There is nothing more glamorous and luxurious than a cocktail that looks and tastes fantastic. Cocktails are the end all be all of every occasion. Any party is incomplete without a bar with a range of well-crafted cocktails. Generally, when you don’t know what you want to drink or are unable to decide on the kind of alcohol, people tend to go for the one that looks most appetizing and pleasing.

This is where a Tartini comes into the picture. An easy, simple, and beautiful cocktail that everyone must know how to make. 

Tartini Drink Ingredients

We’re here to help you take your party to another level with this Tartini recipe. It is fresh, delicious, and will leave all your guests wanting more. 

  • Chambord

Known as the Chambord Liqueur, it is the world’s all-time favorite raspberry liqueur. This drink has taken inspiration from French Liquor and modeled itself after the same. It is made with dark raspberries – red and black. It has a gorgeous deep purple color and tastes fruity and sweet. It is one of the most common and sought-after raspberry liqueurs and is used in almost all cocktails that require this flavor. It is intense, luxurious, and rich along with a hint of vanilla and orange scents. 

Tartini Recipes

However, as Chambord is not easy to come by, any other raspberry liqueur will do. A lot of Tartini recipes use raspberry vodka. You could also brew your raspberry liqueur at home. Add about half a kilogram of raspberry to a large mason jar. Empty half a vodka bottle into it along with one cup of sugar. Screw the mason jar shut and let it brew for a minimum of 3 weeks. Vodka mellows down over time, so the longer you wait – the smoother your results. 

  • Vodka

We all have a love-hate relationship with Vodka. This Tartini drink calls for vodka to cut through the sweetness of the Chambord and add an alcoholic punch to the cocktail. As we all know, vodka is the most neutral and clear spirit in the alcohol industry. Bartenders prefer plain old vodka for a Tartini recipe, with no added flavors whatsoever. This allows the preservation of the raspberry flavor. 

  • Cranberry Juice

The fact that cranberries and raspberries complement each other in the best way possible will not come as a surprise to anyone. The tartness of raspberries will perfectly counterbalance the sweetness of the raspberries in the cocktail. Fresh and rich cranberry juice is preferable for a Tartini. 

Tartini Recipe

This is one of the easiest cocktails in the book. In a cocktail shaker, muddle a dozen raspberries and fill it up with ice. Into it, add 60 ml of Vodka, 15 ml or more of Chambord (according to your sweet preferences), and 45 ml of Cranberry juice. Shake well. Take a martini glass and coat the rim with some salt. Strain the mix into the glass and pop a few raspberries into the cocktail. And voila! There you have your Tartini drink. It is as simple as that. 

Using that bottle of Chambord, here are a few more delicious cocktails that you could make for your next party. 

1. Chambord Sour

Chilla curved martini glass by filling it with ice and setting it aside for the time being. In a cocktail shaker filled with more ice, add 50 ml of Chambord, 15 ml of plain vodka, 20 ml of some freshly squeezed lemon juice, 15 ml of sugar syrup, and a few drops of the Miraculous Foamer or half an egg white for the foaming effect.

And then shake shake shake! You must shake well and hard so the egg white can start frothing up. Stop when it is nice and fluffy. Ditch the ice in the martini glass and strain the mix into the same. You will have a lovely white froth covering a beautiful red cocktail – your very own Chambord Sour. 

2. Raspberry Margarita

We all love and adore a margarita and this is the perfect one. It has all the great tastes of tequila, the Chambord, and the tartness of the sweet and sour mix. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Into it add 60 ml of tequila, 30 ml of Chambord, 30 ml of any orange liqueur or triple sec, and 120 ml of sweet and sour mix. Shake the mix up well and strain it into an iced margarita glass rimmed with salt. Your Raspberry Margarita is ready to be served and enjoyed. 

3. French Manhattan

Mix Chambord and any Bourbon in a ratio of 1:2 in a cocktail mixer. Into that, add a few dashes of orange bitters along with plenty of ice. And then we shake, pour, and garnish with some raspberries or cherries. This is an extremely refreshing twist on the regular Manhattan. 

4. Chambord Daiquiri

If you’re bored of the mainstream variations of a daiquiri – try this French favorite. As is the regular drill, fill a cocktail shaker with 60 ml of white rum, 30 ml of Chambord, 15 ml of fresh lime juice, and about 10 ml of simple syrup along with ice. After shaking thoroughly, strain the mix into a chilled glass. Pop a lemon slice on the rim and serve. 

5. Kir Imperial 

This is what the Chambord is famous for – being best buddies with champagne. In a champagne flute, pour about 10 ml of Chambord and fill the rest with champagne. Carefully stir the flute and drop a raspberry into it. There you have it – a better version of the Kir Royale. 

6. Hazelnut Martini

Diverging from the sweetness of the raspberry, this cocktail adds another flavor of creamy hazelnuts. Add 35 ml of Chambord, 15 ml of Vodka, 15 ml of Hazelnut syrup, about 50 ml of hazelnut milk to induce the creamy texture and ice to a cocktail shaker. If you want a frothy texture, add a foaming agent or bitters. Otherwise, just shake it up – you know the drill. Double strain the mix into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a few raspberries or a dash of cocoa powder. This might be unconventional but trust us. It is a drink that is to die for!

So, there you have it. A perfect Tartini recipe with a few additional cocktails so your Chambord bottle could be used to the best of its ability. What are you waiting for? Go make these cocktails so you could enjoy them as much as we do. 

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