So, you finally bought that new phone you had been eyeing for a while. It’s cool and sleeking, having all the latest features you need to make things easier for you. But it still feels like there is something missing, an extra touch that needs to be added. 

Even as you hold that amazing piece of technology in your hands, you still wish there was some special way to make it yours. A special touch that would set it apart from the other million models that exist over the world. A little bit of color, something to seal the deal, properly.

Well, you need not think too much, because we may just have the perfect solution for you: a DIY phone covers! Yes, you hear that right. DIY products are not just limited to skin-care and hair-care products. There are many other things which you can make at home, instead of opting for their costlier, ready-made version. You may even end up discovering a new hobby while doing this.

DIY Cover Designs to Give Your Phone Artsy Touch

DIY covers are rather easy to make and they are also much cheaper when compared to store-bought covers. Making DIY phone cover designs can be a creative and artistic process that allows you to relax amidst your busy schedule.

Whether you want to beautify your new phone or give a makeover to your sturdy, old companion, this list of 5 best DIY phone covers will surely have something that catches your eye!

1. Cross-Stitching

Ah, the famous tradition of cross-stitching, passed down from generations to generations in the forms of scarves and sweaters woven with care. When you combine this with modern technology, doesn’t that make it a collab we all need? 

Mobile phone cover design
Mobile phone cover design

Cross-stitching can be a great way to decorate your DIY covers because it gives you room to add the most intricate designs and patterns. From embroidering animals to flowers to random, abstract patches of color, cross-stitched phone cases let you personalize their appearance as per your comfort.

For this, you can take a clear phone case along with a cross-stitching base cloth which has been cut to accommodate the camera and other parts of your phone. 

Or, you can skip this entire step by going for a ready-made plain cross-stitch case, which is just waiting for you to add your own colors. Then, grab your favorite threads, decide on a pattern and get to customizing the phone case the way you want! 

2. Pressed Flowers

You might have heard about pressing flowers between the pages of books, but did you know that you can do this to make your DIY phone covers, as well? This can add a homey touch to your phone. 

Pressed Flowers mobile cover design
Pressed Flowers mobile cover design

After all, why should nature and technology always be at opposite ends of the line? Why not have them join hands to create something even more beautiful? 

For this, first, grab a clear phone case that will serve as your base. Then, choose your method of pressing flowers in a safe and precise manner. After you have your dried flowers, lay them on a wax paper and spray them with clear spray paint (or colored if you want), to seal all the pores. 

Then, prepare your resin and get to arranging the flowers in the design you have in your mind for your beautiful DIY phone covers! 

3. Glitter 

What better way to make things magical than sprinkling a layer of glitter? If your phone is in a beautiful shade that you do not want to hide with a metallic phone case, glitter can be a great way to designs the best DIY phone covers.

Best phone covers designs
Best phone covers designs

Not only does glitter make your case sparkle, but it is also a fun craft project which awakens the child inside all of us. After all, what’s more, fun than colours? Colours that glimmer!

For this, you will simply need a clear phone, a bottle of Mod Podge, a sturdy paintbrush and the glitters of your choice. All you need to do is apply the Mod Podge over the areas where you want to apply your glitter. Then, you need to pour your glitter over the glued areas and tip over the case after 2 minutes so as to get rid of the excess glitter. 

The rest of the process is basically repeating this, applying glitter, allowing it to sit for 2 minutes, getting rid of excess glitter, until you have achieved the results you desire. 

At the end of all these creative efforts, you will be rewarded with shimmering hands and a beautiful phone case to hold in them! 

4. Washi Tape Phone Case

Want to have fun with making bold patterns with geometric shapes? Washi tape phone covers may just be the solution you need! Washi tapes come in a variety of designs and they also add a bit of structure to the overall look.

If you are someone who does not want to go fully abstract with your DIY phone cover designs and are looking for a certain definite layout, washi tapes allow you to do just the same. 

Washy tape phone cover
Washy tape phone cover

For this, all you need is a base phone case and the washi tapes of your choice. Then, grab your scissors and get to arranging the tapes in the colorful sequences of your choice. Not only is this process fun, but it is also much less messy and can serve to give your DIY covers a quick, chic look. 

5. Water Marbling

If you are someone who enjoys doing nail art, then you may have tried doing marble nails before. But did you know that you can do the same for your DIY phone covers? Marble phone cases make for a great, soft and aesthetic look. They give your phone an easy, abstract and colourful covering that will make it hard for you to take your eyes off it!

water marbling cover design
water marbling cover design

For this, you simply need a clear phone case, nail polish, warm water, a toothpick, and a container. First, fill the container with the water and then dribble the nail polish colors of your choice on the surface of the water.

Be sure to be careful and not pour too much nail polish or it will sink to the bottom. Then, use the toothpick to gently swirl the colors to create the marbled pattern of your choice. 

Once you have achieved a mixture that you like, place the outside of the phone case along the surface of the water, allowing it to touch. You don’t need to submerge the whole case inside the water. 

Then, allow this to dry and get ready to be dazzled when greeted with the sight of your new, artistic phone case!

Remember to have fun!

In the end, the whole point of trying out all these DIY phone cover designs is to have fun in the process of it. The result need not be perfect. After all, you are doing this for you and no one else. The most important thing is to let yourself go and unleash the artist inside of you. 

Artsy touch phone
Artsy touch phone 

If some colors end up spilling over and certain parts turn out messier than you thought, that’s okay! As long as you found some peace in the act of your, your phone cover designing will never be a waste.

Along with looking beautiful, it will now symbolize a happy, creative memory for you, as well. After all, the best DIY phone covers are those that you have the best time creating. 

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