Be it a typical big fat Indian wedding or an intimate white wedding, looking the best on her big day is what every bride desires. From elaborate ball gowns to beaded fishtails, from the classic red lehengas to the modern gold lehengas, the options to choose from for black women wedding dresses are perpetual.

Whether you’re in your 20’s or your 50’s, regardless of your age, finding the perfect dress is a task. Right from the colors to the styles and the ornaments, several things make the dress come together. Finding your perfect match is a tedious process if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Irrespective of your fashion tastes and the styles you love, the topmost priority for any bride is comfort. Wouldn’t you want to be able to move around freely and dance the day out? Of course, and this is why comfort should be your priority. Still, choosing from thousands of different designs and styles can be confusing.  But, lucky for you, because we have got it all figured out!

Top Brown and Black Women Wedding Dresses 

Here we have listed top suggestions for brown and black women wedding dresses

1. Pop of color for black women wedding dresses

 Are you a bride who loves being different and standing out? Do you want to go down the wrong road? It’s unconventional, maybe but wearing wedding dresses that are not the traditional white or red color can bring out the confidence in you. From shades of pink to mint, there are a variety of shades for you to choose from. 

Pastel shades perfectly contrast against dark skin and make you stand out. So, if you’re a black woman trying to find her fit, might as well put your adventure boots on and choose pastel shades instead of the conventional white dress. And for a brown wedding, Kresha Bajaj, Sunaina Khera and even Sabyasachi, most of the designers have a collection of pastel lehengas to choose from.

When it comes to older women wedding dresses also look exceptionally well in pastel shades. Nothing can look better than pastel shades on mature skin. It focuses the attention on the wearer’s features by not drawing too much attention to the dress. These pastel women wedding dresses with the right amount of accessories can never go wrong.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors. Be it gold lehengas or silver ones, be it white beaded gowns or lace ones, consider it all until you find something you fall in love with.  

wedding dresses
wedding dresses

2. Dramatic Sleeves

Be it bell sleeves or puffed sleeves, there is no way these sleeves don’t turn heads. A fashion favorite, but also a twist that can make wedding dresses far from boring. Even beaded, sequined sleeves add spice to your dress. So rather than choosing the same old classic sleeves go for a detour and you might be surprised.

When its about pregnant women wedding dresses also look way more sophisticated with exaggerated sleeves as it balances out the baby bump. Dramatic sleeves are all about adding spice to your conventional sleeves. So, say bye to those boring sleeves and switch it up!

3. Double dupattas for brown women

This one is exclusively for brown women. We’ve all seen the new brides flaunting this trend immensely well. A comparatively lighter dupatta goes on the bride’s head and the heavier one is wrapped around the lehenga to add more structure. 

The trick here is to focus the attention on the heavily embroidered dupatta wrapped around the lehenga. “This year we’ll be seeing a lot of long trailing head veils and adding a double dupatta to most of our looks in new collections”, said Manish Malhotra.

Have a huge body structure? No worries, big women wedding dresses focuses more on this trend as it compliments them the best. The dupatta wrapped around the lehenga balances out the long flowy veil and gives a dreamy vibe. Two dupattas look the best on big women as no one can pull it off better than they do. If you love following trends and always try to experiment with your looks, you should go for the double dupatta trend.

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4. Right Accessories

The right accessories can even make a plain camisole look good. Many people don’t understand the importance of the right accessories. Whether you’re a minimalist who wants to go all-in and try heavy ornaments for the big day or a person who generally loves excessively accessorizing, the right ornaments for weddings are the go-to.  

Accessorizing with layered heavy neckpieces with chokers or flaunting a huge statement earpiece, you can do it all as a brown girl. Make your accessories sync with your wedding dress. Be it a ball gown or a fishtail, pair your white dress with some statement earrings or a delicate neckpiece. If you love jewelry and feel it describes you the best, this is the perfect way to accentuate your wedding dress.

5. Multiple pieces for women wedding dresses

When we talk about slow and sustainable fashion, we think of clothes that can be used for a longer period than something that can only be worn once. This has led to brides opting for versatile lehengas whose pieces can be recombined with different tops and bottoms and worn in multiple ways even after the wedding.

A huge trend when it comes to women wedding dresses is also capes.  The cape is a fun way to set your wedding dress apart from other wedding dresses. It can also be worn later by pairing it with different outfits. When talking about gowns, you can go for a co-ordinate set which can be worn in many different ways even after your wedding, or choose dresses with detachable bottoms with bodycon dresses underneath for the afterparty!

More and more brides are drifting towards the multiple pieces trend as it also adds a little fun to their usual closet and makes it more lively. If you want a wedding dress that will add versatility to your closet, might as well consider getting a multiple pieces wedding dress. 

Additional Suggestions

  • Consider the weather while choosing your dress. Go for the colors that go with the weather and your theme.
  • Choose comfortable wedding dresses over uncomfortable ones.
  • Be mindful of the accessories. Always buy accessories that compliment your wedding dress.
  • Choose materials that compliment your body and features and the ones that feel good on the skin.
  • Be it young or old, size zero or twenty, always remember there are wedding dresses for all ages and sizes, so if something doesn’t fit, keep looking until you finally find your dream dress. 

When it comes to choosing your wedding dress, the options are limitless. Make sure you try every single style that you think you’re drawn to before deciding upon THE DRESS. Black women wedding dresses come in innumerable designs, styles and colors so make sure you look into it all. At the end of the day, it’s all about you, don’t let anyone try and change your opinions because you’re beautiful in your own skin and you can choose to wear whatever you love. Happy wedding to you!

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