Want to know what’s the best-suited shade for your face??? Wanna have that perfect lustrous right lipstick on those lips??? We are here to solve your dilemma and let you have the right lipstick as well as shade for your lips! Lipsticks that we possess are generally of two kinds, there’s one which is our “wear for all” solution while the other is such that we never even look at it except the day when we tried it for once! Agree? Well, we have to. But there are some tips which can make you choose the best one for yourself unmistakably. 

Tips To Consider Before You Buy Red Lipstick

Here are 5 of those tips Which you have to consider before you going to buy new red lipstick:


Did you know lipsticks have a separate life of their own?? Okay, they do have. And generally, every lipstick has a shelf life of around 3 years. These 3 years are measured from the date of manufacture to the one of expiry. So, at times how shopkeepers may trick you is that they may sell you a year or two years old lipstick to have their unsold stock sold off. But what you will do with that useless lipstick then? All you can do is discard it in a year. So, next time you go on buying one, keep in mind to have its expiry date checked. Also, it’s not even good for your lip tissues to use expired cosmetics. The cosmetic should always be fresh and new to have a lustrous and health effect after it’s usage. 


Make it a rule to always try your lipstick before you pay that shopkeeper for the same. It’s because some shades are such that they do seem pretty, but when used, they may give you a completely altered disheartening result. So, whenever you are about to buy, try it on your skin tone first, if it goes well with that, then only opt for it. If it doesn’t seem to be aesthetic, do discard it. Even if you are confused, try avoiding its purchase. 


Always consider the right lipstick purchase owing to your needs. There are vivid types of the same available in the market among which some are- matte lipsticks, shimmer lipsticks, frost lipsticks, cream ones, etc. Some of them may give you an extra pouty look like the shimmery ones while some may give you a simple and natural professional look like the matte one. All you need to take into consideration is the kind of use you have. For instance, you can never use a frost lipstick or shimmery lipstick for a professional meeting, while you can never use a cream lipstick for a marriage party where you want the light to reflect well on your makeup. So, always think it that way! 

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When it’s about choosing a perfect shade, it would be really wise of you to avoid comfort zone shade. It means that most of us want to try the shade over and over again, which may make us look really repetitive and boring. All the pictures that you click will have the same look opted by you. Also, at times this happens unwantedly too, which means that there are some shades that are same but may look different until you try them on your skin since they belong to two different brands. So, in order to avoid such a repetition always prefer trying it on your hands. 


Look for your lip texture, and then choose the right lipstick. If your lips are too fluffy, choose the dark shades as they give a slightly smaller look to the lips. Whereas on the contrary if you have smaller lips, go for preferring lighter shades, as they make your lips look a little vibrant and bigger. Now taking complexion into consideration, if you have a fair complexion, you can opt a nude-colored or soft mocha one for your lips. Also, if you possess an extremely fair skin, you should go for a pinkish shade. For wheatish skin color, one can choose red alike colors. For slightly darker complexion, copper or chocolate color can be chosen. To the ones who possess absolutely dark complexion, they can go for wine red as that makes them look drop-dead gorgeous! 

Red Lipstick
Red Lipstick

So, these are some of the best tips to let you choose your scintillating shade. Keeping these tips in mind, you are likely not to go for a false shade ever again! We will be back with yet another useful article. Till then stay tuned! So, choose right lipstick for right occasion.

Stay happy, stay beautiful! ❤

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