At the beginning of the new year, you must be considering changing a lot of aspects relating to your life for the better. 

Talking about the new year, there are going to be a lot of birthdays and celebrations on your way. But what fun will it be if you don’t switch to a better and more fun way of partying?  

5 House Party Games to Try

Change a boring party to one worth remembering by adding some exciting house party games to it.

And don’t worry, for we have a list of adult house party games, which happen to be just the best games for a house party; they would do a bang-on job to keep you entertained and in high spirits!

1. Who is Most Likely to? 

Drunk friends mean a night of revealing secrets and laughing on the floor after getting to know the former. And what better way to turn it into an exciting game? It’s quite simple really because you don’t even require any kind of materials, except a glass of liquor in your hand, which goes without saying. 

Here’s what you have to do: 

  • Sit together in a circle or gather everyone in one spot to play this game.
  • Start the game by raising a question starting from “Who is the most likely to..?” and then continue the sentence with anything of your choice. For instance, you could ask, “Who is the most likely to choose food over their significant love?”
  • And then everyone has to point at someone who they think is most likely to do what the question says they would.
  • And anybody who is pointed at has to take a sip from their drink; one sip for one person counting you, so if three people are pointing at you then you would have to take three sips.
  • You can make up any type of question and make it as fun and as difficult as you would want it to be. So, get creative!

2. Jenga Time

Everyone loves a good game of Jenga, but this one has a twist to it. Unlike a normal game of Jenga where you lose, if you fail to maintain balance and build a structure with the blocks, you would have to pay a price for the loss. 

Jenga time
Jenga time

Here’s what you have to do: 

  • Prepare a list of dares or punishments beforehand; fold them into tiny pieces and put them inside a bowl randomly.
  • The rules are simple, you start piling up the blocks until you manage to build up a structure and take turns to add and remove a block using one hand.
  • But here, for every time that a block falls by you, you must pick up a note from the bowl that has the dares, and complete it.
  • Include a variety of fun dares because it is a compulsion for a person to complete their dare if they lose.

3. Don’t laugh

This is one of the simplest and the best games for a house party. It is hassle-free, refreshing, and super fun to play. You must’ve guessed what it is about; as the name suggests, you have to restrain yourself from laughing. 

Here’s what you have to do: 

  • Gather everybody together in a spacious room such as the living or the dining room to sit.
  • One person will start the game randomly and count till three, and on the count of three, everyone who is sitting has to freeze.
  • The person who is standing (the one that counted) has to now try to make all the others who are sitting, laugh.
  • He/she has to do so without touching them, simply with the help of their own words and actions.
  • And whosoever laughs first, has to take a shot as well as go next for making the others laugh.
  • The game continues this way and the person that laughs first, is up next!

4. Flip the Cup

This is considered to be one of the most invigorating adult games for a house party. And a competitive one too.

So, grab your weapons and get right into it, and by weapons, it means your beer cups. 

Get ready for a fun and team-spirited game session! 

Here’s what you have to do: 

  • First things first, take the party, i.e., everyone into a room where there is a table. Or better yet, place a table in the backyard to play this game more freely.
  • Now split the participants into two teams and form a line for each team at the two ends of the table.
  • Place two empty plastic cups at the same ends from where the line starts.
  • After that, the first two members of the team are supposed to start the game by flipping their respective plastic cup in such a way that it lands in an upright position on the table.
  • And whoever manages to flip the cup first, their team has to go ahead with the game and the second team member comes into play to do the same; and so the game goes on.
  • Whichever team finishes first wins and the other one loses. Only, the catch is that the winning team gets to give the losing team a dare and the latter also has to chug down their drinks.

5. Beer Pong

And here comes the classic. Beer pong has been one of the most exciting and best games for a house party. Not only is this pretty simple, but it is also a great way to enjoy your party and have fun. 

Get your cups and head towards a table please, because the show is about to get started! 

Here’s what you have to do: 

  • Take 6 cups with a beer in them and place them on a table or a countertop, preferably the former, in a triangular shape on both ends of the surface. And have each team stand at each end of the table.
  • Split the players into 2 teams and begin the game.
  • You have to take turns in throwing a ping pong ball into your opposition’s cup and if you succeed, they have to down their beer.
  • Naturally, the team that scores more and can land their balls in the opposition’s cup first, wins.

So, what are you waiting for? Say no to boring and drab parties and have a blast with these five refreshing and amazing house party games. It’s going to be a night worth remembering with lots of winning and losing, laughing, and drinking, thanks to these crazy adult games to accompany you. 

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