7 Finest Meditation Apps For Achieving Mindfulness

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Owing to the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, practicing meditation could seem unattainable. Whether you’re currently trying to balance a busy work-at-home schedule, or trying to hone your productivity skills for an upcoming exam; you may certainly feel like unwinding a bit. While we could probably all use a wellness retreat right about now, a trip isn’t the only way to relax

Meditation can really prove to be your knight in shining armour amidst all the chaos going on in your life. For starters, meditation has been shown to mitigate the effects of stress on your body.

Research suggests that various styles of meditation can help lessen pain, lower blood pressure levels, cut down anxiety and depression, and ensure better sleep.

In recent times, meditation services have gone online to ease your way in achieving mindfulness from wherever you want; whether it’s home or work.

Best meditation apps to help you establish a mindful practice. 


Headspace makes achieving mindfulness extremely approachable, especially if you’re starting out as a beginner.  It’s quirky illustrations and clean aesthetic is enough to lure you to use the app.

It even has courses to teach you what meditation is all about with basic exercises that run for 3-5 minutes.The app offers a wide variety of guided meditations, mini meditations and video animations on various aspects like happiness, stress, anxiety, individual growth, work, productivity, parenting and even meditation for kids.

Along with that, the app offers sleep music and soundscapes to put you to sleep. 

headspace - finest meditation apps

Available for – iOs and Android 

Cost – $13 monthly with a seven-day free trial, or $70 annually with two-week free trial. 


The Calm app functions like the name itself. You’ll be welcomed by calming voices of nature once you open this app. Calm is the getaway for achieving the desired peace of mind.

It is a very celebrated app which can be proved by the fact that it has been downloaded more than 50 million times.  The app invites you to complete the daily calm activity that consists of meditations that are designed to address some specific issues such as anxiety, stress, lack of sleep etc. 

Calm - finest meditation apps

Furthermore, this app consists of walking medications, masterclasses, peaceful music and bedtime auditory stories; which would really lull you to sleep. The relaxing audio from this app would make you forget your current stressed state, and help your mind be at peace. 

Available for – iOS and Android

Cost – $70 for annual subscription with a free 7 day trial

10% happier 

The app has risen to popularity among users as it’s based on the New York times best selling book by the same name. This app goes by the tagline – ‘Meditation for fidgety skeptics’.

The app is great for beginners as it connects you directly to the experts which would coach you on the basics of meditation.

They would also personally answer your queries that may arise during your meditation journey. Going by its name, the app would inculcate the feelings of  gratitude and happiness and help you in achieving mindfulness. 

10% happier - finest meditation apps

Available for – iOS and Android 

Cost – Basic plan – Free, Premium plan – $100 for annual subscription with a free 7 day trial

Stop, breathe and think

Just like the name suggests, this app encourages you to stop your stressful feelings; breathe, and acknowledge your thoughts and feelings in the present moment.

This app allows you to choose sessions on the basis of your current mood. Every time you open the app, it asks you to fill a short survey of questions regarding how you feel physically, emotionally and mentally.

On the basis of that, the app recommends you a choice of tailor made meditations for that particular day. Additionally, it allows you to access many exercises for free unlike other apps. 

stop, breathe and think - finest meditation apps

Available for – iOS and Android

Cost – You can access up to 20 exercises for free. After that, $10 for monthly and $59 for annual subscription

Insight timer 

While all other apps boast of a free trial before introducing you to a paid membership; this is one of those few apps that is free in its entirety. Yes, you heard it right.

The fact that it’s completely free is a really good perk for beginners. The app consists of over 30,000 pre-recorded guided meditation sessions loaded onto the Insight Timer, as well as the ability to refine sessions based on how long you wish to practice.

Additionally , it comes with an in-app progress tracker that enables you to chart your progress and even earn badges for the time you’ve spent meditating.  It also offers relaxing music tracks, a section for kids, and guided sessions from notable mental experts and yogis like Sadhguru. 

Insight timer - finest meditation apps

Available for – iOS and Android

Cost – FREE

Simple habit

The developers of this app believe that it requires only five minutes to achieve solitude. If you are not able to shell out time to practice meditation, then Simple Habit is a wonderful choice for you.

The app makes meditating extremely convenient for you by offering you quick five minute sessions. The sessions geared to suit your interests, with plans focussing  on stress management, anxiety, sleep, positivity, and better eating.

One of it’s notable features is the on-the-go meditation sessions, allowing you to get some peace during break at work, morning commute, or right before bed. Great, isn;t it?

Additionally, you’ll have motivational guides and bedtime stories too. 

simple habit- finest meditation apps

Available for – iOs and Android 

Cost – $12 for monthly and $90 for annual subscription


If simple habit is for the busy bees, then Aura is for the hustlers who are always on the move. It generates quick sessions  for you based on the mood you’re in! It could really help you in some of the panic and stressful situations in your life like the nervousness before a date, or the panic before a flight takeoff or stress at work etc, it’s vast  collection of three-minute sessions and 30-second anxiety busters are designed to save you from such intense situations. It also sets reminders to practice mindfulness throughout the day in order to improve those moods.

Aura - finest meditation apps

Available for – iOS and Android 

Cost – Premium membership costs $12 monthly, $60 annually, and $400 for lifetime subscription

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