After almost a year and a half of being trapped inside the four walls of our home everyone is thinking about best travel dress , it’s finally time to get out and enjoy all the things that we missed out on. After everything that we went through in a year and a half, it’s finally time to give ourselves and our family a relaxing holiday, away from all the chaos and stress of the pandemic. 

Although international traveling is banned as of now, nobody is stopping you from touring your own country. Use this opportunity to travel and explore places in India and learn about its rich and varied heritage. But the main question that arises is where to travel? And what to pack? Especially if you are a woman, then what to pack and what to leave is exhausting and tiring work, but don’t worry we have got you sorted on that.

Best Travel Dress for Your Trips

Best Travel Dress
Best Travel Dress

Best travel dresses for women for a vacation to the beaches or tropical places

After a lot of thinking and discussions, did you decide to go and spend time at a beach and enjoy the tropical climate that the place has to offer? Whether you decide to go on a week’s trip to Goa or Chennai or a one-day picnic trip to Juhu, what you wear and how you carry it matters a lot. best travel dresses for women for a vacation to the beaches or tropical places:

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  • Drawstring skirt with floral print top

If you are going to a beach and planning on enjoying the summer heat and getting some tanning, what better than to wear a skirt and flaunt your legs with sneakers or Heels.

  • High rise split skirt

Want to wear something simple but still stand out and make a statement? Then wearing a high-rise split skirt is what you need. Simple but something that would make everyone look at you. Pair your skirt with a pair of heels and flaunt your legs like the queen that you are.

  • Bikini
Best Travel Dress
Best Travel Dress

One can never go wrong with a bikini, it’s said that dressing less is more and a bikini is that less that’s more. If you aren’t comfortable wearing a bikini at a public beach and feel awkward then the best way to style up a bikini is to wear a shrug on top of it or wear a pair of shorts or a long skirt with the bikini blouse. 

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  • Cut out A-line dress

Imagine wearing this bomb outfit and walking around the beach and the flea markets of Goa with a bucket hat and a crochet bag on your shoulders, literal Queen vibes. And to top this vibe, think about how your social media account will blow up with comments on seeing the pictures.

Best travel dresses for women for a vacation to the hill station

Not everybody likes the scorching heat and hot and humid climate, so the best vacation to avoid the heat can be to a hill station, cold, and breezy climate with pleasant weather, eating Maggi from a roadside stall and enjoying the scenic views, what else does one need? Well clothes are what one needs, going to a hill station means packing clothes that keep you warm but that also means no style but just simple clothes; but we can’t let that happen now, can we? 

  • Wool overcoat with denim

A stylish yet classic denim look never goes out of style, wear a pair of denim with any top above and put an overcoat over it. Style it with a clutch and sneaker shoes below. It won’t just keep you warm but also give you a stylish and classic look.

  • Belted dress coat
Best Travel Dress
Best Travel Dress

When in doubt, wear a belted coat dress. Wear a turtleneck sweater inside, a pair of shorts inside, and flaunt this long coat dress with a sling bag on the side. It won’t just keep you warm but also give you a classic and modish look. 

  • Wool coat with a pencil skirt and turtleneck

A Wool coat with a pencil skirt and turtleneck top are the next on our list. If you want to wear something stylish but formal at the same time, then this outfit is your answer. It doesn’t just give you a formal look but also looks very chic and classy.

Best travel dresses for women when traveling to places rich in culture and heritage

Planning and visiting cities with ancient history and varied culture and heritage? Who doesn’t love it? Exploring thousands of year old castles and temples, looking at the scenic views and getting to know about the lives of then kings and queens, interesting isn’t it?

The state of Rajasthan and Gujarat is filled with such places wherein you won’t just enjoy the traditional culture and learn about the ancient history but also take with you a piece of that culture and traditions. And most importantly what better place than these castles and temples to wear the ethnic dresses that you have kept locked in your cupboard?

  • Anarkali dress

Imagine wearing an Anarkali maxi dress and twirling around the entire time and having your princess moment? And to top that, some awesome pictures of you twirling and posing, just wow.

  • Saree
Best Travel Dress
Best Travel Dress

One can just never go wrong with sarees. Saree makes a person look a thousand times much better and gives a very traditional and classy look to a person.

  • Sharara set with attached dupatta 

With the ongoing trend of sharara and gharara what better than wearing a sharara with a clutch bag and high heels?

  • Patiala with a twist

Style your boring Patiala Pants with a sexy and stylish crop top and a matching jacket over it, it would give you a completely fresh, traditional, stylish, classic, and chic look. Flaunt your midriff and jacket with style.

These are a few best travel outfits for women that would make your vacation pictures Instagram-worthy and keep every eye glued on you.

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