Indians are the most exuberant and ebullient when it comes to their favourite annual festival of Navratri and Diwali Essentials . Everyone in India celebrates these auspicious days celebrating good health, wealth, and togetherness. These occasions have their significance and hold great sentimental value in India. We are a country famous for its unity in diversity and these festivals exactly embrace and represents the same. However, every family has its own customs and rituals to celebrate these occasions. But the few things that hold common are the following mentioned ones.

The following items are must-have things when it comes to celebrating these occasions. Make sure you get these and make your Diwali a lit one. 

4 Navratri And Diwali Essentials You Must Buy

Khushal K Women’s Rayon Top With Long Skirt Set

Diwali Essentials

Whether its Navratri, Garba nights or Diwali party these are the nights when you get to swoon people with your moves as well as your looks. Dancing is all fun and games only when you are wearing comfortable clothes. Many people go over the top to dress up and end up finding themselves very uncomfortable while dancing. 

This stylish pair of shirt and skirt is very comfortable to move flexibly. This pair of Indo-Western clothes lets you breathe and show your moves without constantly worrying about your outfit. The red and black combination is a classic one when it comes to Indian traditional outfits. The golden prints on the skirt make it look rich and traditional. The overall look is very sophisticated, classy, and chic. 

Also, the fabric quality is premium. It has good long-lasting durability. The top is composed of Rayon and the skirt is composed of cotton material. They are easy to wash and do not require high maintenance, unlike your other heavy Indian ethnic outfits. These fabrics do not harm your skin and are rather very soft on them. The dress is very lightweight and easy to carry. You can also wear this outfit on different occasions like some formal functions, festivals, parties and even a wedding. You will surely become the centre of attraction once you wear it. 

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Krisah Small Size 11 Pieces Set Acrylic Rangoli

Navratri means the onset of Diwali. It is a head-start for the most grandly celebrated festival of India, Diwali. Diwali has its significance and background story to tell. All Indians have immense love and excitement when it comes to Diwali. Everyone waits for these most fun nights of the year and celebrates it with grandiose. People would start decorating their houses, wearing fancy outfits, cooking festive food, and making rangolis to welcome people. Rangoli requires a great set of skill, time, and efforts. It is an epicentre of the Navratri and Diwali decorations. Not everyone possesses such skills and can put so many efforts. 

These acrylic rangoli saves you from the trouble. It is a set of handmade designer rangoli that you can easily stick on the floor, however, you like it to be. It is embellished with lustrous stones. The fine work and detailing on it makes it look very rich and give your decorations a touch of opulence. This rangoli is finely crafted for perfection. You no more need to worry about time, efforts, and artistic skills for having a beautiful rangoli at your home. The best part? It is reusable. Yes, you can use it as many times as you want. It can be removed and pasted on your own convenience.

It doesn’t require any glue or adhesive for sticking. You just need to place it on the floor and that is it. It doesn’t deteriorate the quality of your expensive floor with glue or colour residues. You can use it on many occasions like Ganesh pooja, Dussehra, etc. You can also put it in your temple and enhance its decor with it. Celebrate your auspicious days with elegance and traditions with this acrylic rangoli. Get it right away!

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Daedal Dream Catchers Rose Door Set, (Pink)

The scent of fresh floral torans on entrance during the days of Navratri and Diwali is amazing. Especially the majestic grandeur it exhibits and gives those festivity vibes. But replacing them with fresh flowers almost every other day can be tiresome and time taking. Decorating the doors and entrances have some special significance in Navratri and Diwali traditions. We just can’t leave them undecorated. 

This handcrafted toran serves the purpose of festive decoration without tiring yourself. The material of this product is handpicked by the designers and is of premium quality. It does not wither away like natural flowers and needs to be replaced now and then.

This product is aesthetically appealing to the eyes and ensures to add colour and enhance any room it is exhibited in. You can also put it in your temple for decoration. The good thing is they can be reused on any occasion and are a one-time investment. Thus, these have long durability. The pink flowers are very lively and compliment all types of doors and walls. The colour is festive perfect. 

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Pranjals house Stainless Steel Pooja Thali Set (11 inches, Multicolour)

On the days of Diwali, many poojas are held where people congregate and celebrate the women’s importance and power. Every Hindu celebration involves pooja. The staple requirement on these occasions is the pooja thali. A pooja thali has its own significance and is considered sacred. 

This pooja thali has Meenakari work done on it. the Meenakari work is famous for its aesthetics and beautiful detailing. Now you no more need to decorate and prepare a new pooja thali for every occasion. This pooja thali is well decorated and has all the required things placed and stuck on it. It has a stand for incense sticks, a diya, a sindoor box, and a small katori for chawal or kapur, whatever you prefer. It is made of stainless steel and has long-lasting durability.

Also, it has Shubh labh written on it along with a Swastika sign that has great importance in such rituals. This pooja thali with amazing work done on it is perfect for any occasion. The finely crafted work gives it a luxurious touch. The diameter of this pooja thali is 11 inches. Thus, it has a perfect size as any pooja thali should. To celebrate and perform auspicious ceremonies with elegance and ritually, get this pooja thali!

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