Relationships are a lot of hard work. You have heard people telling each other that a relationship is only going through a rough patch and it can be mended. But sometimes, some relationships are meant to be doomed. No matter how long you take to recognize this or find it difficult to accept that it is over. 

As much as it is important to work hard in your relationship through those tough times, it is equally important to know when you should call it quits. To be in a doomed relationship takes a toll on your mental health and it is not going to work ever. 

Signs Of A Doomed Relationship

If you want to find out if your relationship is doomed then you might find some or all of the following signs in your relationship. 

1. You are Lying to your Partner

This is one of the biggest signs your relationship is failing. Lying in a relationship and the lack of honesty point out that you do not trust or care for the other person. You shouldn’t lie to yourself just to make things work. If you think you do not feel the same in the relationship as you used to then confess it. 

2. You Start Putting Each Other Down

If you are in a relationship then it is very important to respect your partner as much as you want in return. If you do not feel like treating them right or you both disrespect each other then it is a clear sign that you’re in a doomed relationship that is going downhill. 

3. You Don’t See a Future with Them

There is no point in rushing to commitment when you have only started dating but after a few years that you have spent with someone, it is obvious to think where the relationship is going. Sometimes, the time you spend with someone does not prove that you are right for each other. So if you do not see your future with someone then you should know that it is a doomed relationship 

4. You Start Seeing Other People

Sometimes this sign is a straight one that you are not with each other. But even if you are thinking about being with other people or even if you were in a brief fling with another person then you should know that it is time for you to move out of this relationship. If you choose to stay in a relationship where you both are casually seeing other people then it will only result badly and won’t help anyone. 

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5. You Start Resenting Each Other

If you think, you keep your feelings to yourself and you are not able to talk freely with your partner as frequently as you used to, then it is because you have distanced yourself from each other. Communication is the key to a relationship if you think that now all you do is reset the other person then you’re in a doomed relationship and you can do nothing to change it. 

6. They have Addictive Problems

If you are with someone who is an alcoholic, gambler, or drug, or a sex addict. You know that they are not willing to change their habits and without this, you could never be happy, then it is better to call it quits before it’s too late and you hurt yourself in any way. 

7. Blackmailing and Threats 

If your partner is someone who has resorted to blackmailing you be it emotional or otherwise. If they frequently give you threats or ultimatums in your relationship. You must ask yourself if you want this or not. If your answer is no then you’re in a doomed relationship and you should walk out of the relationship. 

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8. Violence in a Relationship 

If you are facing violence in any form in a relationship be it mental or physical then it is a clear sign for you that you should move out of this relationship and do not make your mental health or physical health suffer. You should keep yourself above all of this and know when you have had enough. 

9. There is No End to your Fights

If you have observed that you and your partner only keep fighting for whatever reasons. You have more conflicts and neither of you is ready to resolve them or stop arguing. This is a sign that you are trying to manifest how you feel internally and you should be wise enough to understand this behavior and do something about it. 

10. You Ask for Proofs

Now you have to always look for proof or give it to your partner for everything. You may also have to prove your love to them and make them believe how you feel for them. Trusting your partner and believing in them is one of the top priorities for a healthy relationship, but if you have to prove yourself to them then it is time for you to accept that you are in a doomed relationship. 

11. Someone or Something Else is Important 

You feel like any other person or a thing has taken up the space that you earlier shared with your partner. It can be their work, career, or even a person that they seem to spend more time with instead of you. There is a difference between being busy and not taking you as a priority, know the difference. 

12. You Can’t Seem to Solve It

If you have been trying a lot to change the situation of your relationship but it just does not work. You keep thinking of changing a few things then it all comes downhill. It is because somewhere neither of you is willing to mend it, it is a sign that you are in a doomed relationship. 

These were some of the signs your relationship is falling. 

doomed relationship
doomed relationship

Remember that a relationship doesn’t have to be all roses there is a fine share of thorns to it as well. But it is important to notice if all you’ve been getting are thorns. You know what you deserve and how you want to be treated. You should not change it for anyone. 

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