Are you someone who is looking for a good solution for all of your hair problems? 

If you are and if you want the solution to be as natural as possible, we got you

Our hair requires a lot of care and after days of styling it in different ways, they tend to get affected eventually. But there is a solution to all those hair issues and it is found right in your kitchen and that is curry leaves or Kari Patta

This particular ingredient not just provides the best aroma and taste to our dishes it has a lot of benefits for our hair as well. 

If you want to know more about all the problems and their solution just by using Kari Patta for hair problems you have, you should continue reading. 

Now if you are someone who by any chance does not have any idea about what kari patta is then it is a kind of green leaves that is very regularly used in our food and these provide the best taste and have a lot of health benefits too. Kari patta is a rich source of antioxidants, protein, and vitamins that are good for you by not just consumption but also for your hair. 

Benefits of Curry Leaves 

Now if you are tempted to try curry leaves for your hair you should know that it is effective in all these ways:

1. Facilitates Hair Growth 

If you are worried that your hair is not growing and they have been the same length for the longest time or even if you want something that will stimulate fast hair growth then you have yourself a solution. You should try curry leaves for hair growth and witness the change. 

2. Prevents Hair Fall 

Yes, you heard that right. You finally have a solution to your hair fall problem. Curry leaves are a rich source of beta-carotene and proteins, which help your scalp and promote the strength of your hair. 

3. Prevents Hair Thinning

Hair fall always comes with its cousin Hair thinning which leaves our hair with split ends which makes them look so dull. You can use curry leaves to kill two birds with one stone. 

4. Prevents Greying

Kari patta is not just good when you take it in your food. It is having a lot of antioxidants that fight the issues that result in greying of your hair. There can be a lot of reasons behind the premature greying of your hair but you can prevent it from growing further with curry leaves. 

5. Helps with Dandruff

Curry leaves are also helpful in fighting nasty dandruff on your scalp. With regular use of kari patta on your hair, you will be providing it with the moisture which it lacked and cure all the problems of your dandruff.

6. Provides the Shine

All the styling, curling, straightening tends to leave your hair looking dull and lifeless. By regularly using curry leaves on your hair you will be able to get the lost shine back to your hair making them shinier and stronger. 

7. Tames the Frizziness

Dryness and damage are always accompanied by frizz in your hair. It can be extremely hard to tame it. You can use kari patta to fight the frizz by providing the right moisture and hydration to your hair from root to the tip. 

Benefits of curry leaves
Benefits of curry leaves

After learning about all these wonderful benefits of curry leaves for hair you must be tempted to go grab them and apply right away, you can do that by preparing these amazing DIY masks and hair oils. 

DIY Curry Leaves Mask for your Hair

Read the hair masks of curry leaves:

1. Amla and Methi Mask

You can mix equal quantities of curry leaves and methi according to your hair length and add half an amla into it to prepare a paste. You can apply this mask on your scalp and let it dry for 25-30 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water followed by a mild shampoo. 

This mask is rich in vitamins and helps a lot to strengthen your hair and to promote hair growth. 

2. Curry Leaves and Coconut Hair Oil 

For this hair mask, you can take coconut hair oil in a pan and add 10-12 kari patta to it. If you want better results you can boil this paste. You can also store this in a bottle for future use. Use this oil regularly like you normally do. This oil will help with your dandruff and hair fall problems. 

3. Curry leaves and Curd mask

To make this mask crush a few curry leaves and mix them in half a cup of curd. Mix them thoroughly and apply them all over your scalp and hair. Wash your hair after 15-20 minutes. This mask is very helpful to bring back the lost shine of your hair and also makes them stronger. 

4. Curry Leaves and Olive oil

To prepare this oil, take half a cup olive oil in a pan and heat it over the stove just till it starts to boil. Take this oil in a small bowl and add 10-12 curry to it when it is still hot. Let it cool for some time and then strain it.

Apply this hair oil before heading to the shower. Massage it on your scalp gently and wash it off with your regular shampoo and conditioner. If the fragrance of the leaves is too overpowering for you, then add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the mixture. 

5. Make a Powder

If you want to use curry leaves for hair regularly you can prepare a powder. For this, you first need to dry these leaves for a few days. After this, you can either crush them with your hands or use a mortal and pretzel to make a fine powder. 

This will come in handy for all these DIY masks and oil. Just add this powder to the ingredient you want according to the hair issue you want to use it for.

Now you have all the necessary information you need to know to prepare a DIY mask or oil using curry leaves for yourself and give your dull hair a very natural makeover. 

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