Cutting down on dairy is a tough job and more so, because you have to let go of some of your favorite foods, dairy free ice cream being one. However, what if we tell you that you don’t? It doesn’t matter whether you’re cutting down on dairy and embracing a vegan diet for the environment or because you’re lactose intolerant, you’re doing a great job nonetheless. The best reward you can have, other than truckloads of health benefits are the fact that you can still enjoy ice creams. This can be possible due to the existence of vegan dairy-free ice creams. 

These include no animal or dairy products and are appropriate for vegans. These taste amazing but just because they are free of dairy doesn’t mean they are healthy as well. They are ice creams after all and too much of them is not good for your body but having them once in a while doesn’t hurt either. Read along to find out the various dairy-free ice cream brands. 

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Vegan Dairy Free Ice Cream

Here is the list of 11 dairy free ice cream for vegan:

1. Magnum Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert 

We have no idea how these people end up making dairy-free ice creams with coconut oil and protein that taste exactly like their dairy counterparts but we love them, for sure! If you’re a chocolate person and you miss savoring a chocolate delight, a vegan magnum is just for you. They also come in various flavors for you to choose your favorite one.

2. So Delicious 

Best known for its creamy, nutty-textured ice creams, this brand produces sugar-free dairy-free ice creams. They have several options to choose from and you’re going to be spoilt for choices. 

So Delicious
So Delicious

Starting from salted caramel clusters to mint chips, you’re going to love them all. Each flavor is unique in its way with the best quality ingredients. 

3. Almond Dream 

They produce both dairy and non-dairy products but their non-dairy range is extremely impressive. They sell vegan dairy-free ice creams as well as dairy-free flavored milk. What could be better than being able to enjoy milk and milkshakes despite being vegan? It’s exciting for sure. The ice creams available, like toffee almond fudge and vanilla dessert bites, are to die for. 

4. Luna And Larry’s Coconut Bliss Ice Cream 

Vegan ice creams that are also healthy? Unbelievable, right? Well, Luna and Larry are known for manufacturing coconut-based dairy-free ice creams that are also organic, soy-free, and gluten-free. The ice creams are made using agave syrup taken out from the Mexican Tree of Life and Abundance. If you’re somebody who loves coconut or the coconut flavor in general, you’re going to love Luna and Larry’s. Other flavors like chocolate, nuts, etc. go well with coconuts when it comes to their dairy-free ice creams. 

5. Ben & Jerry’s 

From the coffee caramel fudge to the coconut seven-layer bar, Ben & Jerry’s have a lot of interesting vegan flavors up their sleeve. They serve both non-vegan and vegan dairy-free products. 

Ben & Jerry’s
Ben & Jerry’s

The vegan desserts don’t include the addition of even honey, along with eggs and other dairy products, their main ingredient being almond milk. 

6. Breyers 

If you have diabetes issues and want sugar-free dairy-free ice creams, Breyers is the right place for you. These are gluten-free as well to level down the unhealthiness of ice creams. The Oreo cookies & cream and vanilla peanut butter are two varieties of almond milk ice creams that were introduced by them. Almond milk is a healthier alternative to dairy milk and the shift has enabled many individuals to consume the dairy-free versions of their favorite ice creams. 

7. Vegan Bites 

It was founded in 2011, by Samir and Hemali Prasad, and specializes in a wide plethora of flavors, starting from cream and cookies to black sesame. These vegan dairy-free ice creams contain no preservatives, essence, stabilizers, or any sort of artificial flavors. The sugars that are used are also lactose-free and natural. Are you impressed already? Vegan Bites is worth a try to satisfy your crazy sweet tooth. 

8. NadaMoo 


This ice cream company specializes in organic and vegan dairy-free ice creams and is family-owned. All the available flavors, including lotta mint chip, Himalayan salted caramel, and pistachio nut have a base of coconut milk.

9. Vegan Heart 

The different flavors of vegan dairy-free ice creams have no added chemicals or preservatives. They are plant-based and sugar-free as well, known for using dates in the place of sugar, for the sweetness of the ice creams. Belgian Chocolate, Coffee Walnut, and Mawa Malai are some of the most well-known flavors of Vegan Heart, founded by Kanupriya. 

10. The Vegan Bowl 

This is a special addition to the list because it is the first-ever brand that’s known to produce vegan dairy-free ice creams. They have a very interesting way of serving ice creams. Freshly baked cakes are served in glass jars and then topped with ice creams. The ingredients are mostly plant-based or are sourced locally. ‘The Chocolate Therapy’, with chocolate ice cream and strawberry cake, and ‘Spikey Fine’Apple’, consisting of pineapple ice cream and vanilla sponge cake, are fun and sumptuous sweet treats that they serve. 

11. White Club 

The dairy-free ice creams of this brand based in Delhi are available in several important cities of India, like Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. It is among the very first vegan ice cream brands to launch in India. 

White Club
White Club

The flavors during the time of its launch included the most common flavors in two basic sizes of servings, mainly, 150 ml and 500 ml. 


The main reason why most people don’t want to shift to healthier, vegan diets is that they fear missing out on certain foods that they’re able to enjoy regularly, otherwise. Ice creams are such foods and we’re sure that the vegan dairy-free brands mentioned above could inspire you enough to make the lifestyle shift already, if you haven’t already, due to this very reason. Try out the vegan ice creams and decide for yourself whether they’re any less desirable than their dairy versions. What are you waiting for? Order your sweet serving already! 

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