Who doesn’t love getting lost in the fiction world of books by brilliant Indian authors? Imagining themselves in place of the character and reading every sentence and word in detail to not miss even a single plot of the story. Ah, only the real book readers will relate to this!

The Indian book market is full of fiction, non-fiction books, and award-winning novels, but not everybody likes non-fiction novels because of the serious issues they highlight and sometimes because of how boring reading it gets. So, to get your reading journey of the fiction world started we brought to you a list of Indian books by brilliant Indian authors that will get you hooked to them instantly. 

7 Fictional Brilliant Indian Authors You Must Read

Below is a list of brilliant books by Indian Authors:

1. The White Tiger

The 40th Man Booker Prize Winner Novel and now a Netflix movie, ‘The White Tiger’ by the brilliant Indian author Aravind Adiga was published in 2008 and was an instant hit.

Even though it is a fictional novel, it highlights the social issue of casteism in India through the perspective of a village boy Balram Halwai in detail. The story takes numerous twists and turns, keeping its audience in complete suspense throughout the story. Just like its confusing and mysterious name, the novel is full of mysteries and confusing plots but gives its readers a promising end.

Brilliant Indian Authors
Brilliant Indian Authors

If you haven’t read this yet and want to read a novel that’s mysterious and keeps the audience hooked then now is the time to read this award-winning novel ‘The White Tiger’. 

2. One Indian Girl 

‘One Indian Girl’ the seventh fictional novel by India’s most popular and brilliant author Chetan Bhagat was published in 2016 and was an instant best-seller. Chetan Bhagat has been in limelight for his books for the past many years, sometimes because of the criticism and sometimes because of the ground-breaking sales his books have made; and ‘One Indian girl’ is one such book that got a lot of criticism when published but at the same time got sold in Millions throughout the country. 

‘One Indian girl’ is the story of Radhika Mehta who is an investment banker at Goldman Sachs, is a career-oriented woman and her journey in the quest to find herself. The story starts with her preparing for her wedding and then goes into flashback, dictating her life in the early days of her career, and gradually moves ahead to depict her experiences with love. The story is for sure going to keep you hooked and is a book to read before you die.

3. The Palace Of Illusions 

‘The palace of Illusions’ is a 2008 novel by the award-winning journalist and brilliant Indian author Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. One of the best novels with a rating of 4.5 stars.

The Palace Of Illusions
The Palace Of Illusions 

The book takes its reader through the journey of The Mahabharat from a women’s point of view Panchaali also known as Draupadi. The wife of the five Pandavas and her story of being born from the fire to getting married to the five Pandavas and her journey of life, struggles, and revenge with them.

We have over the years read different versions of Mahabharat, but all of them from either the Kaurava’s point of view or the Pandava’s point of view. This is the first novel to take us through the journey of Mahabharat from a women’s point of view and that is what makes it special.

4. The Perfect Us

‘The Perfect Us’ is a 2018 romance fiction novel by another one of India’s most popular and brilliant authors, Durjoy Datta. His first book was published when he was just 21 and was an instant best-seller and after that, all of his novels have been nothing but a huge success. People love his works and ‘The perfect us’ is just another example of his success.

‘The Perfect Us’ is the story of Avantika, an investment banker and go-getter and Deb a failed writer. They have been together for 10 years from college to their respective successes and failures. Avantika decides to take the new step but Deb isn’t able to cope up and no matter how hard he tries, Avantika isn’t convinced that Deb is the one for her. It’s the story of Love’s quest to find the happily ever after. 

5. I Too Had A Love Story 

‘I too had a love story ‘is a reality-based novel written by Ravinder Singh. It was his debut novel and was an instant best-seller.

The author depicts his own life in the book, his journey of finding love and losing it and gaining something else in exchange. This novel has all; love, heartbreak, humor, and tragedy and is a very promising novel that will get the audience hooked and feel the pain of the author as they move along his journey.

6. Accidentally In Love 

‘Accidentally in love’ is a coming of age romance novel written by Nikita Singh. Although the novel didn’t get a lot of recognition, the storyline is pretty bold and impressive.

The story revolves around Chhavi Mukharjee a model living in Mumbai struggling with her career when she meets a cute successful photographer Tushar when sparks fly between them. They decide to keep an open relationship without any strings attached but that’s not the end.

What makes this story interesting is the bold writing style of the author and the direction she chose her story to go in. It is a novel that you should read.

7. Truly, Madly, Deeply 

‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’ written by the award-winning brilliant Indian author Faraaz Kazi became the first book by an Indian author to win the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Debut. The story revolves around two teenagers, the most popular boy Rahul and the shy girl Seema. Rahul was madly in love with Seema but some misunderstandings caused them to drift apart and by the time he realizes what he lost, it’s too late.

Readers are for sure going to get hooked on this story of love and heartbreak and wonder whether love can truly conquer it all? Or if a person’s first love can ever be their last?

These are a few books by some of the brilliant Indian authors that don’t just have a promising storyline but also a promising end and a lesson that you’ll never forget. 

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