If you are from North-India or, have ever been to any authentic North-Indian restaurant, then you sure must have come across Lobia Dal on the menu. Lobia or cowpea is a certain kind of legume that is used for making dal, salads or soups in the Northern states of India. Lobia is actually the Hindi name for Cowpea.

However, people in different states call it differently; for example, it is known as ‘Bobbarlu’ in Telegu, ‘Karamani’ in Tamil, ‘Chavli’ in Marathi and ‘Alasande’ in Kannada. 

Lobia beans are rich in protein and are also an amazing source of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it is super cheap and economical making it a superfood. Cowpea or lobia also has several health benefits, as it helps in boosting immunity and aids in weight loss. These black-eyed beans are also super delicious. So, let’s get to know more about this healthy yet delicious superfood. 

What are the Nutrients Present in Lobia?

  • Every 100 gms of Lobia contains:
  • Total calories: 100
  • Total Carbohydrates: 21 gms
  • Proteins: 8 gms
  • Dietary Fiber: 7 gms
  • Sodium: 4 mg
  • Potassium: 278 gms
  • Iron: 13%
  • Vitamin B6: 5%
  • Magnesium: 13%

Benefits of Lobia

Lobia has several benefits for the skin, hair and health in several ways. It is rich in nutrients and minerals and a single serving of this special dal is actually very helpful for people who are involved in strenuous manual labour. 

1. Helps in losing the extra pounds

The dietary fibre in Lobia helps in flushing out the toxins, accumulated fat and cellulite from the body. Apart from that, the Lobia beans are completely low in calories and are even free from bad cholesterol that adds extra pounds to the body. Consume Lobia to shed those extra pounds naturally.

2. Lowers cholesterol levels

The fibre in Lobia is soluble and the levels of proteins in cowpea make it a perfect medicine to lower bad cholesterol or LDL from the body naturally. The phytosterols in Lobia beans only help to maintain the right standard when it comes to cholesterol and therefore keeps the heart fit and healthy.

3. Prevents stomach problems

Cowpeas can prevent and cure almost all sorts of stomach problems magically, including any disorders in the spleen or the pancreas.

Lobia tones the organs well and stimulates their functions in a way that almost every problem is treated as well as prevented from occurring or recurring again. Cowpea is also known to calm aggravated bowel movements.

4. Regulates blood sugar levels

The soluble fibre in Lobia absorbs the extra sugar content in the blood and therefore, is a perfect food for diabetic patients. Lobia is known to have a low Glycaemic Index, which regulates the blood sugar levels. For maintaining a balanced blood sugar level, consume a small portion of Lobia every day for optimum results. 

5. Prevents early ageing

The levels of antioxidants and fibres in Lobia help in flushing out the unwanted free radicals that can cause damage to the skin. It is also perfect food for people who fear ageing fast. The antioxidants in Lobia repair the damaged skin cells and ensure firm, elastic and youthful skin. These beans also prevent the skin from wrinkling or fine lines.

6. Nourishes the skin

The protein content in cowpeas ensures good health and healthy skin. The antioxidants in Lobia are also known to repair damaged skin cells and protects it from any sort of damage. Apart from nourishing the damaged skin cells, by cleansing the stomach with its dietary fibre, cowpeas help in bringing back the natural glow of the skin. 

7. Improves heart conditions

There are some secondary metabolites flavonoids present in Lobia. These flavonoids help in the treatment as well as the prevention of cardiovascular problems. As stated earlier, Cowpeas lowers cholesterol levels and regulates blood pressure. By keeping the blood pressure and cholesterol in check, it prevents any risks of heart-related disorders.

Benefits of Lobia

8. Promotes good gut health

With 28 per cent dietary fibre in 100 gms of cowpeas, it promotes better digestion and cures as well as prevents the body from constipation. Consume small portions of lobia daily to add bulk to your bowels and to speed up the rate of your digestion.

9. Helps in detoxification of the body

Lobia has natural detoxifying properties with its high dietary fibre content. The dietary fibre in Lobia helps in cleansing the stomach and makes it free from unnecessary bulk. It also flushes out toxins and unwanted radicles thereby cleansing the system. 

10. Cures insomnia

Lobia beans are rich in magnesium and a certain compound is known as Tryptophan. This compound is known for its nerve relaxing properties which induces sleep. Including a healthy amount of Lobia in your daily diet can calm your stressed-out nerves and promote better sleep. 

11. Prevents cancer

Cowpeas are a good source of Vitamin C, which acts as a natural anti-oxidant. Vitamin C is known to protect our immunity from free radicals which damage our body with oxidative stress. By eliminating the chances of these free radicals, lobia assures the body by reducing the chances of developing deadly cancer cells. 

12. Boosts the immunity system of the body

Lobia contains a good amount of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and other important nutrients which aids in strengthening our immunity.

If cowpeas are consumed regularly, it can ward off several infectious microbes. Consumption of lobia is also one of the effective ways of shielding the body from many potential diseases.

13. Cures anaemia

Cowpeas are rich in iron and help chronic anemia patients replenish iron deficiencies. People who suffer from anaemia should consume a portion of lobia to improve their haemoglobin levels in the blood for low iron content in the body disturbs the blood supply and deprives oxygen to the various organs. 

14. Improves hair

Lobia is rich in proteins and provides nourishment and strength to the roots of the hair. It also promotes hair growth and adds volume to the hair. Being an important source of key vitamins and minerals, cowpea helps in repairing damaged hair and reduces breakage. The iron content in lobia prevents hair loss and hair thinning. Furthermore, it adds a distinct and healthy shine to the hair. 

So, incorporate cowpeas in your diet today!