So if you have passed the phase of discussing taking a Goa trip with your friends to go there and have a blast, you need to plan what you will wear there, right? Planning you’re itinerary and the travel essentials are important and it is equally important to pack some bomb outfits for your dream trip. If you are going there with your special someone or your girl gang you need to look your best for the pictures and the parties that you will be attending there.

11 Fab Looks To Try 

So if you want to know about all the outfits that you need to pack for your Goa’s beaches, then grab a notebook and a pen to make a quick list. 

1. The Sexy Bikinis and Monokinis

Can we call this the official goa dress code? We absolutely can. You need to pack a few of your sexy bikinis and monokinis for the goa beachwear. The best thing about them is that they take up no space and you can carry as many as you want. You also get a lot of options to buy at Goa too but can you have enough of them. 

fab looks to try
fab looks to try

Apart from this, they can be easily styled by wearing shorts, jeans, a skirt whatever you like under them and get going. 

2. The Summery Maxi Dresses 

Another great outfit idea and must wear when in Goa. They are light and look amazing. They are great for Goa weather and you get to choose from so many styles, skater, off-shoulder, etc. You can even throw them on top when you have to hit the beach later as they are so effortless. Also, if you are a fan of the boho styles this will look great for that kind of look. 

3. T-Shirt Dresses

What can be better than a T-shirt dress for a vacation? You can throw them on for a quick shopping spree or even sleep in them. They are comfortable and come in so many colors and fun prints. This outfit is one of the best goa dress styles that you can’t miss out on. 

4. Crop Tops and Shorts

This can be another cool and comfortable goa dress for you to pack in abundance. You can also use them as an alternative if you are not comfortable with wearing bikinis or monokinis out in the public and on the beaches. There are so many options that you can go for in terms of shorts like crochet, printed, and different fabrics. Similarly, for crop tops, you can get them in so many varieties like cami, halter neck, t-shirt style.  Make sure that you pack enough if you spoil them at the beach or if you thought of going to a party you can easily dress them up. 

5. Pack Some Jumpsuits and Playsuits

It is another piece of clothing that is easy on your luggage and can be styled in different ways. The biggest perk of carrying a jumpsuit or playsuit is that you don’t have to worry about deciding what to match with what. You can simply throw them on and go out and have fun instead. They can be easily dressed up or down according to your purpose. You can have a boho printed jumpsuit for a casual day or get one in a solid color for sexy beach parties. 

6. A  Little Black Dress 

You can not pack a little black dress for your goa trip. You already know about the plethora of options that you have to style them in different ways. You need it for glamorous parties or dinner dates. They make you look hot and effortlessly sexy, so one little black dress should be added to your luggage as your goa dress.

7. Bandeaus and Off-Shoulder Tops

When packing for goa, you can’t forget to pack some bandeau tops and off-the-shoulder tops. These are easy to wear and can be styled with jeans, a skirt, or even over your bikinis. They are best for the goa’s summary and humid climate, so it will keep you cool and prepared for the goan heat. 

8. A Wrap-Around

You can’t forget to pack a scarf or a wrap-around for your goa trip. They not only look stylish they come in handy when you are heading to the beach for a swim or have to take a tour of the market after the beach. You can either wrap it around your waist or even use it as a dress if you want. Grab a straw hat and you are ready to have a kickass goa dress or beachwear to just take a walk on the beach or sunbathe by the sea. 

9. Maxi Skirts

You should pack at least one maxi skirt or a long skirt for your Goa dress lookbook. They are easy to style and look great. They are the perfect vacation outfit and give the bohemian vibes with the prints and colors. You can pair them with a crochet cami top and throw on a hat and you are all set for the perfect vacation picture for the gram. 

10. T-Shirt and Jeans

If you don’t feel like dressing up in the girly girl manner you can look great in a T-shirt and a pair of jeans too. If you are planning a trip to Old Goa and just visit a few places or shops they will work the best. But for the beach, it is always a good idea to not wear jeans. You can wear palazzo pants or cropped trousers on the beach if you want. 

11. Don’t Forget to Take Accessories

You can not forget to pack accessories for your Goa trip as they can change your outfit and add so much glamour to them. You can play around with some hats, bracelets, necklaces, and whatnot that will look amazing with your outfits. You should carry bags or sling purses with you as they come in handy to keep your belongings. 

Now you have a few ideas for your perfect goa dress and you can plan your Goa lookbook accordingly. All that will be left to worry about is having truckloads of fun. 

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