A bathroom is a very important part of your home as well as your life but it is also the place you’ll see messed up every other day. Given the number of things, you’ll need to store there, arranging them can be quite a challenge. The most confusing part is that it takes only minutes for it to get untidy but your organizing of it will steal hours of your precious weekend time only to repeat the same cycle again. The most common problem faced by people is the ‘Space’ problem but the smallest of bathrooms can be organized to make it neater, more attractive and more convenient. How? 

Here are 5 objects that you might want to introduce in your bathroom:

  • Baskets

Being spacious, handy and cheap, baskets will be your ultimate favorite when it comes to storing your clothes or towels. Just choose a basket size according to your needs and you will be done. You may opt for wicker baskets or woven baskets for a trendier look. If you have a small bathroom, hanging baskets will be a good choice. 

  • Shelves

Shelves are the most convenient storage spaces that you will need. Just a look and you will find what you want. If shelves do not suit your taste, you can also try magnetic boards or functional wall decors. Framed shelves will also give a unique look to your bathroom. For smaller bathrooms, ladder and cornered shelves will do the trick!

  • Cabinets

Cabinets will save your space like no other and are the favorites of interior designers for a reason. You can get shuttered cabinets, metallic cabinets, printed cabinets, cabinets with/without mirrors and even custom made cabinets. A proper cabinet will not only make your bathroom handier but will also enhance its look. 

  • Double rods

Double rods have the same function as single rods but just the double of it. The more the better, isn’t it?

  • A simple mobile cart

You can buy simple mobile carts and carry things to and from your bathroom completely hassle-free. Amazing right? While all of the above objects will surely enhance the look of your bathroom, you can also try other simpler measures for better results.

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Bathroom Organizing Tips

Here are some tips to guide you to easy bathroom beautification:

  • Use a shower dispenser

A shower dispenser will bring your shampoo, conditioner and body wash just a button away. 

  • Eliminate the expired products

We all have products that we don’t suit our needs and are just left to get expired. But be careful, expired make-up or any other product can be very toxic. Just by eliminating them you will save your skin as well as the space in your bathroom. A complete win-win situation!

  • Make separate spaces for hair, face, and body

This will save you from the hassle of searching for your specific products. Having a bad hair day? Now you know where to go! 

  • Use the idle jars

You can also make your bathroom more attractive by using simple everyday things like mason and candle jars. Just paint them in pastels, shade them or add glitters to them and hang them in your bathroom and they will be the most beautiful hanging storages. You can also put decorative lights in the hanging rope. 

  • Use drawer dividers

Drawer dividers will make your drawers even more organized. Tip- You can keep drawer dividers to separate the belongings of each family member.  

Bathroom Organizing Tips
Bathroom Organizing Tips
  • Use transparent containers

Not only they look cool, but they also save you from searching for your favorite products. Tip- Colored cotton balls in a transparent glass jar will surely catch anyone’s eyes!

  • Use beautiful trays for your bathtub essentials

Beautiful feminine trays are much demanded nowadays. Their looks give you the royal satisfaction and their use will solve your accessibility problem. Just separate your everyday essentials and store them in the handy tray! 

  • Introduce indoor plants

They will be a ‘Breath of Fresh Air’ in the literal as well as figurative ways! 


You are the designer of your bathroom, just take out a little time to think and jot down what suits your needs and you’re ready. Proper planning is the key to a successful organization. Happy designing!

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