6 Mistakes You’ve Been Making When Shopping Online For Makeup

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So you’ve been window shopping for clothes and you find yourself clicking away to a cosmetics site. Just some browsing, you tell yourself. Next thing you know, you’ve got five items in your cart and you’re punching in your credit card number. Let’s face it, shopping can be addictive, and particularly when it comes to shopping makeup. Who doesn’t want that new shade of lipstick, or that new brand which just released a limited edition eyeshadow palette? But we make tons of mistakes when shopping makeup online. 

You buy skin makeup without a test

You’ve probably realised this already, when your brand new foundation arrives, and it’s a shade too dark for your skin. Every brand of makeup has a different number or way of identifying skin tone, so you never know if it matches unless you actually go into a store and test it. If you’re set on buying a particular foundation, concealer, or similar skin product online (perhaps because of the price), go into a store and try it to see if it matches your skin tone. Don’t order it in a hurry without the colour match, because it might well be a shade or two off.

Shopping makeup kits

Admit it, we’ve all been suckered into this one. You see a holiday sale and they’re selling a couple of travel-sized makeup products for a decent price, and you think, wow, that’s a great deal. But is it really? It’s a minimal quantity of makeup where you might not be using half the products. You might end up buying a kit or a bag of products and then not use anything but the one favourite eyeliner in there. Unless you’re a makeup junkie and you really do like to try everything, steer clear of this one.

Buying from unknown brands

All kinds of shady brands sell their products online, and you have no way of knowing how they’ll affect your skin or whether they’ll deliver on their promises. Yes, some products are always a risk, but there’s a reason that we know the names of certain brands. If you really want a certain product, make sure you do your due diligence with regard to the research. 

shopping makeup

Shopping makeup without reading reviews

We all love on the whim purchases, but they can be really detrimental to your bank account when you’ve got nothing to show for it. A lot of makeup is packaged to look cool and snazzy, that’s how we end up buying so many lipsticks. But a lot of makeup isn’t good, or has bad staying power, or just isn’t worth the money. Make sure you read up on user reviews to see what people are saying about it and whether it’s worth investing in before you take the plunge.

Forgetting what you already have

This can seem like a basic move, but a lot of girls own a lot of makeup, and it can be hard to keep track. You’ve seen a blusher you really like and before you realise it you’ve bought it. But suddenly you remember that you’ve got an almost identical shade of blush lying in your drawer. What a waste! Before you buy new items, make sure you’re well aware of what you’re already stocked up on. 

Not reading the ingredients list

This is easier in the store when you’ve got the product in front of you, but in the excitement of checking colours and finishes, you might just forget when you’re shopping online. Or perhaps the site you’re on hasn’t provided the details of ingredients (in which case, click away!). You should take an account of the ingredients list in case there’s anything you have a history of bad reactions to, or something you’re allergic to. This is especially important for skincare if you’re looking for something in specific. Also, make sure to check for the expiration date. 

shopping makeup

Buying makeup is limitless fun, but it’s also an expensive hobby, as most of us know. Yes, it’s a great form of self-expression, but make sure that websites aren’t pushing you into buying things you don’t want or need with the promise of discounts and sales. You still have to spend money to get a discount! Be careful and moderate with your makeup purchases. 

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