There is a thin line between caring about your significant other and being a clingy partner, it takes only the slightest amount of obsession to cross that line. 

When people are in a relationship, they want to have a balance of everything, they want to enjoy their life and be around the person they are dating. People should have some space in their relationship to be able to do things that they like and enjoy on their own. 

There is only a faint difference between being clingy and being insecure. If you think you do not feel the need to constantly check on your boyfriend or your partner, and you like to give them their space, then congratulations, you are not the clingy one in your relationship. However, if you want to find out and know the signs you should look out for to warn you of the clinginess; continue reading. 

Signs your Partner is Too Clingy 

You need to keep a check on these in case you are someone who is with a clingy partner

1. They Want to Tag Along Everywhere

This can be straight up annoying. If your partner constantly asks you to join in your plan even when it’s with your friends or family and can never take no for an answer, you’ve got some problem. Sometimes they might show up without letting you know, which can make you feel embarrassed and surprised. 

2. They Keep “Checking on You”

Since we already talked about the thin line between caring and obsessing, their checking on you to make sure you are alright would take an obsessive turn. This means they’d call you every hour to ask you what you are doing and if not, they text you constantly.

Your phone is always blowing up with their messages and calls, they even get mad at you for not responding on time. 

Clingy signs of a relationship
Clingy signs of a relationship

3. Jealousy 

There is no simpler way of putting it out that we might feel a little bit of jealousy is cute but anything more than that is not. If your partner is clingy then they’ll start getting jealous too. They’d hate the good-looking co-worker or a friend you’re close with. Sometimes they would blame them for the problems in your relationship. 

4. The Constant Bickering 

Fights are common in couples as long as they are not very constant. Given your partner’s clingy behavior they’d want you to do certain things according to their way and which will eventually lead to or end in a fight. If you feel like most of your fights have a similar topic of not being able to be around each other, you have a problem.

5. They will Want Reassurance

The behavior of a clingy boyfriend or a clingy partner is very close to the behaviour of someone insecure. So, your partner’s insecurity will always make them feel not good enough and then they’ll ask you to constantly reassure them about your feelings.

To love someone, you have to first love yourself and if your partner is not able to do that you should have a little chat with them about this.

Reassurance sign of a clingy partner
Reassurance sign of a clingy partner

If you think your partner has been doing this, then it’s finally time for you to let them know and tell them the truth. There are a few ways that will explain to you how to deal with a clingy partner.

Ways to Deal with a Clingy Partner

You think you are tired and annoyed with your partner’s constant need for affection or being around you all the time? In other words, you want to find a solution to your partner’s clingy behavior, then we got you.

1. Be Honest

Most of the time girls hold back their honest feelings to not hurt the other person but that will only increase your problems further If you think your partner is being too clingy and you are not fine with it then address your problem and that you are concerned about them There is nothing better than an honest relationship. 

2. Discuss their Concerns

Sometimes people make the mistake of not considering the reasons that instigated the issue in the first place. Many times, the reason behind a person’s certain behavior is deep-seated and they may not be aware of it. Question them and discuss why they feel there is a need to be around each other all the time. 

3. Understand their Reasons to Find the Correct Solution

After you have discussed and faced the reason, it would be the right time for you to find out the solution for their problem. There is no better way to mutually come up with a middle ground for both of you. 

4. Be Honest with Them About What you Want

In the course of being honest with each other, you need to tell them what you want from them. In a relationship, it is equally important to set boundaries for your partner and to let them know that you want space for yourself. If you compromise on what you really want you are going to hurt yourself the most. 

5. Make a Plan

If you have to deal with a clingy partner, you have to take the planning in your hand. If you become passive and let them decide when you two should meet and hang out, they’d probably make it according to you. You discuss with them and make the plans mutually. 

6. Ask Yourself If It’s Worth It

Most people end up compromising with the clingy behavior of their significant other, accepting it as an annoying habit of theirs’ only to realize later that it was more than that.

If you want to invest your time and energy into someone you should do it wisely. If you feel like all this trouble is not worth it. If the person you’re with does not deserve the time and effort, then moving away from the relationship would be a wise decision. 

All these signs no matter how small are not insignificant and to act on them or not are your call. Always remember to know your worth and never settle for anything less than what you deserve. 

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