A hug from someone special or even from your family and friends is sure to lift your mood and give you the comfort that you’ve been craving. 

Sometimes we only need a certain hug from someone in particular to change our whole mood or even the situation. 

Though a hug is a small gesture, it can mean a lot of things. It can either be a warm fuzzy embrace from someone that can take away most of your problems or it can be super awkward or uncomfortable, leaving a little clue for you on how you should act further. 

So you should be able to differentiate and choose the right one to not end up in that situation.

There are so many types of hugs and they can convey different things too. You have observed that there is a different way you hug a friend and a completely different kind of hug when you have to hug a colleague or a distant relative. We usually follow these but tend to unknowingly follow these hugs but it is equally important to know a little about them. 

Different Types of Hugs

Here are some of the different kinds of hugs and what they mean. 

1. The Distinct ‘Side-Hug’

We all know this type of hug as a general greeting to someone that you’ve just met. This is the kind of hug you give to a colleague or to someone you do not know that much to go on for a full-on hug.

This slightly conveys the message that there are certain discomfort and awkwardness between the two of you. If you get this hug from someone you know well it might indicate that things are not the same anymore or they have changed a bit. 

2. The One-Sided Hug

Just like there is one-sided love there is a one-sided hug that often means somewhat similar. This is the kind of hug where you wrap your hands around the other person but they do reciprocate or hug you back. This can either mean that you are fighting or they are still in the same bad mood. It can also mean that you are comforting them.

3. The Warm Fuzzy Hug

This one is also popularly known as the bear hug. Just like the name suggests this one is the kind of warm and fuzzy hugs that you only share with people with whom you are extremely close and comfortable. You can give this hug to a friend you are seeing after a long time or even to a family member.

Warm fuzzy hug
Warm fuzzy hug

These are also the kind of hugs you give to your special someone. This generally conveys that you are so happy to see them and you want to pass on and share that feeling with them. Believe it or not, this hug has some magical powers, it is indeed the Jadu ki jhappi. 

4. The Saddle Hug

This one is another kind of comforting hug more like a type of intimate hug that you share with your significant other. In this hug, the girl wraps herself around the boy just like a saddlebag giving them all the control over each other’s bodies.

If you generally give this hug to your special someone then it means that you two are very close to each other and this will go on for a long time. 

5. The Heart to Head Hug

This is generally one of the most comforting hugs that you can get and feel like you have been enveloped in love and affection. You feel like there is nothing that can harm you here. In this hug, you place your head to the other person’s chest almost like listening to their heartbeats.

They wrap their arms around you and you too. This hug means that they love you and are there to care for you. It is not necessary to only share this with someone you have a romantic connection with, sometimes when your parents hug you this way you feel the most secure. 

6. The Hug from Behind

Also known as the back hug is one of those hugs that convey that you have their back. When you hug someone from the back you are letting them know that you are always there for them and will protect them.

In the same way, if you let someone hug you from behind it means that you trust them and believe that they will be there for you always.

7. The Intimate Hug

This one is something that you share with someone you are in love with and want to declare your love and affection to them.

This is the type of hug that includes all of your body, where all your body parts touch and your eyes are still locked to each other. This means that you both are comfortable and even a subtle way to say, I love you.

8. The Comforting Hug

This one is the classic head-on-the-shoulder that screams comfort and love. You usually do this when you are enjoying a beautiful view or just sitting on your couch and watching a movie.

This hug means that you’re very comfortable with the other person and almost all of your worries go away when you rest your head on their shoulder. 

9. The Waist Hug

You usually do this hug while you are walking with someone. This is one of the cutest ways with your hand around their waist and theirs’ around yours.

This simply means that you guys are inseparable and just can’t get enough of each other. It is one of those intimate hugs that though isn’t very intimate but conveys a lot of your hidden feelings. 

10. The Friends Hug

This one is a type of hug you share with your friends with their hands around your shoulder while you joke with them or just spend some time with them.

This is a nice way to convey that you are close with your friends and enjoy your time with them. 

These were some of the types of hugs that we follow without even knowing so much about them. 

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