifteen minutes or so before washing it off. It’s good to keep an aloe vera plant around for your skincare needs.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is also supposed to be very good for acne, but it will help with your underarms as well. It has antimicrobial properties and will prevent you from smelling, and will also lighten your underarms. Pick up a bottle from your local cosmetics store and dilute some with water. You can apply it directly onto your underarms or spray it on. 

Cucumbers for Dark Underarms

Cucumbers actually have bleaching properties, and they also have a lot of vitamins and minerals. It’s also very soothing, which is why it’s used for eye bags. Slice up some cucumber and rub it onto your Dark Underarms or armpits for a few minutes, letting the juice spread over the darkened area. After that, you can wash with water.


Who knew the origin of the french fry could also help you lighten your armpits? Potatoes have vitamins (A, B, and C) and they can really help a lot with pigmentation. Peel a potato and grate it, and then squeeze out the juice. You can also just use the slices and rub them onto your skin. With the juice, apply it and leave it on for about fifteen minutes, then wash it off. You can also add some lemon into the potato mix for better results. 

Dark Underarms


You probably have some turmeric lying around somewhere in your kitchen cabinet. It’s a common ingredient in face masks and can work wonders for your underarms. Mix some turmeric powder with milk and honey (the lactic acid in milk will help lighten your underarms too). Apply the paste to your underarms, and let it sit until it’s dry. Then you can rinse it off.


This might be something you already have around the house, otherwise you can just pick it up from a beauty store. Rosewater has a lot of benefits for the skin, and lightening is just one of them. It also helps to soothe and moisturise the skin, and helps with circulation and balancing the skin’s pH levels. You can add some baking soda to help exfoliate your skin. MIx the two together and wait till you have a paste, and apply that to your underarms. You can leave it on for some time and then wash it off. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is the trusty solution to so many beauty problems. It has a lot of acids like amino and lactic acids. It can help to remove dead cells and open up the pores, and also acts to smooth out the area. Dilute it with some water and spread it over your armpits. Then rinse it off with tepid water.  

These are all home remedies which are easily accessible and inexpensive. You don’t have to go to a parlour to get an expensive treatment to deal with your hyperpigmentation. If you feel that it’s not really an issue for you at all, don’t worry about it, and just let it be! Dark armpits are quite common and it’s really nothing to be ashamed of. 

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