Top Watch Brands In India: Time and tide wait for no one. Most of us have heard this phrase while growing up. The reason why it is so popular is that it is true: time really does not wait for anyone. Human lives, utterly fragile, are extremely brief when viewed through the lenses of infinity. As invincible as we may think we are, time leaves us powerless in the face of all that it brings and takes away. Perhaps this is why so much of our lives go in trying to grasp every second of time, trying to make the most of it. 

The human society is made up of organized time-keeping, of schedules and planners and time-tables that tell us just what to expect in our days. From the walls of the train stations to the interiors of apartments, time is being measured everywhere you see, in the shape of an old clock or a fancy, new watch. Nowadays, most of us move about life with our sleek, trusted companion wrapped around our wrist, helping us keep track of everything. 

Thus, a watch is perhaps one of the essentials that we would not be able to live without. Tiny but mighty in their sizes, watches help us keep pace with our busy schedules and maintain some semblance of punctuality. This is why the world has seen so much growth from those old, stone sundial clocks to the advanced watches of this age of luxury. In such a scenario, watch brands have inevitably risen to the top, trying to find unique ways of creating their timekeeping devices, each with features that are more impressive than the one before. 

So, you might have found yourself floundering, trying to make up your mind on which watch brand you should settle on. Well, we are here to make this dilemma a little easier for you by telling you about the 6 top watch brands in India.

1. Titan

watch brands in india

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Started in 1984 as a collaboration between the Tata Group and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation, Titan is an Indian lifestyle brand which makes a variety of accessories such as watches, eyewear and jewellery. 

Out of all these, Titan’s watches are definitely very well known and loved, making it one of the best watch brands in India. From kids watches to smart-watches to pair watches that you can share with a loved one, Titan has something which appeals to all. 

Titan has watches available in many unique shades and styles. From incredible watches with a rose gold finish that leaves onlookers stunned to watches in which the strap and dial of the watch are woven in khadi, adding a traditional, home-y feel to the device, Titan has done it all. Thus, it is evident that Titan has explored different possibilities in the making of their products and they seem to only keep growing with time. 

2. Fastrack 

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First launched in 1998 as a sub-brand of Titan, Fastrack became an independent brand in 2005, aiming towards catering for the fast-paced urban youth. Just like a child grows their own wings and becomes their own person, Fastrack has evolved from its parent brand, creating its unique vibe. 

With its refreshing, cool designs and advanced smart-watches, Fastrack has definitely become the number one choice of adolescents. Taking the old practice of time-keeping to a modern level, Fastrack truly lives up to its name of keeping up with the fast-pace world. T

3. Daniel Klein 

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First launched in 1973 in South Africa, Daniel Klein is watchmaking brand that has been embraced by the Indian population. Boasting a variety of stylish watches at a very affordable prize, Daniel Klein has certainly made the best of best more accessible to people. 

The watches range from Rs. 695 to Rs. 1,995, which means that you don’t need to go above 2,000 rupees to get a comfortable companion to fit around your wrist. If you need a unique friend who takes you through all the throes of time hand-in-hand, Daniel Klein is one of the top watch brands in India to get it from. 

4. Chumbak

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Created in 2010 as a creative outcome of Shubhra Chadda and Vivek Prabhakar’s love for travelling, Chumbak has grown into one of the most incredible lifestyle brands which takes pride in its diverse range of products. Meaning “magnet” in Sanskrit, Chumbak certainly lives up to its name, pulling every hearts towards itself. Ranging from fashion and beauty accessories to home decor items, Chumbak’s designs have embraced many spheres of life. 

Amidst all these is Chumbak’s vast collection of watches, which all have fun, colourful designs, putting a smile on your face whenever you check the time. Chumbak’s watches have pretty, artistic finishes, from animal prints to unique patterns, all coming together to make one beautiful set of products. 

After all, who said that watches just have to do the job of telling the time? Why not let them grow and burst into their own shades, too?

5. Rolex

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Originally founded under a different name in 1905, Rolex gained its famous brand name in 1908. A Swiss luxury watch brand that creates some of the most magnificent watches the world has ever seen. 

From trustworthy vintage designs to smart professional outlines, Rolex has claimed its spot as one of the best watch brands in India. Leaning towards the more expensive side, Rolex can be one of your choices during the times when you wish to pamper yourself as you deserve.

6. Timex 

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Tracing its roots back to 1854, Timex is an American watchmaking company which has taken the global market by the storm. Times has a vast range of sturdy, reliable watches, such as its quartz watches powered by batteries.  

Here, you will find a time-keeping partner to accompany you on all occasions, ordinary and special. With its stunning collection of affordable watches of excellent quality, it is not wonder that Times, as it name suggests, is an all-time pick. 

Choosing the watch that is right for you

Ultimately, the choice lies in your hands, literally. Popular or niche, vibrant or sombre, the correct watch for you is the one which sits most comfortably on your skin. 

The kind of watch you pick is a reflection of your style, your vibe, so always choose what suits your heart the best. 

After all, time might not be in your hands, but the way you keep your time certainly is.