Everyone has their old, reliable, and trusted pair of jeans which is their go-to option on the days when dressing up feels like too much effort. Or, there may be times when you just want to be comfortable in something soft and worn, so what better way to do it than put on some cozy jeans?  Jeans are probably a common part of most people’s wardrobes because not only do they have your back through the lazy days, but you can also use them to style awesome and gorgeous outfits. Jeans can make amazing outfits for people of all shapes and sizes, making them a warm, inclusive piece of clothing that always makes you feel at home when you put them on.

But it can be hard to find that perfect pair of jeans which fits you just right. Sometimes, a pair catches your eye, but it is either a bit too tight or a bit too loose. Sure, skinny jeans and snug clothing might be in fashion, but what is the point of looking good if you are not comfortable? There is nothing wrong with wanting to wear a pair of jeans that hugs all your curves just right, but they should not make you feel uncomfortable. 

If you have a pair of jeans which you really like but have been a bit-too-tight to wear, worry not because we are here to give you a solution. Today, we are going to tell you all about how to stretch out jeans at home, so that they let your legs breathe. These methods are simple and most only require household supplies to make them work. All you need is that too-tight pair of jeans and your determination to stretch them out, and you’re all set to go!

5 Ways to Stretch Your Jeans

Here are 5 methods for stretching out jeans at home: 

1. Use a Blow Dryer

Yes, your blow dryer is not just useful in making your hair dry and cozy, but it can also be a part of learning how to stretch jeans. 

Use a Blow Dryer
Use a Blow Dryer

Lay your jeans on the table, turn your blow dryer on the hot air setting and direct the stream towards the areas that you want to stretch. Then, after you see that the jeans have become warm, use your hands to pull at those tight areas in the denim to stretch out jeans. The increase in temperature will make your jeans more pliable to your touch. You can even put them on and move around to loosen them even more. 

2. Get Them Wet

If the blow-drying option isn’t your thing, you can go in the complete opposite direction and choose to wet your jeans with water instead. For this, all you need is a spray bottle that is filled with warm water. Then, after laying your jeans out, nicely spray them front to back with the water. Once you see that the cloth has been wet entirely, use your hands to pull the fabric in the regions you want to loosen. The water will make it easier to stretch out jeans in those uncomfortably tight regions. You can also put the damp jeans on after this, and wear them until they dry. We know that this might not sound like the most comfortable thing in the world, but it will help in stretching those denim spots out even more.

3. Take a Bath with Them

This next one takes the ‘get your jeans wet’ idea to a whole another level. If you feel like using the spray bottle will take too long, taking a bath with the jeans on can also be a great method for stretching out jeans. 

Take a Bath with Them
Take a Bath with Them

All you need to do is fill your bathtub with warm water and soak in it while wearing your jeans. Sit for around 15 to 20 minutes and then get out, letting them air dry. If you are comfortable doing so, you can move around while wearing them so that they can stretch out even more.

4. Invest in Some Stretching Supplies

As technology advances, newer and newer things get invented which makes our lives easier. If you want to get a little external help to stretch out jeans, there are many supplies available that will make the process easier for you. These stretching products come in the form of waistband stretchers and pants extenders. The latter is usually recommended for those that are pregnant because it helps in accommodating your usual clothes to your changing body. These stretchers and extenders stretch out jeans by expanding the waist, giving your body more room to comfortably remain in them. Thus, they cut-down the effort and time needed, making things easier for you sooner than expected.

5. Stretch While Wearing Them

Why not do some exercise while learning how to stretch jeans? This next method not only makes your jeans more comfortable but also gets your body moving. 

Stretch While Wearing Them
Stretch While Wearing Them

All you need to do is stretch a little while wearing those jeans so that you can loosen the joints and edges. There are many simple exercises which you can do, such as a few easy squats, or other similar exercises that target the lower region. Remember that this is not a full-out workout and so the exercises have to be lenient ones that do not require too much force. One exercise which you can try for stretching out jeans is to do gentle stretches along your side, aiming towards opening the muscles in the areas around your hips as well as the tight denim regions corresponding to them. 

Remember to always be careful while doing them because jeans are different than track pants and thus, will provide more resistance. Don’t push yourself too much and go for the gentle, easy stretches which do not require too much exertion. Through this, you can stretch out jeans and stretch out your body at the same time. After all, while your jeans become looser, why should your body not grow more flexible as well? Also, in case you do not want to go for these stretches, you can simply wear your jeans multiple times in a week to get them stretched as per your body. The more you wear them, the more they will adapt to your body and grow more pliable.

Comfortable Fashion is the Best Fashion

Learning how to stretch jeans also means learning an important lesson: comfort and aesthetics go hand-in-hand. When you are cozy and relaxed in whatever you wear, it shows in the way you carry yourself. Fashion is much more about confidence and expression than it is about clothes.

Benefits of comfortable jeans
Benefits of comfortable jeans

Sure, those super-tight pants might make you look sexy, but is it worth the risk and the grimace you are fighting back the whole time wear them? It’s okay to try and make things more comfortable for you, in whatever way suits your body. There is no shame in going for a couple of sizes more if it means that your body will feel relaxed. After all, plus-size outfits are extremely beautiful and gorgeous like any other fashion. The most important part is to go for the clothes which speak to you and speak to you. There is no limitation when it comes to fashion, neither of body type or gender. Wear the clothes which best express the colors of your soul at the moment and hold your head high as walk out into the streets, cause you are absolutely breathtaking and beautiful.

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