Checkpoint, you are here! We know that it may be hard to believe that it’s already been 6 weeks when you may have just found out about your pregnancy last week, or the week before. It can feel like every pregnancy week has passed in a blur and it still hasn’t completely hit you yet. 

It’s normal to feel that, especially when you are experiencing so many new emotions in this period. What’s important is slowly preparing yourself while also remembering to be patient when you hit a few rough spots. Especially now that you are 6 weeks pregnant, the symptoms and discomforts may truly start to set in.

It’s okay to feel drained, to doubt yourself and wonder if you can even do this. Feelings irritable and tired does not mean you love your baby any less. It’s just that everything is new for you. Well, the good news is, this is why you have 40 weeks to get ready and adjust to this journey. You don’t have to have everything done at 6 weeks, not at all. But we’re here to tell you how to get started!

Pregnancy Week: 6

As you are growing with your pregnancy journey, so is the life inside of you. Even though there is no 6 weeks pregnant bump, the small being inside you is going through some major changes, even if you can’t see it yet. By this time, the embryo is around the size of sweet pea or a grain of rice, about 0.25 inches, which will soon double in another week!

Even though this may seem like an extremely tiny size, paired with the lack of a 6 weeks pregnant bump, what you don’t realise is that a lot is going on inside this tiny embryo, such as the development of a more-sophisticated circulatory system, which means the development of the long-awaited tiny heartbeat! 

Along with that, your baby is also starting to sprout the beginnings of eyes, ears, cheeks, chins, arms, legs, etc. Doesn’t that sound like a lot? Yes, your baby and your body are hard at work. So, don’t let your disappointment over the nonexistent 6 weeks pregnant bump deter you from marvelling over the absolute magic that is happening inside of you. Soon, you’ll be able to see it manifest in your body visibly as well, all you need to do is have patience.

6 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Although your body is still settling into this change, you may experience some 6 weeks pregnant symptoms, some scary such as 6 weeks pregnant cramps or just plain uncomfortable such as the infamous bloating and nausea.

Pregnancy Week 6
Pregnancy Week 6

It can be unnerving, feeling all these little changes in your body, but try to remind yourself that it is going to result in something so good that it will be worth it all. The self-care habits you form right now will help you form a more definite routine once your body starts going through major changes. 

Hence, here are some 6 weeks pregnant symptoms that you can be on the lookout for:

1. Nausea

Ah, dreaded nausea, that comes at the most inappropriate moments. This is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy that most females suffer from. If you are pregnant with twins, then even 6 weeks pregnant nausea can be severe.

Remember that even though you may feel sick, do not remain on an empty stomach as that can worsen symptoms. Eat foods that soothe your stomach, so that you get the nutrition while also keeping things as calm as you can inside your belly.

2. Gas and bloating

You may be feeling fuller, because of bloating and gas, due to the pregnancy hormone progesterone. As uncomfortable as it is, this is one of those normal 6 weeks pregnant symptoms, so find looser, comfortable clothes to settle in and drink lots of water with healthy foods which help naturally relieve constipation.

3. Sore breasts

Even though breastfeeding is still far in the future, your body has started preparing for it can, which can lead to sore and tender breasts. Try to wear looser tops so that you do not feel the uncomfortable friction.

4. Frequent urination

If you think that you’re peeing more than usual, it’s not just your imagination. During pregnancy, the hormone hCG directs extra blood flow towards your pelvic regions which can lead to you having to urinate more frequently. When you go to the washroom, try to empty your bladder properly. In case you aren’t experiencing more urination, this can be a sign that your body needs more fluids, so be sure to drink more!

In case you are experiencing pain while urinating, or having the urge to pee but being unable to when you try, contact your doctor right away to make sure these aren’t the signs of a UTI.

5. Spotting and cramping

Though it can be scary when you experience it, 6 weeks pregnant cramps and spotting are actually normal among the other early pregnancy symptoms that are a result of the implantation and subsequent preparation. So, mild 6 weeks pregnant cramping is not something to worry about, it just means that your body is adjusting to now carrying another inside it. However, if the pain is severe and the bleeding is heavy, contact your doctor as soon as possible to get it checked.

6. Fatigue

You may be exhausted, both from bodily changes as well as the strain of emotions you may be experiencing. Remember that even though you may want to plan ten things at a time, right now what you need is healthy sleep and rest.

7. Mood swings

Yes, you are emotional and easily irritable in these days, because of all hormonal changes as well as total exhaustion, so remember to have moments of just-you time whenever necessary.

6 Weeks Pregnant, no Symptoms, should I be worried?

As uncomfortable and gross pregnancy symptoms can be, you may find yourself worrying if they don’t appear yet. Remember that at 6 weeks pregnant, your body has only gone through conception a couple of weeks ago.

Hence, it is normal not to experience any symptoms yet. As the week progresses, mild symptoms may start appearing towards the end. Instead of fretting over it, enjoy the symptom-less time that you have right now and brace yourself for the next few weeks.

6 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Usually, your OB will call you in for an ultrasound only around the 8th or 9th week. So, a 6 weeks pregnant ultrasound isn’t common, if not for a high-risk pregnancy. Still, you may be curious about just what is going on in there. As mentioned before, this is the time when the heartbeat and the eyes, chin, ears, hands, etc are beginning to form.

Pregnancy Week 6
Pregnancy Week 6

In the case of a 6 weeks pregnant ultrasound, your doctor may be able to detect a fetal heartbeat or see a fetal pole, or even two gestational sacs if you’re having twins. However, if you did go to the ultrasound and no heartbeat was detected, don’t panic, because you may not be as far along as you think and your doctor may simply ask you to come back in a few days, or after a week.

Self-Care Tips for Being 6 Weeks Pregnant

It is time to pay more attention to yourself and choose your comfort in all those little areas of your life which you may have neglected before.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Improve your diet

Go for healthier, nutritional foods, especially ones that are recommended during pregnancy. Make sure to be taking your prenatal vitamins along with drinking lots of water. Try not to indulge in unhealthy habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol. Read up about the foods you can avoid in this period.

2. Get enough rest

If you’re feeling exhausted, listen to your body and try to get some more sleep, by tucking yourself in early. Pamper yourself by bringing out your comfort clothes and snuggling in your favorite blanket.

3. Communicate with your partner

If you have a partner who is sharing this journey with you, remember to communicate with them so that they know what is happening with you. Things are going to change for both of you soon and many new areas such as finances, new caregiving roles, etc need to be discussed. It is good to share your thoughts from the very beginning so that both of you stay on the same page throughout this journey.

4. Prepare for your first prenatal appointment

With your first prenatal appointment looming around the corner, write down all the questions you want to ask your doctors, such as medication, hospital options where you can give birth and the various facilities you will get, safe exercising methods, etc. Having a list prepared beforehand ensures that you won’t forget anything in the meeting. Don’t be shy about any questions, it’s your doctor’s job to ease your doubts and queries throughout this 40-week journey.

5. Start a pregnancy journal

You may want to keep track of all the days and all the changes in your body, so you can one day look back at it and cherish the warmth in it. Start a pregnancy journal to keep all these little moments safe and secure, while also using pregnancy tracking apps to track each week so you can note down any concerns. 

Take a deep breath and ground yourself by reminding yourself that you have got this and that you are doing so, so well. It is going to get busier from now on and the only way to make this process a little bit smoother is to have your own back and love yourself even more right now.

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