Weight Training Mistakes!!! Weight or strength training is an admirable decision if you want to get into shape. Your body is stronger, and you build muscle too. However, if you’re a woman who’s a newbie at the gym you’ll probably make scores of mistakes; it’s only natural. 

It’s also quite common for people who have been training for a while to mess up because they’re confident they’re doing what works for them. There are a lot of very common mistakes associated with strength training, and you should get them straightened out before you head back to the gym. Bad form can cause long-term damage or a serious injury. 

Weight Training Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some mistakes you should make sure you’re not going to repeat.

1. Not Doing Warm-Ups

You might think warm-up exercises are a waste of time and that just cutting straight to the chase works better for you. But you’d be surprised how many injuries occur due to lack of or badly done warm-ups. Warm-ups help to get your heart rate up and your pulse racing and your muscles get ready to work. Stretching and other warm-ups will help loosen you up and prepare you for your workout session. Try to do warm-ups that will involve the whole body, and never, ever, leave them out!

2. Ignoring What You’re Bad At

If you’re bad at crunches or push-ups, and you decide to just ignore them and do other workouts properly, this isn’t good news. It is a weight training mistake for a lot of people It’ll eventually create an imbalance in your body. It could easily lead to some kind of injury. You’ll know you’re deliberately avoiding it when you dread it, so just tackle those exercises head-on. Start easy if you want, but do them consistently and repetitively, until you no longer have that mental block against them.

3. Not Focusing On Your Form 

There’s no point lifting a lot of weights and working out on a lot of machines if your form is sloppy. If you’re slouching through it or relying too much on momentum, or just moving through the exercise fast without holding your positions, you’re not going to develop any strength. You have to be strict with yourself when it comes to your form, and you have to be consistent. If your weights are too heavy, make them lighter, but make sure you’ve perfected your form for the exercise before you choose to go for heavier weights. Remember, your ego isn’t getting a workout, you are.  

4. Not Thinking About Your Exercise Regime

Make sure your exercise regime is tailored to your goals and what you want to improve. If necessary, see a fitness expert or hire a personal trainer. Don’t just go to the gym and do what others do, but make sure you’re starting from a point that is suited to your needs and specifications. It is a very common weight training mistake for girls especially. Also, once you’ve got a routine down, don’t stick to it forever. Make sure to keep adjusting and changing it and keep challenging yourself. Once you’ve mastered a certain exercise – say a shoulder workout – try to up the difficulty for the same.

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Weight Training Mistakes
Weight Training Mistakes

5. Ignoring Injuries

When you are sick or injured, you need to rest, not hit the gym or your yoga mat. When you rest, your body will regain that energy you need to help you get better. If you keep working out after a minor injury, expecting it to heal by itself while stressing out the injured part of the body, it can become much worse, and then you’ll take much longer to recover, which is another common weight training mistakes girls do. Minor injuries can often heal quickly, but you have to give them that time.   

6. Working Out When You Lack The Energy

You’re desperate for gym time but you’ve worked all day and you just want to go to sleep. In that case, just postpone your workout session. We have to make allowances for life and starting a workout when you’re exhausted and out of energy will just make it a half-hearted session, where you won’t get anything done properly. Instead, try to work out when you feel most awake and energized. 

Strength training can be hard for the uninitiated, but once you know what to avoid, it becomes a lot easier. Make sure you’re open to learning, always be careful about form and with weights, and, for best results, maybe see a fitness expert or a personal trainer if you’re committed to it. Good luck!

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