The onset of a new year is always followed by heaps of Best 2022 Clothing Trends. Every fashion freak awaits the revelation of which new trends are going to blow up and whether any old ones are going to make any comebacks as the new year starts. Although this year might not have started with the usual excitement due to the ongoing pandemic, the fashion trends of 2022 have still managed to evoke a sense of happiness, especially amongst trendsetters and fashion lovers. Take a look at these amazing fashion trends and ways to style them: 

Best 2022 Clothing Trends 

Here are the best clothing trend to try out in 2022:

1. Cutter Little Sweater Vests with Oversized Tees

Cutter little sweater vests with oversized tees or plain tops underneath are the new spring style. Wearing these allow you to go with plenty of layering options to choose from and give off just the cutest and quirkiest vibes. After all, isn’t cute and quirky what spring fashion is really about! 

Here’s How to Style Them

Cutter Little Sweater Vests with Oversized Tees
Cutter Little Sweater Vests with Oversized Tees

If you want a classic look then start by pairing a dark-colored sweater vest, a plain and light-colored t-shirt or shirt and a tennis skirt, and match it with a cute little purse. You could also replace the skirt with a pair of baggy jeans instead. Another way to wear it would be simply putting on a dark tone sweater vest on top of a white skirt and accessorize as per your wish!

2. Folk Inspired Coats

Coats have always been on the top of the list of fashion trends for years now. But there’s something unique about these folk-inspired coats as their intricate embroidery, lace, and design make them pop out from regular coats. Plus these are quite easy to style and are just perfect if you want to go for a simple yet classy look. 

Here’s How to Style Them

The best way to style a beautiful folk-inspired coat is by putting together a monochrome outfit – pick out the top and bottom that is similar in color to your coat and walk the street like an absolute queen. Or you could go with a dark and bright combination and choose the rest of your outfit in such a manner that it is opposite to the color of your coat for a bold yet traditional look. 

3. Oversized Shoulder Pad Jackets 

This has to be one of the best 2021 clothes trends. These oversized boyfriend blazers are just going to captivate you the minute you set your eyes on them! The shoulder pads help to elongate your legs and give a chic aesthetic to your overall dressing. 

Here’s How to Style Them

Oversized shoulder pad jackets
Oversized Shoulder Pad Jackets

Whether you’re going for a pair of straight-leg trousers or leather/denim shorts, these oversized shoulder pad jackets are going to help you rock the look effortlessly. You could either wear just the blazer with your preferred bottom or throw the blazer on top of a bold blouse or top. Mix match tones or go monochrome with colors like charcoal, powder blue, off-white, beige, etc. Either way, you’re going to be serving looks because who doesn’t love a broad shoulder outfit!

4. Belts 

We all might have underestimated belts to just be of use as an accessory when we want a pair of loose jeans to hold up. But this 2021 clothes trend has proved us wrong. It started as a styling option but soon took over as a great fashion trend. Yes, belts are the trend right now. The mid-section belt trend that was long gone is now back, thanks to tons of fashion icons and influencers. It is of great use too if you want to cinch your dress, blazer, or even a sweater a little bit more.

Here’s How to Style Them

All you have to do is put on a gorgeous dress and wear a belt like you normally would. This not only lets you cinch your dress as per your comfort, but it also gives an elegant fashion statement. The best part is that this isn’t just limited to dresses, you could also use this style when you’re wearing a long shirt, a sweater, an oversized tee, or a blazer. 

5. Head Scarfs 

This 50s and 60s chic fashion trend is making a huge comeback in 2021. Head scarfs are not only sleek and pretty, but these have the additional benefit of protecting your hair from damage which makes them all the more in demand. And let’s not forget the numerous options there are in terms of color, pattern, and style that make every trendsetter love them even more. 

Here’s How to Style Them

Head Scarfs
Head Scarfs

There’s only one rule that matters when it comes to styling a headscarf and that is the color and design. Go for one with floral motifs on satin and silky fabric for the extra shine if your outfit is a more elegant one and if it is more of a minimalistic outfit, then go for a simple scarf with bold color and a simple look. You could either let it hand over the back of your head or tie the fabric in a loose knot just below your chin. 

6. Oversized Pants

Gone are the days when skinny jeans ruled the world because oversized pants might just end up replacing them. Not only do these look ridiculously stylish, but they are even more comfortable! A pair of oversized pants matched with the top of your choice is just the perfect outfit for going bold and trendy. 

Here’s How to Style Them

Styling them is yet another reason why oversized pants are one of the hottest fashion trends right now because you can wear pretty much anything you want on top! You could go for a classic baggy look with oversized pants and an oversized T-shirt, style a cute crop top, halter neck, or camisole, and you could even go for long-sleeved tops or a cool blazer instead. 

So, what are you waiting for! Try out these amazing fashion trends of 2021 yourself and show off your divine sense of style! 

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