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300 workout
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If you’ve seen the 300 movie, you know the strength and how jacked those guys are! Those six-pack abs ain’t no editing but the actors go through a hard and overwhelming fitness routine to get that figure and strength to be actually “ready” for the role. If you love the strong narrative of the 300 movie, you might love the 300 workout as well! The intense spartan workout known as the 300 workout is a power-packed workout to get that spartan body. The cast of the movie 300 used this workout routine to get the powerful results that are illustrated in the movie. 

So, motivated to start this workout already? We are here with the whole description of the 300 workout! 

Read to know how to get that Spartan body you’ve always wanted and the 300 workout review!

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What is the 300 workout? 

The 300 workout which was originally used by the cast of the movie 300 is created by the fitness trainer, Mark Twight. The 300 workout is an intense training workout which is actually not done every day. It is a full-body training system, performing 3 times a week on alternative days. For a spartan body, you can add this in your daily routine. This workout is done without scheduled rest between moves. Mark, who has designed this workout, has warned that this workout is not for someone who would give up, you need to have the guts to try it out! 

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The 300 workout gets its name not because the movie 300 cast have done this to get ripped but because of the total number of repetitions in this workout. The twist is, the reps are done on alternate days a week rather than every day. The reps are done with no rest between the exercises. This workout uses an assortment of bodyweight and weighted exercises which will make every muscle in your body do the work. It gives emphasis to both strength and endurance. Depending on your level of fitness, the 300 workout would take about 15-45 minutes to finish off.  

The schedule 

The 300 workout is best approached like a full-body training method. It is not done every day and should be done 3 times a week strictly on alternative days for the best results. Make sure you work your whole body. Here’s the schedule: 

  • Monday: 300 Workout 
  • Tuesday: Rest day or Cardio 
  • Wednesday: 300 Workout 
  • Thursday: Rest day or Cardio 
  • Friday: 300 Workout 
  • Saturday: Off day or Cardio 
  • Sunday: Rest day

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The exercises 

The workout is pretty brutal, if you are a beginner you shouldn’t start it before you build up the correct form for these exercises. Performing these exercises forcefully without proper form may put you in a risk of severe injury. There is no rest between these movements and the score is based on the total time according to Twight.  Here is the daunting and powerful weight training 300 workout moves: 

  • 25 reps pull-ups 
  • 50 reps deadlifts at 135 pounds 
  • 50 reps push-ups 
  • 50 reps box jumps with a 24-inch box 
  • 50 reps “floor wipers” 
  • 50 reps “clean and press” at 36 pounds 
  • 25 reps pull-ups 

How to do

Do the exercises below in a row and make sure you complete all the reps before you get onto the next exercise. The intensity and repetitions are very important. You need to complete all the 300 repetitions for 

Pull-ups (25 Reps) 

300 Workout
  • Grab the pull up bar with a strong grip which is a little wider than shoulder-width apart. 
  • Hang at arm’s length. 
  • Pull yourself up, make sure your chest goes up to the bar. 
  • Stay and lower your body back. 
  • Repeat 

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Deadlifts with 135 Pounds (50 Reps) 

300 Workout
  • Bend your hips and knees and grab the bar with a strong grip. 
  • Make sure your hands are just beyond the shoulder width. 
  • Do not let your lower back form a curve. 
  • Pull your body back and up and thrust your hips forward. 
  • Squeeze your glutes as you perform this movement. 
  • Lower the bar on the floor. 
  • Repeat. 

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Push-Ups (50 Reps) 

300 Workout
  • Get down and place your hands on the floor so that they are slightly wider than and in line with the shoulders. 
  • Lower your body and let your chest reach and touch the floor. 
  • Pause when you reach the bottom and push yourself back upwards to the starting position quickly. 
  • Repeat. 

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24-Inch Box Jumps (50 Reps) 

300 Workout
Source: Pinterest
  • Take a sturdy and stand in front of it. 
  • Make sure the box is high enough for you to jump on top of it with a huge effort. 
  • Your feet should be shoulder-width apart. 
  • Dip your knees and jump on the box with a soft landing. 
  • Step down and rest the feet. 
  • Repeat. 

Floor Wipers (50 Reps) 

300 Workout
Source: gymguider
  • On a 135-pound loaded bar, hold it above the chest. 
  • Bring your feet up to the left, to the middle and up to the right before you put them down in the middle. 
  • Your first repetition is done. 
  • Repeat.

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Clean and Press at 36 pounds (50 Reps) 

300 workout
Source: Pinterest
  • Stand with shoulder-width apart keeping the kettlebell between the feet. 
  • Bend the knees and grab the kettlebell with a strong grip. 
  • Work your hips and legs from the floor to bring the kettlebell up to the chest. 
  • Push overhead before you lower it to the ground. 
  • Make sure it touches the ground to make it one repetition. 

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Will this workout work? 300 workout review in short

First of all, make sure this workout is for you because this is a bit of a harsh workout and not for the beginners. This suits someone with a base of strength and endurance and a few years of persistent training. If you are a beginner, you can start with strength and strong lifts. If your goal includes fat loss and looking ripped as fast as possible, this workout might be for you and will work for you, if done religiously with a healthy and protein-rich diet. 

The workouts are fast and challenging, tough as well. You may find it exciting to do but for starting this workout you need to be prepared as it is not for all of us, especially not for beginners. If you are prepared to shake-up to your normal strength training physically and mentally, go for it! 

Stay Fit, Stay Happy! 🙂 

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