12 Valuable Bathroom Hacks Everyone Should Know About

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bathroom hacks
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The restroom or the bathroom is that one place where we spend a significant time of our day. And ironically, they are pretty neglected when it comes to home decluttering and organizing. It makes sense then, that our bathrooms should be well organised, clean, and be a welcoming, uncluttered room that we actually spend time in. 

Valuable bathroom hacks to make the most of your time in there. 

Hang wrinkled clothes while showering 

Are you also a fan of hot showers? then you could put that steam to good use. You can hang your wrinkled shirts and blouses and hang them on the shower curtain or the door. Now, let the steam do its job of removing all the wrinkles while you enjoy your shower. This tip is particularly useful when you are in a rush and have no time for ironing.

Dry sink makes for a great sound amplifier

Most of us love to listen to good music during our washroom sessions. Well, there’s a useful hack for you. You can turn the skin in your bathroom, to a giant sound amplifier. Dry it properly and pop your phone inside. You can now groove to your favourite soundtrack while getting down to business.

Drill your way to clean

You may not know this, but your drill may come to your aid during bathroom cleaning.  You may get rid of the stubborn dirt in your bathroom by fitting a scrubbing brush to your cordless power drill. This is one of much better bathroom hacks than using a toothbrush or a normal brush. Combined with a good cleaning product; your work would be done in no time. 

Prevent (poop) splashing with toilet paper

We all are aware of the uncomfortable feeling we experience when we hear that dreaded poop splash. Wee, here’s one of simple bathroom hacks to get rid of that feeling. Place a few sheets of toilet paper over the surface of the water. It would slow down the falling poop and would eliminate the problem of poop splash forever. 

Use soap and hot water to unclog 

We’ve all been there. Dealing with a clogged toilet could be annoying and sometimes, embarrassment too. What’s even worse is when you don’t have a plunger in hand.

Well, to save you the hassle we’ve got a quick bathroom shower cleaning hack. Pour some liquid soap into the toilet bowl and let it sit for 10-15 minutes followed by some hot water.. These 2 ingredients are all you need to get your toilet flowing smoothly again. 

Use ziplock bags for reading

Many of us like to read while showering. Some of us really find it a relaxing activity. But, it may be a tad bit difficult to do as  if you are reading on your phones or tablets because wetting them may cause serious damage. Therefore , ziplock bags  could be one of easy bathroom hacks to prevent your devices from an accidental splash. You can now enjoy reading in the tub without worries. 

Use vinegar to clear shower head buildup

If the water flow from your showerhead trickle or almost non – existent; then the holes in your showerhead have become probably clogged with all the scum and dirt. 

Here’s one of quick bathroom hacks. Mix equal parts of vinegar and water and pour them in a plastic bag. Secure the plastic bag around the shower head with a tie. Remove the bag after 15 – 20 minutes and wipe away all the loosened deposits. That’s it. You can now enjoy your nice and steamy shower. 

Apply magnetic strips behind doors

Using magnetic strips behind your bathroom doors is a clever yet one of the simple bathroom hacks. It can be used to store all your magnetic essentials like bobby pins, tweezers, and clippers. This is an easy way to keep your bathroom organised as well as prevent your stuff from getting lost. 

Add essential oils to toilet roll for freshness

We use different sorts of airsprays, scented candles and other air freshening products to get rid of that bathroom smell. Thanks to this one of quick and handy bathroom hacks, there’s a way to eliminate those bathroom smells without much effort.

All you need is a toilet paper roll and your favourite essential oil. Place 3 – 5 drops of the oil in the cardboard roll and you’ll be good to go. The bathroom would be pleasant and fresh even after a long time. 

Clean bathtub with grapefruit bathroom hacks

Cleaning the bathtub is one of those jobs that everyone likes to put off. Surprisingly, there’s one method that would not only help in efficacious cleaning, but would also give a boost to your bathroom freshness.

It’s none other than grapefruit. Start by cutting a  decently sized grapefruit in half and sprinkle it’s top with salt. Next, wet your tub and start thoroughly scrubbing it with the grapefruit. When, it’s done, rinse all the pulpy bits away and  your bathtub would shine as new. 

Hang your towels

This tip is particularly important if you have a small bathroom. You can utilize the back  space of your bathroom door to hang your wet towels. You can hang multiple towels at the back of your bathroom door using hooks. Most doors can hold at least 3 to 4 hooks for towel storage. 

bathroom hacks

Attach magnets at the back of your makeup

This is one of very useful bathroom hacks for all the ladies out there. Our beauty products are sprawled all over our bathroom counters and cabinets. It may also get annoying when you are not able to find that specific makeup product when in a rush. Don’t worry.

Here’s a simple hack. You can create a  makeup board by attaching magnets at the back of your makeup products and pasting them on a board. It would pave the way for a decently organised bathroom.  

With these useful bathroom hacks in hand, you can transform and organise your bathroom in an amazing way. Now’s the time to pay heed to the most underrated room of your house. 

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