Stretch marks are something that we all are aware of. Sometimes some people learn to embrace these and are comfortable with them but there are also some unlucky few who are still trying to get used to them. There is no conformity that every person has them it depends on their type of skin and its capacity to recover from the stretches. 

According to science, a stretch mark can be defined as a scar or a group of scars that appear where the skin has stretched or contracted due to weight gain or weight loss. So, if you are new to this, then we suggest you not worry as it is as natural as breathing. If you wish to learn more about stretch marks, what are the causes behind them, and various remedies to get rid of them then continue reading? 

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How Common are Stretch Marks?

If you have just noticed certain lines on some parts of your body and you are worried that it is something dangerous then relax. You may have stretch marks. These lines or marks, also known as striae are very common in people who have gone through a change as in their weight. Other than that, if you have just stepped into puberty then you may also find these on your bodies as they are going through a change. Women who are pregnant, also get stretch marks post-delivery. 

This happens as the skin gets loose because the stretching and natural ability of the body to retain its original shape deteriorates, there appear stretch marks. 

What Causes Stretch Marks?

So, there are a lot of reasons that can be behind this and some of these areas mentioned below- 

  • Sudden weight gain or weight loss
  • Pregnancy
  • Puberty
  • Muscle growth
  • Cushing’s disease

In the beginning, these are reddish vein marks that can get very itchy, and scratching them only increases the problem. After some time, these arks settle down in your skin and may appear yellowish or whitish and the skin may have sagged a little around that area. Some people think that these don’t look good so it is better if you cover them but let us tell you that, that is bullshit, bear these as a sign of pride and show them off if you like. 

Of course, if you are not comfortable with them and are looking for remedies for stretch marks then there are a lot of ways you can treat them. You can use certain products that are available in the market or you can even try some home remedies that work like magic on stretch marks. 

So, we will discuss both of these options and we’ll let you decide which one you want to choose.

Market-Based Products for Stretch Marks

There are a lot of options available for you to choose from in a wide range of products that claim to fade these marks in a matter of weeks.

1. Creams and Gels

If you are pregnant, often you are advised by the doctor to use anti-stretch mark creams from early in your pregnancy. These help your skin to repair itself post-pregnancy, also keep the skin moisturized, and prevent it from drying which further aggravates the problem. 

If you are a teenager and you are looking for a hassle-free way to get rid of stretch marks then you can use these creams and gels which you can apply according to your convenience. 

2. Oils

Recently people have been going crazy after using oils for stretch marks. According to them, using these oils on stretch marks works like magic and they have seen visible results very soon. So, if you are looking for an instant fix then you should go for this option. 

3. Self-Tanning

Another quick fix to hide these marks is by using self-tanning. This will add a layer of color to your skin and cover the stretch marks. This is not something you can do always and it can also be time-consuming and costly. 

Homemade Remedies for Stretch Marks

You would be shocked to find a lot of products that you find in your household which can be used to treat stretch marks. 

1. DIY Sugar and Coffee scrub

If you are looking for homemade recipes to treat stretch marks then you must try this simple DIY. There are products available that have these ingredients but when you can make it yourself then why waste the money.

DIY Sugar and Coffee scrub
DIY Sugar and Coffee scrub


  • Coffee
  • Sugar
  • Coconut oil

All you have to do is add these ingredients to a bowl according to your requirement. You can either use it on the affected area or all over your body. Mix it well and apply it right before you head into the shower. Massage it in a circular motion and then wash it away. 

Coffee helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite and sugar helps to scrub the area to remove all the dead skin. Use this twice a week or four times a month. 

2. Pure Aloe Vera Gel

You can also use aloe vera for your stretch marks as it softens the skin and reduces the stretch marks. By using this gel regularly, you will see that your skin looks as it was always the same. 

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3. Coconut Oil 

You must be aware of the power of coconut oil for your hair, you should also know that if you have stretch marks then using coconut oil on your skin will eventually aid to fade away these marks. This oil helps to treat them if you use it regularly and massage it all over your skin in a circular motion. 

Apart from all these, you should take care of what you eat too. Consume foods that are rich in Vitamin A like carrots, which promote healthy and smoother skin. You can also take them orally. Always drink enough water to help your skin remain hydrated. You can also use products that help to boost the collagen of your skin like hyaluronic acid. 

Eventually, all stretch marks fade away, even if you use none of these remedies. Also, don’t forget to take pride in your tiger marks as they are beautiful.