Chunky boots with defined and deep grooves are usually referred to as lug sole boots. These boots are quite heavy and extremely comfortable. They are high-rising boots, given their high indents and thus, they provide height. The broad structure of lug boots ensures balance and ease in walking. The scope of lug sole boots had been narrow in earlier times with them having the specific characteristics mentioned above. But, with time, both high-end, as well as local brands, have begun to experiment with these boots and introduce newer versions. To know more about the various types of lug sole booties, read along! 

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Types of Lug Sole Boots

Here are best 13 types of lug boots which you should try:

1. Bounce Black Leather Mid-Calf Boots 

These traditionally black chunky boots are best suited for winters. Their unique feature is their brown sole that breaks the monotony and adds variation to the design. These add dimension to your look whether you pair these lug sole boots with regular denim or leather pants. Structured or sleek dresses also look great with them. 

2. Bryant Lug-Sole Leather Chelsea Boots 

Bryant Lug-Sole Leather Chelsea Boots
Bryant Lug-Sole Leather Chelsea Boots

These boots are characterized by a black leather body and dark brown or chocolate brown sole. These lug booties have no laces and the pattern is best suited for athleisure styling ideas. Suits your style? Perfect! 

3. Traktori Derby Shoes

Lug boots are often associated with masculinity due to stereotypical notions of dark and bold colors and bulky patterns being ‘manlier’. However, this is not true. These boots are meant for everyone. If the color constraint is talked about, we have these pastel-colored beauties with a smooth finish that prove them wrong and how!

4. Frances Boots 

These lug sole boots have both laces as well as buckles. The high-rising indented boots have a textured pattern and firm body. These would look stunning with short floral dresses or mini skirts. A classic biker outfit? Frances boots, a biker jacket, and black denim or black leather pants. 

5. Lug Sole Leather Combat Boots 

The main distinguishing feature of these lug sole boots from other conventional patterns is their look. They are made of dark brown leather and have colors from the same family to accentuate the body. The color palette is perfect for sporting a boho-chic look with midi flowy maxi dresses or even ripped shorts, paired with spaghetti tops and long shrugs. Stack loads of bracelets to accessorize and complete the look. 

6. Rubber-Trimmed Leather Chelsea Boots 

Brown in color, these lug booties are not just appealing in form and structure but are also appropriate for the rainy season. Are you ‘dancing in the rain’ kinda girl? We’ve found your best match then. A classy sleek look and waterproof nature. What more does a pair of boots need to offer? Can’t think. 

7. Leather Combat Boots 

Leather Combat Boots
Leather Combat Boots

Channelize your inner fashion fanatic by pairing this elegant pair of milky white boots with a solid-colored dress or a bold co-ord set. You can even slip in your stockings underneath to up the fashion game. Are you ready to make a statement and stand out from the crowd? Your game changer lug sole boots surely are! Added advantage? The elongated design works wonders in the chilly winter months. 

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8. City Canvas Boots 

Casual comfort and edgy flair together? This pair of lug sole boots has got it all. It has the look of canvas shoes and soles of boots. The quirky laces are a fun addition to the overall vibe of the boots. Pair it with denim and plain or graphic tees to look your casual best.

9. Youth II Suede Biker Booties

Are you a biker girl? A Suede fan as well? We’ve got your best friend. The brown body and the metal buckles attached to it give it a polished look, well suited for bike rides. How about a leather biker jacket to go with it? We’re all for it! 

10. Chester Brown Suede Chelsea Boots 

We’ve no issues in ditching leather lug sole boots as long as we have premium quality suede. It is quite popular in the fashion industry because of its attractive appearance. These boots have a dark sand tone that’s an essential color for everybody who’s a fan of the basics. These go with everything, much like black boots. They can be dressed up or dressed down according to the occasion. However, these are going to be winners at day events or brunch outings. 

11. Lug Sole Lace Up Boots 

These vibrant-colored lug sole boots are broad and big but their appearance is like that of canvas shoes or sneakers. The bright red color that gets brighter at the laces is the most noticeable feature of these boots. Wear them with muted or dull-colored jeans to make them pop. 

12. Brushed Leather and Technical Fabric Booties 

If you’re a person who hates to carry much, these boots are going to be your saviors. The tiny nylon pocket is just fine to carry essentials like a small lipstick or even some money. It gives off a very cool vibe and frames the overall look of these lug sole boots. A structured fit, the addition of height, the presence of cute buckles, and a pouch. What more can you ask for? Nothing as such. 

13. Tracker Lug-Sole Chelsea Boots 

Tracker Lug-Sole Chelsea Boots
Tracker Lug-Sole Chelsea Boots

While talking about lug sole boots, it would only be fair to mention the most conventional and classic design. The prominent grooves, smooth and polished finish, and high-rising frame, make up the authentic lug boots. If you invest in one of these, you’re going to be sorted for your evening parties and night outs. 


We’ve talked about the most widely known varieties of lug sole boots and we hope that by now, you’ve been able to zero down on your favorite ones. If you have, what are you waiting for? Get hold of the beauties and flaunt them as much as you want to. Pocket pinches are going to be more for prominent brands but there are cheaper alternatives in the same pieces as well. Do your research before buying one and be a smart shopper. 

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