Diwali is approaching soon. It is that time of the year that every Indian would eagerly wait for. But given the current global situation of this deadly pandemic, the quintessence of Diwali kind of feels lost. However, this pandemic can’t stop us from celebrating it with our loved ones and making them feel special. We may not be able to meet them but we surely can send them meaningful gifts that would give them a little Diwali vibe in this mundane and deadly year.

Creative Diwali Gift Ideas List

We have curated a list of Diwali Gift Ideas that could make this Diwali a special one for you and your folks.

1. Super Healthy Mixed Nuts, Seeds and Berries – Organic Trail Mix 

Diwali Gift Ideas
Diwali Gift Ideas

Diwali is all about celebrating the good in the world and the truth triumphing over evil lies. It is about wishing everyone well in their lives. What could be better than wishing someone a good health and happy life by giving a meaningful gift? Nothing! If you are confused and don’t know much about the likes and dislikes about others, get them something beneficial for their health. It would be like killing two birds with one stone! 

This jar of mixed nuts is full of happiness, love, and good health. These crunchy, fruity, and delicious goodies are good for your health as well as taste buds. They can become your new breakfast menu also. It has more than 20 mixed dry fruits, berries, and nuts in it. All these are not only good on taste buds but also your eyes. The colourful mixture makes it look fun.

These goodies are a good choice, especially for those health-conscious, gym-going people. These nuts, berries, and dried fruits are packed with rich nutrients and boosts your immunity to fight various diseases like the common cold, flu, etc. It is also really good for your digestive system. It keeps your gut in check with the help of high roughage and fibre content in these nuts and berries.

These are made up of premium quality and are perfect for your health as well as Diwali gift. Also, it can be used by any age group. The packaging of this product is in a fine glass jar that is amazing for a gift. Hence, you got your standard, health, and creativity all in check. Need we say more? Get it already!

2. Borosil Akhand Diya (Medium, Brass)

Diwali Gift Ideas
Diwali Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a gift that is specially themed after the auspicious occasion of Diwali, get something related to traditions. Every Diwali people light up their houses with hundreds of diyas, lights, torans, and beautiful rangoli. Getting something that they could use for the same would be a smart choice. But such things can confuse you a lot. The market is full of beautiful and fancy things that could be used as a Diwali gift. It becomes rather perplexing.

This Akhand diya is the best fit gif you are looking for a special Diwali gift. This diya on lighting would create a calm, meditative atmosphere in your puja room. The golden diya with star carving on its lid looks very exquisite and traditional. 

The glass is heat and crack resistant and doesn’t burn your fingers on touching. It has increased clarity than other diyas and emits brighter light due to the high quality of glass. The design of this diya facilitates easy cleaning and oil refilling in it. Also, the lid lets you burn diya for long hours even while using the fan. The royal yet minimalistic design makes it an amazing Diwali gift.

This diya is feasible and of premium quality. Its heat and crack resistant properties ensure its long durability. In addition to that, it is believed that the brass used in this diya emits positive vibes in the environment. So, fill this Diwali with light, happiness, and positivity. 

Get this diya today! 

3. AmazonBasics 18-Piece Kitchen Porcelain Dinnerware Set- Sketch

Diwali Gift Ideas
Diwali Gift Ideas

Celebrating Diwali with their loved ones is what every Indian looks forward to every end of the year. Getting together and having fancy meals is everyone’s to-do thing on Diwali. This day is all about throwing and attending soirées with your loved ones. In India, every celebration revolves around food. What gift would be better than a dinner set that could be put to use in every celebration? A beautiful dinner set would remind them of you in every celebration. 

This dinner set is amazing to gift someone on Diwali. The black and white contrasting border makes it look chic and classy. This modern dinner set is of 18 pieces and best for gatherings hosting many people. It has dinner plates, service plates, salad tray, and bowls. It can serve the whole family. 

It is made of AB grade porcelain and can also be used for everyday purposes. The material of this dinner set makes it lightweight and durable both. The contemporary style dinner set is also dishwasher-safe for healthy cleaning. The colour coordination with sketch prints on it tastefully layers together and makes a beautiful addition to existing dinnerware pieces, table linen, and surrounding decor. Gifting a dinner set would be a useful, creative, and classy option. 

4. Cadbury Silk Diwali Special Potli

Diwali Gift Ideas
Diwali Gift Ideas

When in doubt always opt for chocolate. We repeat, always CHOCOLATE! No occasion or day would deem chocolates as a bad gift. Be it any special occasion or just a regular day, chocolate alone can make it special and celebration-worthy. Regardless of age group, gender, or any other filter, chocolate holds a special place in almost everyone’s life. It is just not the sweet tooth that satiates with it.

Even the brain puts itself at an ease hen consuming chocolate. The Tryptophan in chocolate makes serotonin, a neurotransmitter that makes you feel elated. Adding this happiness by gifting chocolates on the happiest day of the year would be an icing on the cake. 

This potli of chocolates by Cadbury is a special edition for this Diwali. It is a bag of sheer happiness. This bag has 6 amazing and delicious chocolates manufactured by Cadbury along with a brass diya to light and celebrates the auspicious day of Diwali. In India, eating sweets on special occasions is believed as good luck and is a tradition. 

This potli contains all the good things like Silk Plain, Silk Bubbly, Silk Fruit & Nut, Silk Oreo, and Silk Roast Almond. All these chocolates are a delight! Get this potli to fill your friends Diwali with sweet and coruscating time. 

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