Every decade comes with a new theme or revolutionary changes in art and design. Be it architecture, movies, music, interior, etc. anything that is linked with art constantly changes over a period of time. 

When talking about homes, the new trending theme is smart homes. Everyone today prefers a house that is practical and easy to maintain. Especially, homemakers prefer to organize their homes in such a way that looks modern, chic, and smart. People prefer a minimalistic look nowadays. They prefer having smart devices that do most of the work efficiently. 

Gone are the days when women would stay back home to do the house chores all by herself and cater to everyone’s needs. Now women also have other work commitments and priorities to tend to. People understand the importance of sharing the workload in the house and what partnership truly stands for. 

Thus, to avoid workload and time taking chores, a smart homemaker would have a variety of smart gadgets at home.

Smart Gadgets to Make Your Home Smart

The following is a list of gadgets that every smart homemaker must have to keep up with their partners to change their lifestyle:

Philips High-Efficiency Air Purifier AC2887

Smart Gadgets
Smart Gadgets

Dusting our homes regularly is clearly not enough these days. Many allergens, pollutants, and bacteria still linger around. Having impure or polluted air can severely harm our healths. Our respiratory systems can easily be attacked by these airborne allergens or pollutants and result in allergies or COPD consequentially. Such impure and harmful air can target small children and old aged people especially. Thus, dusting and cleaning the room is not adequate. We need to purify the air quality of our surroundings to avoid such health disorders. 

This air purifier from Philips is the answer to all these problems. It has Vitashield Intelligent purification technology that automatically senses air quality and removes 99.97% airborne pollutants. It can even kill pollutants as small as 0.003 microns, 800 times smaller than PM 2.5. It can cover an area up to 851 sq. feet. 

This air purifier has three purification setting modes – a General mode, an extra-sensitive Allergen mode, and an extra-powerful bacteria and virus mode. You can personalize or customize as per your requirements. Aerasense technology indicates real-time indoor air quality. It detects this time by considering the pollution level, airflow in the room, and the operation time of the device.

It can also be put in silent mode when you would want to sleep. In silent mode, it will reduce the noise by turning down its fan’s speed. Also, the light of this device can be dimmed or turned off as per our own convenience. It can be moved around in different rooms and is very easy to setup. You just need to clean the filters after a certain time. 

Get this air purifier and inhale healthy air all the time!

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart speaker with Alexa (Black)

Smart Gadgets
Smart Gadgets

A few decades ago artificial intelligence was a very convoluted topic. Controlling our surrounding settings with just our voice would seem like a half-baked thought back then. But the reality is it can happen.

With the advancement in science and technology, everything we come across has become smart. We have smartphones, TVs, cars, homes, etc. Smart has become the new ordinary. Now with just our voice commands, we can perform a lot of functions. One of the most popular and key smart devices is Alexa. Alexa has become a household name in India. Every smart home is quintessentially smart only because of Alexa. 

This echo dot Bluetooth speaker is a smart speaker. It can be operated by your voice. It is a compact device that does not demand big spaces and can easily fit into small corners of your house or office. Echo Dot can be used as a Bluetooth speaker by pairing your phone to it, or you can also connect it to other speakers/headphones through Bluetooth.

Now you can stream millions of songs available on Apple Music, Saavn, Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, and Gaana. You can also ask Alexa to play some music, news, trivia, scores, weather, alarms, kids rhymes, and stories. On your one command from anywhere in the room, Alexa will do it. You do not physically need to go near the device for operation. Alexa can speak in Hindi as well as English. 

Also, the new updates are automatically downloaded to the device. If you have smart lights, ACs, TVs, geysers, water motors, and more, you can connect them with Alexa for voice control. Alexa can become the brain behind your smart house while you just chill and give commands. 

Get this device today and step towards a smart lifestyle. 

Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher (DT8S, Silver)

Smart Gadgets
Smart Gadgets

When it comes to house chores, doing the dishes is the most struggling job. If you are a clumsy person then this job is out of your league. We all are aware of the fact of how expensive crockeries are these days. Breaking a plate can ruin the whole dinner set. Also, not to forget our mom’s harangue that would follow the sound of breaking plates soon after. Doing the dishes is more of a punishment than a routine chore. The mess it creates can be maddening. 

This dishwasher from Voltas is just the best fit for you. If you are someone who relates to the aforementioned case scenario, then invest in one dishwasher today without giving it any second thoughts. This dishwasher has 8 place settings i.e., it can wash up to 96 dishes. It can wash dishes that are made up of plastic, stainless steel, glass, etc. It has six different wash programs that cover all types of dishes. 

These programs are namely Intensive, Glass care, Normal, Eco, Clean and shine, and Mini 30’ program. You can clean your dishes in a superior and hygienic manner by using powerful jets and high temperatures. This dishwasher is very convenient and easy to use. It is a tabletop and thus can be placed on any flat surface like your kitchen platform. The design is very smart with an LED display in the front. It will give your kitchen a very sophisticated and modern look. 

Get this dishwasher today to avoid breaking plates and your mom’s heart. 

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