Welcome to week 5 of your pregnancy! This is the week you find yourself officially pregnant. Being 5 weeks pregnant means a vacation from menstruation for the next few months. Turns out babies come bearing gifts i.e. period-free days. Maybe that is another reason for calling pregnancy a piece of ‘good news’. 

When a woman is 5 weeks pregnant, she will start feeling the presence of her baby mentally as well as physically. In reality, this is when the true motherhood starts. This is when you realize that there is life in creation inside your 5 weeks pregnant belly. Only the one who has experienced this can tell how surreal is that moment. Words will always fall short to describe the sensation and feelings a woman goes through when she realizes that she is soon going to become a mom. 

Pregnancy Week: 5

Baby week 5 means you are almost 2 months pregnant. At 5 weeks pregnant, the embryonic period begins. This is the foundational period for the baby as it starts developing different body parts in this week. The size of the embryo is the same as that of a strawberry seed. It is about 1/17th of an inch or 1.5 mm. The core body structures of the baby like the spinal cord, brain, and heart have started formation already. 

Pregnancy Week: 5
Pregnancy Week: 5

After 5 weeks of pregnancy, the body also goes through some rapid changes along with the baby’s growth. The uterus will also start to grow to cushion the baby developing inside. The placenta is also in progress when a woman is 5 weeks pregnant. Although, a 5 weeks pregnant belly is hard to tell. You don’t need to jump right into maternity dresses for at least a couple of months now. So go rock your LBDs while you still can!

Pregnancy Symptoms for Week 5

The level of hCG, a pregnancy hormone, runs high in the body after 5 weeks of pregnancy. This is the reason why your pregnancy test came out positive around this time. However, high levels of hCG also indicate that the outburst of pregnancy symptoms is on the edge.

However, some women do not show any of the pregnancy symptoms. It doesn’t at all mean that they have health complications or it reflects the poor health of the baby. It is completely normal to not experience these symptoms. Every pregnancy is different, even a woman getting pregnant for the second time can have a whole different experience than her first pregnancy. 

The most common 5 weeks pregnancy symptoms are as follows-

1. Missing period

The period resigns from its duty until further notice with due diligence. This is the first and foremost notable sign of pregnancy. In the 5th week of pregnancy, the increased level of progesterone forbids the uterine lining from shedding, thus making your womb a happy and cozy place for your baby. 

Pregnancy Week: 5
Pregnancy Week: 5

2. Frequent visits to the ladies room

5 weeks pregnant body experiences increased blood flow and fluid in it. These changes occur due to pregnancy hormones. The kidneys start to work overtime in order to get rid of body waste, thus causing frequent peeing. 

3. A rainbow of emotions

The emotions or mood of a 5-week pregnant lady changes faster than the fluctuations in the stock market. It is completely okay and normal to experience such mood swings. Pregnancy tends to be emotionally complicated, regardless if you are feeling positive, negative, or ambivalent about it.

At 5 weeks pregnant, a woman may feel emotionally overwhelmed or even overjoyed in a fraction of seconds. The important thing is you should not feel guilty about such changes. It is just the hormones doing their work. 

4. Breast that can’t rest

Your breast may go through changes when you are 5 weeks pregnant. They may feel a little lofty, tender, or tingly. If you are someone who notices a change in the breast before getting periods, these post-ovulation breast changes may tend to occur much sooner.

5. Fatigue

Even climbing one floor of stairs can feel like climbing the Mount Everest. The body of a 5 weeks pregnant woman is constantly at work. The body goes through several changes both emotionally and physically. There is a surge of hormones that keep the organs constantly busy.

All these things combined together make the woman consistently feel tired and in desperate need of a nap. Fatigue is the most common 5 weeks of pregnancy symptom and is universal among pregnant women.

6. Morning sickness 

Pregnancy hormones are the ‘imposter among us’. Yet again they are the culprit behind inimical discomfort during pregnancy. A constant wave of nausea, with or without vomiting, is a common symptom. 

Pregnancy Week: 5
Pregnancy Week: 5

7. Constipation

The passage time of food in the digestive system increases when you are pregnant. The food will take longer than usual to properly digest and extract vital nutrients into the bloodstream to be absorbed and transported to the baby. These transported nutrients are essential to facilitate proper growth and nourishment of the baby developing inside. Consequently, a pregnant woman may experience constipation

8. Lightheadedness

During pregnancy, blood pressure tends to be lower than usual. Low blood pressure can cause dizziness or sometimes even fainting. 

5 Weeks pregnant ultrasound

It is still very early to get an ultrasound as the baby has just begun growing. The size of the embryo is that of a sesame seed or a peppercorn. However, a transvaginal ultrasound scan can be done instead of a transabdominal ultrasound. In this ultrasound check, a thin lubricated wand is inserted through the vagina for scanning. 


There is not much to see during such an early period. You can point out the yolk sac and gestational sac. You may even see a flicker of the heartbeat of your heart piece during the scan. However, if the sonographer is unable to point out the heartbeat, it’s okay. Heartbeat usually occurs after 6 or more weeks of pregnancy. 

Some Self-Care Tips for Pregnancy 

Below are the self-care tips for pregnancy:

1. Visit the dentist– This might sound a little absurd but is an important thing to do. The hormones that cause breast changes and nausea can also lead to gum inflammation. It is also called pregnancy gingivitis. If not taken proper care of this pregnancy gingivitis.

It can further aggravate the infect and develop into a more severe gum problem called periodontitis. A pregnant woman having periodontitis can have an increased probability of preterm birth of the baby. 

2. Eat the right food- Making the right food choices is crucial for a pregnant woman. Consuming something wrong can have irreversible pestilential life-long implications for both the baby and the mother. Consult your doctor and get a balanced diet chart of what to eat and what not to eat. 

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