You must have heard people desiring to have baby products for soft skin. The gentle and mushy texture of their skin is what everyone loves. But did you know a baby’s skin is five times thinner than adults? It is so sensitive and fragile that getting in contact with the slightest of chemicals can cause them rashes, skin inflammation, and redness. 

If you are a new parent or expecting a baby soon you must be worried about your baby. Especially, if you are having your first child. The transition can be blowing hot and cold on. Chill! It is okay. It is natural to feel like that. 

List of Essential Products For Babies

To ease your tension a little bit and give you a head-start, we have created a list of items that are good and essential for your baby’s wellbeing. We are sure that you will make a wonderful parent!

1. Pampers All round Protection Pants

Essential Products For Babies
Essential Products For Babies

The most scaring part of having babies for many people is constantly changing their diapers. Also, the steps to wrap it up are very convoluted. The material can also cause rashes to the baby’s sensitive skin. Sometimes, when the diaper gets wet and is left on for a long time, the baby can have infections or even fever. 

Pampers rescues you from all these problems. It doesn’t have those conventional wrapping or sticking patterns to put it on the baby. It is designed like usual underwear and can be easily slid on the baby. Also, the inner surface has the goodness of aloe vera that protects the sensitive skin of your tiny human. 

It guards your baby’s supple tushie against getting any rashes and irritation. The double leak guards and ultra absorb core ensures that the diaper doesn’t leak and instantly absorb and locks the wetness. This way your baby is safe from catching any infection or disease. One diaper can last up to 12 hours. 

Get pampers today and pamper your little one!

2. Himalaya Baby Lotion 

Essential Products For Babies
Essential Products For Babies

A baby’s skin is extremely soft and sensitive. It easily gets affected by the slightest of change in care or environment. Also, when it comes to a baby’s care, every parent wants what is best for their little bundle of joy. Thus, it is important to double-check anything and everything that comes near your baby. 

This baby lotion is manufactured by Himalaya. A renowned herbal healthcare brand in India. All of its products are made from Ayurvedic ingredients. This baby lotion is perfect for your baby as it free from any harsh chemicals, parabens, mineral oil, and synthetic colors that are harmful to your baby’s skin.

It is infused with the power of herbs, Olive oil, Almond oil, and Vitamin E, which works wonders on the baby’s skin. It has fast absorbent technology with rich emollients and doesn’t make your baby’s skin feel sticky. It helps improve your baby’s skin significantly by moisturizing it and keeping it smooth and soft, just like as it should be. 

Get this lotion today to protect and nourish your baby’s skin.

3. Johnson’s Baby Wipes 

Essential Products For Babies
Essential Products For Babies

Everyone misses their golden days of life when we were just a baby. The only few things that babies do are sleep, eat, and bathe. They do not have any worries or stress, just living with peace. However, every baby creates a lot of mess though. We need to clean them up after every time they eat or wake up. But we can’t bathe them every time. It is neither convenient nor good for the baby. A baby’s skin is too sensitive and can get rashes or peel off if we frequently wash them. Also, it hampers the baby’s body temperature and health. 

Johnson’s Baby Wipes avoids all the hustle and hassle. Now you can clean your baby easily using these wipes. These are extremely soft and smooth on your baby’s skin. These wipes are as mild as pure water and do not contain any chemicals that could harm your baby’s sensitive skin. It is soap-free and alcohol-free, thus avoids your baby from getting any skin rashes or redness.

These wipes are composed of sponge-like fibers that are very gentle. These fibers are infused with 3 times moisturizing lotion that maintains your baby’s skin and prevents it from getting dry. Also, the packaging of this product is designed very wisely. It has a flip-flop lid that keeps germs and other foreign particles away from infecting the wipes. 

Get a box of these wipes today and wipe all your worries away!

4. Himalaya Gentle Baby Wash

Essential Products For Babies
Essential Products For Babies

A baby’s bath time is actually a bonding time. It should be a pleasant experience. Although, bathing an infant that is squirming, wet, or slippery can be worrisome. However, you will get a hang of it pretty soon. You surely want the best you can provide your baby with. To make this pleasant bonding time a gentle one, you should keep in check the products you use on your baby. 

This baby wash from Himalaya is very gentle and mild on your baby’s skin. It has a soap-free formula unlike most body wash and doesn’t damage your baby’s supple skin. This baby wash is infused with the power of herbs and ensures to keep the baby’s skin clean and hydrated.

Also, it has a no-tears formula, thus your baby can enjoy its bath time without any worries. This product is loaded with the rich properties of chickpeas, fenugreek, and green gram, which keeps your baby’s skin soft, cleanse, and moisturize. 

So, to make bath time the happiest time of the day for your baby, get this baby wash today!

5. Mamaearth Mineral Based Sunscreen for Babies 

Essential Products For Babies
Essential Products For Babies

Everyone is aware of how the sun can cause damage to your skin. Applying sunscreen every day is one unbending skincare routine. But have you ever thought about the babies? If an adult skin has so much damage with the slightest exposure to the sun, what would happen to a baby’s skin?

Most of us often forget thinking about our babies’ skincare and protection. Sticking to regular bathing and moisturizing isn’t enough. Babies also need to be protected from harsh UV rays.

This mineral-based sunscreen makes sure that your baby is safe from the sun. It is specially designed considering the needs of an infant. It doesn’t contain any strong chemicals and is toxin-free. Infused with the richness of natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Calendula Extracts, and Cocoa Butter, it deeply nourishes the baby’s skin. 

Get this sunscreen today and do not let the sun stop your baby from having some fun!

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